Realm of the Gods
3921 Chapters
In a vast expanse of misty snow, countless ice flakes were being blown in circular fashion by the freezing winds. They collided against one another in the middle of the air, releasing a spine chilling coldness, which threatened to freeze the human soul. This is the Snowfall Realm, one of the numerous realms within the Divine Domain. The Snowfall Realm is ever snowing, turning any trace of water into frosty snow. Within these desolate lands of snow, in a certain area, the snowflakes suddenly moved around in a spiral, as though it had been affected by something. The snowflakes melded with one another before gradually spreading out into a form of whirlpool. A glowing curtain, seemingly made of quicksilver appeared out of thin air. In the next instant, a woman wearing an ocean blue robe emerged from within. This woman exuded an aura of eminence, her black hair descended like a waterfall, her entire body emanating an atmosphere of sacred purity. She was just like a blooming snowy jade lotus flower. However, the woman’s face was pale and traces of blood could be seen from the corners of her lips, disrupting her gentle aura of spirituality.
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