Chapter 3 Twin spirits


Spirit ring, spirit beast, these two completely new terms resounded continuously in Tang San’s mind. Although he wasn’t completely sure that his surmise was correct, but since Mysterious Heaven Skill was unable to break through the bottleneck all along, this spirit ring clearly was a breakthrough.

By now, Jack had already recovered, lowering his head to regard Tang San, and said astonished:

“Little San, you couldn’t be that innate full spirit power blue silver grass child mentioned by the grandmaster.”

Tang San nodded, said:

“It’s me.”

Old Jack crouched down, and faced Tang San. Looking at him, Jack said,

“Little San, I did not expect your talents to be so remarkable. It’s too bad, you have that father who doesn’t have good spirit to pass on to you. Otherwise, perhaps you truly could become our village’s second spirit saint. You tell grandpa whether or not you want to go to a special school to study spirit master cultivation method. Only that place has access to the most accurate knowledge about spirits.”

By now, inside Tang San, a strong interest toward spirits had already appeared, especially the relation between spirits and his own Mysterious Heaven skill, but he still did not have a definite answer immediately.

“Grandpa Jack, not until I ask dad.”

Jack suddenly realised, even an intelligent child is after all still a child, and no matter how he puts it they must also go to consult Tang Hao’s opinion.

In his eyes was a rather steadfast light. Even though he truly did not want to go see that slovenly apparition, for the sake of the village to be able to once again produce a spirit master, he would stop at nothing.

“Go, little San. Grandpa will accompany you back home.”

Old Jack stealthily returned without the other children, letting their parents collect them, and took only this Tang San back to the smithy.

Before noon was Tang Hao’s routine nap time, and the smithy was very quiet.

“Tang Hao, Tang Hao.”

Old Jack did not care whether Tang Hao was asleep. Concerning this slovenly blacksmith, he truly loathed him very much. Were he not forging farm tools very cheaply, he wanted to kick Tang Hao out of the village long ago.

At the same time as calling Tang Hao, old Jack looked around everywhere, at first wanting to find a chair to sit on, but seeing those broken tattered worn out things, he prudently did not have the courage to pull one over. His age was already not inconsiderable, and he had a thought that if he fell in here he would not only pull muscles or break bones.

“Who is making such a fuss?”

Tang Hao’s somewhat angry voice resounded. Pushing aside inner room door curtain, he unhurriedly came out.

He first caught sight of his son, only then shifting his gaze to Jack,

“Old Jack, what are you doing?”

Jack angrily said:

“Today is the day of your son’s spirit awakening. Don’t you know how important this is? Other people’s families have both parents accompanying. You should go as well, and it still is like always.”

Tang Hao, ignoring Jack’s taunts as usual, his gaze once again shifted to his son,

“Little San, your spirit awakened? What is it?”

Tang San said:

“Dad, it’s blue silver grass.”

“Blue silver grass?”

For some reason, despite being disinterested in other matters all along, once Tang Hao heard these three words, his body suddenly trembled all at once, and in his eyes also showed a trace of sparkling brilliance.

Tang Hao’s expression changed, only paying attention to Tang San. Old Jack naturally didn’t care what the slovenly blacksmith’s expression was, and immediately said:

“Though it’s blue silver grass, but little San still has innate full spirit power. Tang Hao, I’ve decided that this year our village’s one student quota goes to Tang San. Let him go to Nuoding city primary spirit master academy to study. The village will guarantee the costs.”

“Blue silver grass, blue silver grass.”

Tang Hao again and again murmured these few words, abruptly lifting his head. In his eyes showed a strong light Tang San had never seen before. He said quietly:

“Won’t do.”

“What did you say? I heard it wrong.”

Jack dug in his ear, taken aback staring at Tang Hao,

“You should know just how valuable this opportunity is. Even if our Holy Spirit village produced a spirit saint once upon a time, every one year we also only have one student quota. For other villages, more than two or three villages have to share one person’s quota, don’t you know? This is a good opportunity. Perhaps little San is capable of becoming an exalted master.”

Tang Hao looked at Jack with cold eyes,

“What use is being exalted? I just know that if he leaves, no one will make me food. Blue silver grass, what do you think cultivating blue silver grass can accomplish? That is only a useless spirit.”

Old Jack forcefully said:

“But he has innate full spirit power, as long as he is able to obtain a spirit ring, even if it’s the least quality spirit ring, he is also immediately capable of becoming a spirit master. Spirit master, you understand? Our village already has not produced a spirit master in so many years.”

Tang Hao coolly said:

“This just now is your true purpose. Saying it won’t do, means it won’t do. You can leave.”


In old Jack’s mind flames of fury already burned to the maximum.

Tang Hao as before had a listless expression,

“No need to be that loud, I’m not deaf yet. I said: you can go.”

“Grandpa Jack, you please don’t take offense. I still won’t go to study spirit master abilities. Dad is right, blue silver grass is only a useless spirit. Thank you for your good intentions.”

Although Jack loathed Tang Hao the most, he was still extraordinarily fond of the intelligent Tang San, and his chest filled with burning fury was gradually pacified. He sighed deeply,

“Good child, grandpa isn’t angry. Well then, grandpa will leave.”

