Chapter 2 Useless spirit with innate full spirit power --- Part 2

these really are wolf characteristics, could it be that after spirit possession people transform into wolves? No, not right, it should be that he possesses a wolf ability, right. Then, within spirit master vocation, there should be a better use of spirit abilities.’

For the first time, Tang San realized, he became interested in the spirit master vocation. He now already somewhat impatiently wanted to know what his own spirit was.

As Su Yuntao clapped both hands together, at lightning speed, six faint green lights poured into the black stones on the ground. At once, a layer of golden misty light released from the stones and rose.

For some reason, as the previously noisily crying child was enveloped in the faint golden light, he immediately became quiet, just somewhat dully standing there.

Every speck of the golden light came fluttering up from the black stones, further entering the body of the boy.

The boy's body began to lightly tremble, not knowing whether to shout or remain quiet.

"Extend your right hand."

Su Yuntao's two moss green eyes stared fixedly at the boy, majestically commanding.

The boy extended his right hand with a start, then paused. All the light specks surged out, instantly a sickle appeared in his hand.

It would appear, that sickle wasn’t any trick of the light, and rather it truly existed.

Su Yuntao creased his brow,

"It's a Tool Spirit. Can a sickle be regarded as a weapon? It ought to with effort."

The golden light gradually disappeared. The boy, somewhat amazed, looked at the not particularly small sickle in his hand, rather at a loss.

Su Yuntao said:

"Your spirit is Sickle, a Tool Spirit. Come, let me test if you have spirit power. If you possess spirit power, even a tool spirit can undergo Battle Spirit Cultivation. After all, a sickle certainly has potential for attack."

"Great-, great teacher, what should I do?"

The boy timidly asked.

Su Yuntao coolly said:

"Intentionally recall your spirit. From now try to remember the time you employed it and use that thought to call it out.”

The boy tried a long time, just to recall the sickle. Su Yuntao’s hands held the blue crystal ball in front of him, motioning him to place his right hand on it.

The boy’s immature little hand and Su Yuntao’s wolf claws above and below the crystal ball respectively, there was a clear contrast.

A moment later, Su Yuntao somewhat dejectedly said:

“No spirit power. You can’t become a Spirit Master. For now, step aside.

Similar scenes continued to play out, and one after another five children had their spirits awakened. Their spirits were all a few pickaxes, sickles and such farm tools. In succession no Beast Spirit appeared, and as for spirit power, all were judged by Su Yuntao to be ‘nil’.

When the seventh child’s turn came, this was also the last one ahead of Tang San.

After sustained use of spirit power, Su Yuntao seemed to already be rather exhausted, but he still intended to help all eight children complete the awakening process.

Golden flecks of light gathered, and this once, finally it was no longer a farm tool, and something different appeared. A small stem of light blue grass appeared in this girl’s palm, softly fluttering to and fro.

Tang San vaguely felt that he had himself seen this blue little grass before. Very quickly, the thought came to him; this grass was known as blue silver grass. It showed up everywhere in the village. Resembling his original world’s green grass, it was just as widespread, except its vitality was comparatively even more tenacious. It didn’t really have any other function. Only because the girl was covered in a layer of pale golden light, he did not recognize it at first.

Even though it wasn’t a farm tool, the disappointment in Su Yuntao’s eyes was even more evident,

“It’s a useless spirit. It doesn’t have potential for attack, doesn’t have defensive power, and doesn’t have assisting ability. Blue silver grass is also considered as the standard of useless spirits.”

While speaking, he held out the blue crystal ball to the girl in accordance with procedure, and just like he predicted, like before no spirit power appeared.

At long last it was Tang San’s turn, Su Yuntao didn’t have to speak, he already stepped ahead to stand in the centre of the six pitch black stones.

In pace with Su Yuntao’s six streams of spirit power pouring into them, the pale golden light once more shone up brightly. Warmth, this was Tang San’s first sensation, as if his whole body was wrapped up inside a nice and warm world, unspeakably comfortable. No wonder those children before could smooth their emotions when wrapped up in the light.

Warm breath permeated into the body, and Tang San distinctly became aware that his own Mysterious Heaven Skill internal power seemingly fluctuated. Immediately afterwards, in that warm energy’s traction, within the body just as if something had broken, in a split second warm breath surged towards the palm of his hand.

Su Yuntao’s eyes abruptly shone, because within that golden light, there appeared so many golden flecks that it was even more than what all the previous children possessed together. He faintly sensed, as if a correspondingly powerful spirit would appear. Excitement showed in his manner.

Speaking of those Spirit Hall attendants responsible for ordinary people’s spirit awakening, if they could awaken a potentially outstanding child, then bring him to Spirit Hall, they could acquire many first class benefits. With regard to getting promoted it was enormously advantageous.

But very quickly Su Yuntao lost heart.

Tang San subconsciously lifted his right hand, he saw something blue. This type of blue had already appeared twice at the village’s Spirit Hall that day.

Blue silver grass, exactly identical to the previous girl’s blue silver grass. The standard for useless spirits.

Su Yuntao had no choice but to say:

“Again a useless spirit, it seems. Holy Spirit village this time was again a waste of time. Ok, children, you can leave.”

