Chapter 5 Wager

Just as Lin Ming stopped moving, a slightly sharp voice sounded out in the alley. “Hehe, how unexpected, you have quite a high level of vigilance. You are called Lin Ming, right?” A teenager wearing silk clothing slowly walked out from the back of a residence, a contemptuous smile was etched on his face. Behind him, five eighteen-year-old teenagers followed. Most of them were all at the First Stage of Physical Training, only one of them was at the Second Stage. As for the teenager with silk clothing, he too was at the Second Stage of Physical Training.

Observing this situation, Lin Xiaodong suddenly panicked. He had recognized this teenager in silk clothing. He was the one beside Zhu Yan during the Seven Profound Martial House registration incident. Anyone could tell that this bastard was here to cause trouble.

They have a total of six people, two at the Second Stage of Physical Training and four at the First Stage of Physical Training. As for him and Lin Ming, they were both only at the First Stage of Physical Training. If things were to escalate into a fight, then they would certainly ended up being abused. The teenager in silk clothing must be a young master from one of Sky Fortune City’s great families. These people possess both authority and power. While they were not the type to kill indiscriminately, they were certainly capable of crippling others on a regular basis.

“What are you people trying to do?” Lin Xiaodong shouted out, traces of anger evident within his words.

“You will have to ask him,” The teenager in silk clothing pointed towards Lin Ming. “You are quite the impressive one, to beat up my underling until he was bleeding all over; two of his ribs were broken.”

For these young masters of great families, the lives of their underlings were of no consequence. However, their reputation was another matter. Moreover, the underling had reported that he had already spoken out the teenager in silk clothing’s name, but ended up being beaten all the same. This was what caused the teenager in silk clothing to become enraged.

“You are quite the capable one, to claim to one day trample upon me, Wang Yigao! Today, I would like to witness with my own eyes how you plan to do just that!” The teenager in silk clothing said, his face turning savage.

Lin Ming had never heard of the name Wang Yigao before, nor have he ever said anything about trampling on him. The underling most likely fabricated this in order to provoke Wang Yigao. However, Lin Ming did not feel like explaining himself. No matter what he says, this was bound to end in a fight.

The ‘Chaotic Virtues Combat Meridians’ is indeed powerful, however, Lin Ming had only started practicing it for a few days. It would be simply too much to fight off so many people at the same time, especially when two of them are at the Second Stage of Physical Training. Not to mention, if Lin Xiaodong were to be taken hostage, then he would be in trouble all the same.

Considering the bigger picture, winning here would also bring him trouble. Once matters escalated and he was forced to beat up Wang Yigao, then the next source of trouble would come from Wang Yigao’s father. This person is the Army Lord of Sky Fortune City. Lin Ming highly doubt that such a kind of individual would be interested in sitting down and engaging in a civilized discussion with him. For the current Lin Ming, this sort of person is an existence he could not afford to provoke.

What a pain in the rear…

Lin Ming pondered. Suddenly, a spark lighted up within his mind, he had thought of a way to resolve this problem. Facing Wang Yigao, he spoke. “Then, what do you want to do?”

“What do I want to do?” Wang Yigao was slightly stunned and instantly laughed out. “You actually asked me what do I want to do?”

The rogues he brought with him all laughed out in unison. In their eyes, Lin Ming was no different from an idiot. For him to be asking them what they wanted to do now was certainly the height of idiocy.

After laughing for a good while, Wang Yigao finally stopped and said. “I really am uncertain as to whether I should call you an idiotic pig or a pig like idiot. However, since you came forth with the question, then this Young Master will give you a chance. Don’t you go around saying that this Young Master is being ruthless. Just get down on your knees and lick my soles clean. After that, break off one of your arm tendons and one leg tendon. If you do that, I will forget about it.”

Hearing Wang Yigao’s conditions, Lin Xiaodong became infuriated. “Damn it! Brother Ming, there is no need for us to talk nonsense with them. Let us fight them to the bitter end. Our Green Mulberry City’s Lin Family is no pushover; let us see if they actually dare do anything!”

