Don’t Court Death and You Won’t Die

Yu Yan really could not understand this disciple he just took in. Since she possessed the innate lightning spirit vein, she was already destined to have the potential to ascend. Even though she was a little old, it was not really a big problem. As people who cultivate into deities, their bodies were merely vessels. Although the younger you were, the more successful you would be in cultivating, he was confident that, with his knowledge as the lord of Jade Forest Peak, he would definitely be able to help her form her Azoth Core before her lifespan ends. Then, once she gained the ability to shapeshift, there would no longer be a problem regarding her age.

His Jade Forest Peak had been passed down for many hundred thousand years, yet, the disciples who had entered it were minuscule in number. However, more than half of these successors had already ascended into the world of deities. The main reason was that they only took in disciples with the lightning spirit vein, and the lightning spirit vein was the most mystical spirit vein in this entire world. As long as you were someone who were cultivating to become a deity, you would have to progress through a total of six stages – Essence, Foundation, Azoth Core, Nascent Soul, Demigod, and Ascension. In every stage, they were further categorized into eleven levels. The first to fifth levels were known as the elementary levels, the sixth to ninth were known as the intermediate levels, the tenth level as the advanced levels, and there was the Paragon, these four small stages. Above the Azoth Core stage, whenever one broke through into the next stage, that person would definitely draw in lightning strikes. A small breakthrough would draw in weak lightning strikes, while a large breakthrough would draw in extremely powerful lightning strikes. The heavenly lightning was made up of the cleanest and purest lightning spiritual energy in this world, and was capable of destroying all life forms in the world. So, when the lightning strikes were drawn in, the practitioner could only endure them by drawing out all of the energy inside his body to defend against them.

But, even if one could endure all these lightning strikes, there were still the eighty-one tribulations one must go through when he or she attempts to ascend. The strength possessed by each one of these eighty-one Nine Purple Heavenly Lightning, was tens of thousands of times stronger than the strength of a regular lightning strike. In this world, many highly capable practitioners fell under the power of the Nine Purple Heavenly Lightning, and even some Demigods who had reached the limits of their lifespan, did not dare to pit themselves against the Nine Purple Heavenly Lightning. Other than lightning spirit vein holders!

Lightning spirit vein holders had the innate ability which allowed them to naturally absorb lightning spiritual energy. Hence, the tribulations, to them, were basically not life-threatening challenges, but simply a way to take in a large amount of spiritual energy. With such a heaven-bending spirit vein, even if they did not want to ascend, they had no choice but to do so.

But, this type of spirit vein was extremely rarely seen. The last time a lightning spirit vein holder appeared was sixteen thousand years ago, and that person was Yu Yan.

He was taken in as a disciple at three years old, and reached the Essence Paragon stage at five years old. When he was ten, he became a Foundation stage practitioner. At twenty, he formed his Azoth Core, and he reached the Nascent Soul stage in a hundred years. In a thousand years, he became a Demigod, and reached the Demigod Paragon stage in just six thousand years, becoming number one in the cultivation world. There’s a need to say that he became a legend of the cultivation world due to his frightening cultivation speed. But a legend like this, just happened to remain as a Demigod for exactly ten thousand years. It was not because he was incapable of ascending, rather, it was because in these ten thousand years, he actually did not manage to find a single lightning spirit vein disciple. And in the entire cultivation world, only Jade Forest Peak of Ancient Hill Sect, possessed the cultivation method for lightning spirit vein holders. If he were to ascend, there will no longer be any successors to his line. Hence, even though he had long possessed the body of a deity, he continued to stay in the lower realm, so as to wait for someone capable of succeeding him.

And that successor finally appeared, but, she actually seemed to be really unwilling. Even when he bestowed her a name, she revealed a very strange expression, and she only had the thought of returning to the mortal realm in mind. Was she telling him that his Jade Forest Peak, the one and only capital of the deity cultivation realm, could not compare to the filthy lands of the mortal realm?

Yu Yan, was really unhappy.