Saying so, he turned around and headed out.

Tang San hurriedly saw him out. Dad could ignore him, but Jack was the village elder, who also treated him very well. Courtesy to him was absolutely not a small thing.

Jack walked to the smithy’s door and stopped, turning to look in Tang Hao’s direction, saying sincerely and earnestly:

“Tang Hao, all your life will come to an end like this, but little San is still young. Should you not consider giving him some means of making a living? Don’t hold him back. Then at least he will not end up in the same situation as you afterwards. If you change your decision come to find me, ok. There is still three months before this year’s Nuoding spirit master primary academy enrollment.”


As Tang San saw off old Jack, his heart had also fallen many times. After all, Su Yuntao's words of spirit rings could have some bearing on his Mysterious Heaven skill breakthrough problem. But he did not let this affect his behaviour very much, he believed he still had a chance.

Unhurriedly he went back to the smithy. Tang Hao unusually had not returned to the inner room to continue sleeping, and was rather sitting on a chair with eyes closed and resting.

"Dad, you can go back to the inner room to sleep a moment, I will go prepare the midday meal."

Tang Hao, his eyes still closed, indifferently said,

"Do you also feel very disappointed? You also want to go become a spirit master?"

Tang San was taken aback somewhat,

"It's not important, dad. Becoming a blacksmith is also good, it can also support us. You promised me to teach me how to forge farm tools, right? "

Tang Hao slowly opened his eyes. In the center of his eyes, Tang San saw an agitated mood. Unconsciously, Tang Hao's right fist was already held tight, and his face which already appeared grey and old showed a trace of ice cold air,

“Spirit master? What use is becoming a spirit master? Not to mention a mere waste spirit, even the fiercest spirit or the most powerful spirit is of what use? Still only a good for nothing, that's all. "

Tang Hao's mood was very agitated, his whole body quivering.Tang San saw in his father’s eyes something glittering.

Running over, Tang San gripped Tang Hao’s fist,

“Dad, don’t be angry, I don’t want to go be a spirit master. I’ll always accompany you and make you food.”

Taking a deep breath, Tang Hao’s agitation left as quickly as it came, and he calmly said:

“Bring out your spirit and let me have a look.”


Tang San nodded, lifting his right hand. Within his body Mysterious Heaven skill quietly pushed, and within his consciousness he felt a peculiar warm current permeated with Mysterious Heaven Skill. Pale blue radiance appearing at the palm of his hand, in an instant, a blue delicate little grass already appeared.

Staring dazedly at the blue silver grass in Tang San’s hand, Tang Hao was in a spell of absentmindedness, for a long time until he gradually recovered. Bright eyes and swallowing hard, he murmured in a low voice:

“Blue silver grass; it really is blue silver grass. And the same as hers.”

Abruptly, Tang Hao vigorously stood up and walked over to the inner room, the sudden movement nearly causing him to fall over in front of Tang San, the blue silver grass spirit in his hand dissolving on its own.


Tang Hao impatiently waved his hand,

“Don’t disturb me.”

While speaking, he already entered through the inner room door curtain.

“But, I still have another spirit.”

Tang San still knew after today’s spirit awakening that his case was out of the ordinary. He had not put this question to Su Yuntao or old Jack; after all, those both were only strangers, nothing more.

 ?Tang Sect Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record general principles, first point: Never let a person you cannot completely trust know how much strength you really possess.?

Tang San had already completely learned the Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record by heart, and he was even more absolutely persistent in adhering to the general principles.

The door curtain was violently pushed aside, and Tang Hao again emerged into the outer room, his face already full of a shocked expression. His two eyes were red, as if crying just a moment ago.

Tang San did not open his mouth, rather like a moment ago he had raised the right hand, and he slowly raised his left hand. This time, instead of a blue light, faint black light bubbled out from the center of his palm, in a brilliant flash condensing, as a bizarre thing appeared in his hand.

That was an entirely pitch black hammer. The hammer handle was about half a chi in length, with a cylindrical hammerhead. It would appear to resemble a smaller version of the forging hammer, yet that hammer’s pitch black surface had a peculiar light, and on the cylindrical hammerhead coiled a faint circle of a decorative pattern.

For some reason, just as the hammer appeared on the middle of Tang San’s hand, all the air in the room seemed somewhat heavy, and Tang San just as if unable to bear the weight of that little hammer could only hold it, his arm slowly drooping. His facial expression had already become somewhat pale.

Different from the blue silver grass which seemed not to require depleting Mysterious Heaven Skill, when this black little hammer appeared, it practically sucked up Tang San’s own internal strength. He also could only with effort manage to keep his grip tight on the hammer handle. Although it would appear that the hammer was very small, but in fact its weight surpassed that of the forging hammer by far.

“This, this is……”

Tang Hao was less than one step forward in front of Tang San, and grabbed hold of the hammer in his hands to bring before his face. Tang Hao’s hands had great strength, at least Tang San no longer felt that his arm held such a great burden.

Just as Tang Hao gripped his hand, a kind feeling like warm blood rushing through his veins made a part of Tang San’s heart comfortable,

“Dad, what’s wrong?”

Looking at that black little hammer, the agitated radiance which had vanished appeared in Tang Hao’s eyes