A Peasant Woman, a River, and a Little Field¹ --- Part 2
spoiled brat, and laughed even more happily. “I will make sure you won’t be able get off your bed, understand?” Eh? This line sounds a little strange? Ah, I don’t care anymore. “Let’s go. We’re going to the city. Make sure to follow me!”

Zhu Yao took the lead as she walked over to the main road. After walking a distance of about five steps, the spoiled brat then limped after her, and it looked as though a kettle could be hooked onto that pouted lips of his.

This title came from a saying. In the ancient days, a girl’s dream is to become a peasant woman, live by the river, and have a small little field.‘Your sister will relapse’ – It’s like how people say, ‘Your momma’s fat’.‘Smile like a sunflower, which smelled like chrysanthemum’ – There’s hidden intentions hidden beneath his smile.‘Three days without a beating, and a child will scale the roof to strip the tiles.’ – A Chinese idiom, it means, a child will cause mischief if not properly watched over.

The Deities’ Disciple Selection

Probably because of the so-called deities’ disciple selection, along the way, Zhu Yao encountered several people holding onto their kids, as they rushed to the city. All of them looked really excited, and their topics of discussion were all about the deities’ descent and the disciple selection. Zhu Yao silently praised the frauds’ appeal, they were actually able to gain the deep trust of this many people.

Zhu Village wasn’t actually that far away from the city, in just an hour on foot, they had arrived at the city gates. Because there were too many people entering the city, she had no choice but to hold onto the little wimp’s hand to prevent losing him from her sight. The little wimp, however, did not resist, he merely instinctively tugged his hands a little, and after that, quietly allowed Zhu Yao to pull him along. It’s just that he still had that huge frown on his little face.

They finally arrived at that disciple selection venue, only to find the place already packed with a large number of people. In the center of the crowd, a huge stage was erected, and on top of it, were four men. Every single one of them wore a clean set of white clothes, and on the corner of clothes, cloud-like symbols were embroidered, which gave a very divine feeling. Unexpectedly, the four of them were very young, and they were more bearable to look at than the white-bearded old men in her imagination.

Zhu Yao silently gave them a praise in her heart. She did not expect these frauds to be so professional. Just by looking at the uniform set of clothes, she understood that these people were definitely part of an organization, and there were standard rules set in place. Just by this ostentation alone, it was inevitable that there would be this many people who would be fooled to take part and observe.