“Please, I really don’t wish to become a deity. Please let me go, and allow me to happily roll my way out of here!” Zhu Yao was about to cry. She did not want to be called Desire.

Yu Yan lightly frowned. An idea came into his mind. He chanted an incantation, and Zhu Yao, who was still trying to persuade him earlier, was now kneeling on the ground with a light thud.

“What are you planning to do!” Zhu Yao was shocked. He was not trying to kill her due to anger, right? Just when she was thinking of getting up, she was no longer in control of her body. Facing the ice caveman, she kowtowed in front of him three times. Before she could even react, Yu Yan extended out two of his fingers, and lightly tapped on her forehead. She simply felt a chilling energy infiltrating into her mind. A moment later, a warm feeling welled up inside her entire body, and, on her forehead, a flower-like marking surfaced.

“From this moment onwards, you are my personal succeeding disciple, this imprint is the proof that I have accepted you as my disciple. Tomorrow morning, arrive at the top of the Jade Forest Peak. I will personally pass down the cultivating techniques to you.” After saying that, his figure flashed, and Zhu Yao could no longer see his figure in front of her.

Raising her hand, she touched her forehead which still had a slight icy chill. Zhu Yao felt like crying. You can’t forcefully buy me like that.

Zhu Yao who was forced to cultivate, was very unhappy as well.

She let out a huge sigh. It seemed like talking sense to him would not work, the two of them were basically on different wavelengths. She looked at her surroundings, and when she could only see a long stretch of lush grassland, and a range of mountains, she felt like crying even more. Where is this? At least point me a direction… Is it really alright to disappear this irresponsibly?

I wonder how’s little wimp coming along? When she thought that she had initially planned on doing a good deed, and in the end, seemed to have dug a grave for herself instead, she felt that it was really difficult doing good deeds in this day and age. It seemed like she had no choice but to walk on the route of becoming a deity now.

But the current problem was… Where did she have to go?

Earlier, the ice caveman told her to find him at the top of the Jade Forest Peak. Zhu Yao glanced at the mountain peak which had pierced through the clouds in front of her, and momentarily went crazy. The hell! This mountain looked exactly the same as Mount Everest! You must be kidding me, right?

At this moment, Zhu Yao finally understood what the idiom ‘do not court death and you won’t die’, really meant. She really regretted rejecting the ice caveman’s request to take her in as his disciple earlier. If she had not done so, he would not have forcefully purchased her out of anger, and even more so, he would not have thrown her onto this barren land and have her fend for herself.

She was simply taken in as a disciple, that’s all. She did not really make a loss. Furthermore, seeing the attitude those people at the hall had towards him earlier, this master of hers was definitely someone of extremely high calibre. With someone like him backing her up, it was not really a bad thing. Even if she offended that red-clothed lady earlier, she probably wouldn’t dare to cause her any trouble. But, if she had returned to the mortal realm, she might have found ways to torture her. He was evidently her saviour who descended from the heavens!

After thinking this through, Zhu Yao’s resentment towards this wonderful master of hers completely disappeared in an instant, rather, a feeling of gratitude surged inside her, and she even gained the motivation to climb the mountain.

But this gratitude completely disappeared when she reached the base of the mountain. No matter how far she climbed, she felt as though she could not reach the top no matter how long she took. The hell, she finally understood why that ice caveman told her to find him in the next morning. Because, she spent an entire day and night climbing the mountain.

Only when the sun had risen right up to the top on the second day, did she finally reach the top of the mountain. Dog-tired, she collapsed onto the ground, and could no longer move a single limb.

As for the certain master, who sat in his room for the entire night, anxiously waiting for his disciple to report, when he finally thought of personally investigating why she had yet to arrive, he opened the door, and saw a body lying straight on the floor in front of his house. A body covered entirely in dirt, her hair was in a mess, and on her pale face, there was spots of purple, as though they were traces of her smacking into something.

If he had not been able to sense the anger that was still emitting out from her body, he would have really thought that this lightning spirit vein disciple of his, whom he finally managed to obtain, was gone just like that.