Lin Xiaodong knew that they would have to suffer miserably today. All he could do was bring out his family name and hope that the other side would show some fear. Some physical pain was not a problem, but if they ended up being crippled, that would be a huge blow to a martial artist. They may never be able to recover their original body state even with the help of rare herbs.

“Green Mulberry City’s Lin Family? Heng, did you think I would be afraid of your Lin Family? Lin Ming, are you going to do it yourself, or do you want me to do it for you?”

“I dare you! Come, did you think this Young Master is afraid of you!” Lin Xiaodong stepped forward, one hand firmly gripping onto his sword hilt. Truth be told, he was currently feeling extremely flustered. However, he just happened to be the type who would rather die than lose face!

Lin Ming pulled Lin Xiaodong back and spoke to Wang Yigao. “So, what you wanted were those things you said earlier? Very well, as long as you can beat me in a martial arts duel, I will accept your conditions.”

“Brother Ming, you…” Lin Xiaodong became anxious. Even though he believe that Lin Ming would become a highly accomplished person in the future, the current Lin Ming is only at the First Stage of Physical Training. How could he defeat Wang Yigao who is at the Second Stage of Physical Training? Lin Xiaodong feared that Lin Ming would end up with broken tendons after he loses.

Lin Ming said. “Do not worry, I know what I am doing.”

“A martial arts duel? You think you are qualified to duel with me?” Wang Yigao had never expected Lin Ming to suggest something like this. Within Sky Fortune Kingdom, government officials would not intervene in the fight between martial artists because they simply lack the capacity to do so. Thus, the conflicts between martial artists would end up being settled in a martial arts duel. As long as both sides agree, they would place down the terms of victory and defeat. After the duel, the conflict would be settled between both parties and neither one of them would pursue the other anymore. After all, credibility was something important to martial artists.

Considering Wang Yigao’s level of strength, which was one stage above Lin Ming, he did not believe that he would lose. He simply felt that the act of engaging in a martial arts duel with Lin Ming was inappropriate.

Lin Ming replied. “There is no such thing as qualified or not. There is only the question of whether you dare or not.”

“Are you trying to say that I do not dare? That has to be the funniest thing I have heard this year. Very well, since you are going to be so reckless, then I will satisfy you!”

Lin Ming said. “Very well, let us proceed to the square.”

The alley they were at was too remote, with no one to bear witness. Lin Ming feared that Wang Yigao would go back on his words. However, if they were to duel before the many people of Sky Fortune City, even a thick faced Wang Yigao would have no way of denying the results. Unless, he no longer wants to live in Sky Fortune City.

A duel between martial artists is always a remarkable sight and the square would never be lacking in observers. In just moments, many people have started gathering there; even some martial artists were mixed in amongst the observers. Seeing the two contestants, the crowd started talking.

“Isn’t that Army Lord Wang’s son?”

“Indeed, this bastard is about to start bullying others again. I wonder which family’s child it is, to be so unlucky.”

“A First Stage in Physical Training going up against a Second Stage in Physical Training. That child is obviously going to lose.”

“It seems that this child is just a commoner. For a commoner to be able to attain First Stage in Physical Training is quite the accomplishment. A pity! It appears that he is going to become crippled…”

Wang Yigao’s reputation within Sky Fortune City was not good and most of the people held sympathy for those who are weaker. In their eyes, compassion towards Lin Ming could be seen.

The more people came, the more unhappy Wang Yigao felt. After all, a Physical Training Second Stager beating a First Stager was nothing to be proud of. In addition, there was the fact that his opponent’s identity was far below him. Thus, Wang Yigao did not want this scene to be witnessed by many!

Wang Yigao said impatiently. “What are you waiting for? Let us duel. After that, go break your own tendons. I will let you understand the gap between us.”

Seeing the high number of people gathering around, Lin Ming faced Wang Yigao and replied. “Naturally, we will start the duel. However, if I lose, I would be at your mercy. Then, what happens if I win?”

Win? This bastard thinks he can win?