User Service Agreement

Interconnecting Authors & Novel Lovers

Copyright Statement (hereinafter referred to as "This Statement"):

All content contained in NovelHub: text, images, logos, advertising materials, links, and software and so on, is the property of NovelHub and NovelHub content/information providers, protected by copyright laws that apply in Republic of Indonesia and internationally. In order to copy all content on NovelHub (i.e. collection, merge and re-merge), NovelHub has exclusive rights and is protected by copyright laws that apply in Republic of Indonesia and internationally. Proprietary rights of all software used by NovelHub are proprietary. NovelHub and software providers, as well as protected by copyright laws in force in Republic of Indonesia and internationally. All information held by NovelHub can be forwarded with NovelHub's approval, and it is necessary to include the party who received the information.


Information announcement clause:

Information submitted by NovelHub user can only be used for legal purposes, namely viewing information, online consultation, user interaction:

  1. It is prohibited to publish incomplete or false information, if the user is found to be violating the related terms of use, we will suspend or terminate the user's service rights;
  2. In all information published NovelHub must not violate laws and regulations, provisions, regulatory methods and other statutory provisions in force in the state and local governments regarding internet information security;
  3. The content of the announced information is the responsibility of the user who announces the information, and must be explained by the person concerned, and is fully responsible for all consequences and legal responsibility arising from the content;
  4. NovelHub has the right to use all information announced by users through NovelHub, as well as the right to manage, modify, delete information announced by such users;
  5. Without authorization from NovelHub, users are prohibited from using NovelHub information for any other purpose.


User privacy clauses:

Respecting users' personal information is one of the basic policies in NovelHub's user service. Personal information consists of personal privacy information and non-personal privacy information. All information related to personal privacy information and personal privacy or identifying information (such as name, cell phone number, etc.); Non-individual privacy information, namely the user's usage status of NovelHub, usage habits and so on, which defines and generates objective responses in basic log information from the NovelHub service side, general information outside individual privacy, as well as personal information approved by users for publication.

In giving authorization from the user to NovelHub, no further confirmation and authorization from the user is required, NovelHub has the right to use and publish non-individual personal information from the user.

NovelHub will not disclose or provide personal privacy information to third parties without the legitimate permission of the user, but except for the following conditions:

  1. Users maintain the confidentiality of personal personal information for unreasonable reasons, resulting in leakage of user information;
  2. Leakage, loss, theft or alteration of data and so on due to internet networks, hacker attacks, computer viruses, government regulations and so on;
  3. Provision of individual user privacy data required in connection with laws or NovelHub service arrangements;
  4. In emergency situations to protect the safety of life and property of users and the public. Use of NovelHub by users who are not yet mature: NovelHub encourages parents or guardians to supervise NovelHub users who are not yet eighteen years old. NovelHub recommends minors to urge their parents or guardians to read this statement and other agreements or privacy policies relating to users, and encourages minors to seek consent and guidance from their parents or guardians before submitting individual privacy data they.


Intellectual property rights:

All intellectual property rights of all software, technology, trademarks, materials and so on used by NovelHub, are the property of NovelHub:

  1. Users may not change, edit, translate all software, technology, materials and so on used by NovelHub services, or create derivative works related to them, may not reverse engineer, reverse translate, recompile, or other similar actions to obtain code as long as, if it violates, the user is fully responsible for all legal responsibility incurred, NovelHub will sue the party who violates in accordance with applicable legal provisions.
  2. Users may not modify, copy, distribute software, technology, materials, etc. used by NovelHub in bad faith. In the event of a violation, the user is fully responsible for the damage caused to other people, or the loss of NovelHub's corporate image, and bears all applicable legal responsibility.
  3. Users may not remove, cover or change NovelHub's copyright, trademark or other rights statements at their own initiative. All draft blueprints and other blueprints from NovelHub, product and service names, are trademarks, logos which are the property of NovelHub and / or related companies. Nobody has the right to use, copy or use for any other purpose.
  4. NovelHub has full intellectual property rights to self-made content and exclusive content obtained through authorization, without NovelHub's approval, every agency and anyone has no right to transfer, distribute, and provide reading services or other actions that violate NovelHub's intellectual property rights. If a violation occurs, NovelHub will hold the perpetrators accountable.
  5. All intellectual property rights owned by NovelHub will not be transferred due to the use of any form by the user.

NovelHub is a platform that collects, shares and disseminates information.

We respect and encourage the creation of user content, promise to protect intellectual property rights, this is one of the basic principles of managing NovelHub.

