Admitting into the Jade Forest

“Greetings to Ancestral Grandmaster!” The Sect Master uncle and the rest came over as well, and gave a very respectful bow to the man at the entrance. Looking at Zhu Yao, he then continued. “Ancestral Grandmaster, are you planning to take this woman as your disciple?” He initially thought that, given this woman’s age, he would at most take her into the Peak as an inner sect disciple. He did not expect he would directly take her as a disciple.

The man calmly looked at the group of people, and corrected him. “Personal succeeding disciple.”


The red-clothed lady had a face of disbelief, took a step forward, and said. “Ancestral Grandmaster, even if she’s a rare holder of the lightning spirit vein, you can only take in one personal succeeding disciple… Given her age… isn’t it a little inappropriate?”

The man turned and looked towards the red-clothed lady, with a face that was still as cold as ever, he sounded out skeptically, “What does this have to do with you?”


The red-clothed lady was at a loss of words, the only thing she could do was to shift her gaze, staring fiercely at Zhu Yao who was beside him. She did not even do anything, and was simply standing there the entire time, so why the hell was she staring at her? For a moment, she suddenly had the feeling that she was in a mental hospital the entire time.

“Admit me as your master!” The certain ice caveman adjusted his muzzle aim, and continued to fire at Zhu Yao.

Zhu Yao’s expression silently darkened. “Umm… I say, bro, why don’t we take some time to discuss about this? Why do I have to definitely admit you as my master?”

“Because you’re a lightning spirit vein holder!” The cold-looking caveman said coldly.

“Oh!” Zhu Yao nodded. “May I ask, is there a rule or law that states that, as a holder of a lightning spirit vein, I have to definitely admit you as my master?”

The ice caveman frowned even deeper, but he still truthfully shook his head.

“Then where did your mom get the confidence that, I will definitely admit you as my master?” Do you believe I will spit a mouthful of cola onto your entire face?

This cold-looking caveman seemed to have been troubled by this question, and only after a long while did he slowly voice out. “Only my Jade Forest Peak possesses the mystic arts holders of lightning spirit vein train in, so you definitely have to admit under my guidance.” He lowered his head, and looked directly into her eyes. “What does this have to do with my mother having any confidence in this matter?”

“…” Take a deep breath, one must not bite someone in a harmonious society. “Why do I have to definitely train in these arts?”

He said naturally. “If you want to become a deity, then you have to learn this set of arts.”

“Hohoho!” Zhu Yao pulled her hand back, and laughed coldly. “I’m sorry, I don’t wish to become a deity. Thank you. Bye!”

The ice caveman seemed to have been shocked by her way of thinking, as he stood rooted to the ground, totally stunned. Hence, Zhu Yao took this opportunity to happily sneak away. Unfortunately, not even two minutes later, the ice caveman suddenly came chasing after her again. It was not because she was not doing her best, rather, her opponent was simply too strong. Although Zhu Yao ran, as though he was the wind, the ice caveman instantly caught up to her. Without speaking anything else, the moment he grabbed onto her, he flew towards the skies, and headed towards the mountain with the tallest peak.

Zhu Yao simply saw blurred images in front of her, and her head once again struck onto the ice caveman, naturally… she received a third lump!

The hell!

When she regained her senses, she was already standing on a green grass plain, and the ice caveman was even standing right in front of her.

“Admit me as your master.”

“Brother Ice, can you please change your lines?”

The ice caveman paused for a moment, and said, “I’m taking you as my disciple!”

“…” Is there a difference?

“My surname is Yu, not Ice.”


“My given name is Yan. Since you’re now under my guidance, you will naturally have to use my surname as well. I bestow you the name… Wang.”

“Your sister’s ‘Desire’!” ¹ Who told you to bestow me a name? I simply do not want to become a deity.

“You’re ‘Yu Wang’. I told you before, I don’t have a sister.”

“…” The hell, I never thought that it would be so difficult to communicate in Mandarin. Zhu Yao began to cry in her heart. “Bro, I beg you, please, let me go. I really don’t wish to become a deity. Please allow me to scram back home!”

Yu Yan was startled for a moment, before answering with the same icy tone. “I’m taking you as my disciple, not as my sister. You should be calling me master, not brother.”

“…” Where’s the nearest cliff!? Please, tell me!

 Yu Wang /??, sounds exactly the same as ??, which means ‘desire’ in English.Side note: In Wuxia/Xianxia, masters have the tendency to bestow new names to their disciples, and the disciples will use their masters’ surname as well. The master’s name ??, if directly translated into English, is Jade Word, while the name he bestowed to Zhu Yao, ??, is Jade Prosper.