Chapter 1 Douluo Continent, Otherworldly Tang San --- Part 3

their own spirit, and among them,  very few people’s spirit could undergo cultivation, taking up an occupation called becoming Spirit Master. And Spirit Master was the noblest vocation on the whole continent. It seemed that according to legend, a hundred years ago Holy Spirit village produced a spirit sage, in other words a famous spirit master; Spirit Sage was a title for a Spirit Master rank.

Spirits were subdivided into two main categories, one category was tool spirits, and the other was beast spirits. As the names suggest, when a spirit was a utensil it was called a tool spirit, and with an animal as spirit it was called a beast spirit. Comparatively speaking, tool spirits included a wider range, and the vast majority of people all had tool spirits, and the ratio of tool spirits unable to cultivate was much bigger than for beast spirits.

Tang San once met the village’s only person whose spirit was pickaxe, clearly a type of spirit unable to cultivate. But in spite of this, his work on farmland was still a little faster compared to ordinary villagers.

Tang San also fully understood that because everyone he met had their own spirit, Tang San also wanted to know what his martial spirit was. After all, whether tool spirit or beast spirit, both were sufficient if they could cultivate, right?

Among Douluo continent’s people, the spirit was awakened at the age of six. In a few days Tang San would turn 6. For some reason he faintly felt that the reason his Mysterious Heaven Skill was unable to break through, was somehow related to his spirit.

Regarding becoming a Spirit Master, Tang San wasn’t particularly interested, but he resolved to become an inner Tang sect rank hidden weapon expert, no matter how little internal strength he had, right?

“Tang Hao, are you busy?”

In the course of Tang San making great effort towards forging ten thousand times, he heard the sound of an old man’s voice outside.

It was currently afternoon, Tang Hao was in the process working, creating farm tools, and hearing what was said made only an ‘ng’ sound.

Tang San, rather curious, came out from his room, only to see an old man, looking far over 60 years old, with a lanky figure, but spirit hale and hearty, clothing perfectly neat and tidy, hair meticulously combed out. The comparison with Tang Hao was simply too extreme.

This person, Tang San knew, was Holy Spirit village’s village elder, old Jack.

“Little San, come, let grandpa have a look at you.”

Old Jack turned to Tang San and waved his hand.

This place’s village elder was a kindly person, greatly respected by all the villagers, he had often brought over something to eat.

“Grandpa Jack, hello.”

Tang San walked over in front of Old Jack, respectfully bow to him. When a person treated him well, Tang San would always remember it in his heart.

Tang Hao indifferently said:

“I’m busy, village elder.”

Old Jack was actually no less than ten years older than him, but to actually be compared to him as the same generation, always worsened Tang Hao’s mood.

Old Jack was seemingly already accustomed to Tang Hao’s manners,

“Tang Hao, ah, little San has quickly become six years old. He ought to join this year’s awakening ceremony.”

Tang Hao gave Tang San a glance, indifferently saying:

“Then go participate. Which day is it?”

Old Jack said:

“In three days, when the time comes I’ll come bring him, alright.”

By his appearance when looking at Tang Hao, he very obviously wanted to say, ‘if you accompanied him, it would probably cause delays’.

Tang Hao slightly lowered his head, no longer paying attention to the village elder.

Tang San, who was nevertheless rather curious, asked:

“Grandpa Jack, what is the awakening ceremony?”

Old Jack sternly said:

“We all have our own spirit, which is finally awakened around the age of six with the awakening ceremony. Having a spirit, we can enhance our ability in a certain field. Even an ordinary spirit can still help. If by any chance you gain a remarkable spirit, we can speak about conducting cultivation, even to the extent that you could possibly become a Spirit Master. The awakening ceremony is held only once every year, I cannot let you miss it. It’s a lord attendant from Nuoding City’s Spirit Sub-Hall who personally comes to help our village’s children awaken. However that lord attendant is considered a Spirit Grandmaster[17] ranked Spirit Master.”

When saying the words “Spirit Grandmaster”, there was obvious admiration in Old Jack’s eyes.

Tang San had only heard a few vague things about Spirit Masters, so right now he naturally couldn’t let the opportunity slip by, questioning closely he said:

“What does Spirit Grandmaster mean?”