  1. The contents of the translated works submitted by users on NovelHub have received approval from the users, that the writing rights belong to NovelHub, NovelHub does not need to pay any fees to users, NovelHub has the right to use, change, announce and so on, without NovelHub's approval, users are not entitled to allow third parties anywhere to use it in any way.
  2. Apart from the translated material, the rights to write creative content created by users on NovelHub are the rights of the users themselves. Users can authorize third parties to use in any way, no need to get approval from NovelHub.
  3. In addition to translated content and creative content submitted by users on NovelHub, which is then transferred by the user, the user ensures that when submitting the content, the user is authorized by the content owner, in addition, when the User submits or uploads content on NovelHub, it means that the User has grants NovelHub a non-exclusive right to use the content. If the content transferred and submitted by the user has not been authorized by the content owner, causing a dispute, then the user is responsible for the owner of the content, the user is also responsible for any direct or indirect losses suffered by NovelHub. because of this.
  4. To encourage knowledge sharing and dissemination, for creative content other than translations submitted by users on NovelHub, users grant NovelHub the right to use a free, irrevocable, non-exclusive license, NovelHub has the right to use such content in products and services. in all forms from NovelHub, including but not limited to applications and delivery on the internet and other digital products.


Infringement Clause:

  1. The user understands and acknowledges that NovelHub has the following rights, the implementation of the following rights from NovelHub is not considered a violation, the user does not seek or in other words release NovelHub from the related legal responsibility: the user has the right to use the NovelHub account legally obtained in long-term as well as service from the account, but the user ensures that the user only has the right to use the service, all intellectual property rights and service rights mentioned above and its derivatives are the property of NovelHub. NovelHub has the right to decide to terminate the service of its own accord based on actual conditions, without the need to send notifications to the user and no need to obtain user approval.
  2. To use NovelHub services, users must register an account and create a password, as well as guarantee the correctness, accuracy and completeness of registration information, if there is a change in registration information, the user must change it immediately. After completing the registration procedure for this service, the user is obliged to maintain the account and maintain the confidentiality of the password. The user is fully responsible for the activities carried out by any party that uses an account and password, NovelHub cannot distinguish between illegal activities carried out using that account and password without authorization, therefore NovelHub is not responsible.
  3. NovelHub cannot guarantee the safety of the devices used by users, whether infected by computer viruses, whether hidden hackers or malicious Trojan software, malware, ransomware nor is it responsible for any legal responsibility for any direct or indirect damages suffered by users due to this. The risk of any data that is downloaded or obtained and used by the user through the NovelHub service is the responsibility of the user himself, if there is damage to the computer system or loss of data due to such use, the user is fully responsible.
  4. While using NovelHub services, in the event of disputes, risks, losses for users and third parties due to the user's own factor, the user is responsible to the third party, and compensates for losses experienced by NovelHub, both directly and indirectly.
  5. If the User violates the provisions of this statement, or is deliberately or negligent in taking any action that causes harm to NovelHub,
  6. NovelHub has the right to hold users accountable and ask for compensation and accountability from the user.


Termination Clause:

  1. NovelHub has the right to make an assessment of user behavior whether it is in accordance with the provisions of this clause of the statement, if NovelHub determines that the user violates the provisions of the statement clause, NovelHub has the right to immediately stop the service for that user and delete user information without prior notification;
  2. Based on the actual conditions, NovelHub has the right to change, terminate or discontinue part or all of the free services for users, and has the right not to send notifications to users or any third party.


Liability release clause:

  1. NovelHub does not guarantee that the various free services provided will not be changed, terminated, terminated, postponed, nor can it guarantee the completeness and absolute security of individual user information, against changes, terminations, terminations, postponements of free services for users and losses. individual user information, NovelHub is not responsible;
  2. NovelHub is only responsible for and guarantees the correctness, validity, accuracy of the information that is announced by itself, does not guarantee the truth, validity, accuracy of the information content announced by other users, the content of the information must be confirmed by the visitors themselves, and the visitors themselves are responsible for the risk of using information, at the same time, NovelHub is not responsible for any losses and responsibilities that arise from misinformation announced by other users.


Clause modification and revision ?

NovelHub reserves the right to make modifications to this statement clause if necessary, after changes to this statement clause, the changed content will be displayed on important pages. If the user does not agree with the modified content, the user can take the initiative to stop user services. If the user continues to use user services, the user is deemed to have agreed to the change in the clause of the statement.


Applicable Law and Dispute Resolution:

This statement applies, applies, clarifies and resolves disputes in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. If there is a part of this statement that is not in accordance with the applicable law in the Republic of Indonesia, then only part of the statement is invalid, it does not affect the other part. If a dispute occurs because of the contents of this statement or its implementation, efforts will be made to resolve the dispute through negotiation. ; if negotiations are unsuccessful, the disputing parties agree to submit the dispute to the Indonesian Arbitration Agency (BANI) under the terms of the arbitration and arbitrate in Jakarta, Indonesia. The arbitration decision is final and legally binding on the parties involved.