The previously great quantity of golden flecks of light that appeared, at first gave him a great deal of expectations, but when finally unexpectedly it was merely blue silver grass, the sense of disparity caused Su Yuntao to feel somewhat in a bad mood.

“Uncle, you still have not let me undergo spirit power test, right.”

Tang San saw Su Yuntao already wanted to pack up that blue crystal ball, and hurriedly reminded him.

Su Yuntao said without looking back:

“No need to test. Blue silver grass, for this useless spirit I still have never seen one instance  where spirit power appeared.”

“Let me give it a try, uncle.”

Tang San persistently said. When the golden light brought the warm feeling inside him, it produced a strange sensation, as if a great door opened and caused a subtle change in his Mysterious Heaven skill. At the same time, he also very much wanted to know, what the actual difference was between his inner strength and this world’s spirit.

Su Yuntao was dumbfounded all of a sudden, turning around, to Tang San’s calm and rather steadfast gaze. In his heart musing, this child was seemingly out of the ordinary.


“Very well.”

Trying once could not waste much time. While speaking, he handed over the blue crystal ball to Tang San.

As before, Su Yuntao instructed to withdraw blue silver grass from within the body. He realized, this really was not difficult; with respect to Mysterious Heaven Skill control it was similar to what the skill to withdraw could accomplish. Simultaneously, he additionally discovered, the moment blue silver grass appeared, seemingly it also was his Mysterious Heaven skill pouring out, and like that blue little grass became condensed through Mysterious Heaven skill.

With his palm just about to touch the blue crystal ball, Tang San’s body fiercely trembled all of a sudden. He was shocked to discover, that seemingly very beautiful blue crystal ball unexpectedly possessed tremendous attraction, his inner strength surging out as if finding an outlet. He wanted to struggle free, but no matter how he tried he was unable to escape out that strong attraction.

Su Yuntao was similarly amazed. To think that this situation would arise while the last spirit power test of this Holy Spirit village’s was taken. Suddenly, the blue crystal ball in his hand began to shine, dazzling blue light starting from a point spread in a flash. In an eye blink, this crystal ball looked just like it was a resplendent gem giving off sparkling luminescence. A cool blue flare showed, unspeakably moving.

In accordance with the traditional test, as long as the crystal ball gave some response, even a single trace of radiance, it would prove by test that spirit power existed, and at present the blue crystal ball radiated such dazzling radiance that there was only one explanation.

“Heavens, it actually is innate full spirit power.”

Blue green light released again from Su Yuntao’s body, and the crystal ball shot out from Tang San’s palm. At this moment, he saw before his eyes this boy’s gaze had already become completely different. It seemingly resembled the appearance of a monster.

Tang San naturally also noticed that his situation was different from the other children’s test. Feeling uncertain, he asked:

“Uncle, what is innate full spirit power?”

Su Yuntao dully looked at him, and subconsciously explained:

“For everyone at the time of spirit awakening, apart from a spirit’s form, while deciding whether it is big and powerful, the amount of spirit power is also extremely important. Vast amount of people at the time of spirit awakening do not have spirit power, like the several children before this. They are destined to be unable to become spirit masters in their lifetime. But provided spirit power appears, even if only a little, anyone can undergo meditation cultivation. And at the time of spirit awakening the spirit power amount is crucial for setting spirit master cultivation starting level. With higher spirit power level, acquired cultivation rate is greater. Moreover, because of starting level, the fundamentals will naturally also be practiced earlier than others. What is known as innate full spirit power is that at the time of spirit awakening, one is innately capable of attaining the highest spirit power.”

“Highest spirit power?”

Tang San looked at Su Yuntao, his heart swirling. He did not know what his spirit power was, but it could certainly be, that the testing blue crystal ball absorbed his internal strength from Mysterious Heaven skill. Could it be said that, his internal strength in this world transformed into spirit power?

Perhaps it was because Tang San’s innate full spirit power caused no small shock to Su Yuntao, but he did not mind taking the trouble to explain:

“Our spirit is graded like this: every ten ranks is a title. After spirit awakening, one can automatically be known as spirit scholar. Of course, only a first level spirit scholar. In accordance with spirit strength intensity it is subdivided into ranks. What is meant by innate full spirit strength is that exactly after awakening, spirit strength level is innately the highest tenth rank. I still have never come across a person with innate full spirit strength; originally when I awakened, I also was only second rank spirit power, nothing more.”

Tang San had already collected himself by now. It was very difficult to find a true spirit master, so he naturally was unable to give up, and hurriedly asked his inner heart’s doubt,

“Innate spirit strength can only be tenth rank? It cannot be higher?”

The blue green light around Su Yuntao’s whole body disappeared, withdrawing his spirit body possession,

“Of course not. A spirit master’s strength cannot be promoted that easily. During each advancement of title, not only must spirit power first reach the summit of the title, furthermore one must obtain a spirit ring. Without a spirit ring, even if you further make great efforts with cultivation, it is still impossible to enter the next title. Just for instance like you right now, because you have already attained innate full spirit power. Therefore, if you want to continue promoting your spirit power, instead of meditation, you must first obtain a spirit ring. After entering into the lower levels of the second title, you will