Chapter 6: Unexpected Power

Fei was startled.

‘Max gaming time for today? What’s that?”

He wasn’t expecting something like this to happen just as he was just getting ready to go back to the[Rogue Encampment].

Fei’s vision blurred the next second. The whole world started to twist and fade right in front of his eyes. Then complete darkness hit him.



Fei reopened his eyes, and found himself in the king’s palace again.

Magnificent decors, splendid furniture and the dark red, gold gilded king sized bed were the complete opposite of the dark, bloody feel of the Diablo world.

“What happened?  Did I … just have a nightmare?” Fei was confused.

Fei was still lying on the bed. The only differenxce between pre-”nightmare” and post-”nightmare” was that he felt very hot and was dripping sweat; as if he just came out of a sauna room.

He pushed himself up the bed, and surprisingly found out that the dizziness he felt when he just woke up in this world disappeared, so were the pain from his head and chest injuries.

“How did… was that not a dream?”

Fei subconsciously felt that something special had happened to him, but he couldn’t point out where. The whole palace was quiet. No one was around. Fei got out of the bed, and stretched a little.


The sound of ripping cloth.

Fei’s white knight turtleneck shirt suddenly got teared open on many spots. If you looked at him at that moment, you would probably conclude that he was a homeless guy, judging from the ripped shirt, as well as his torn pants.

“Damn, what is this?”

Fei got a little scared.

All the stuff that happened to him made his nerves a little bit weaker. He felt as though he was close to having a mental breakdown.

He looked down and upon closer inspection, he realized that the clothes he was wearing was a little bit small for his size. When he was stretching, he easily tore open the uncomfortably small clothing.

“What’s this pitiful quality? Who makes such clothes for a king?”

Wind breezed through the palace, and Fei felt the chill. He was almost naked.

“Crap, I have to find something to wear.”

Fei glanced around the palace and found a wardrobe-like piece of furniture. He opened it up and found that there were many luxurious clothing in it. He picked out a fitting black knight shirt and pants. He put them on and walked toward the mirror.

The man in the mirror shocked Fei.

It was a man about 6 feet tall. His shoulder long black hair was bundled to the back of his head by a ruby hair ring. His handsome, manly face and ripped body could make any women fall for him.

“God damn! This handsome son of bitch in the mirror is me???”

Fei wouldn’t believe it, it was unreal for him. After the dancing around sketchily in front of the mirror and seeing that the man in the mirror mirrored his movements, he finally accepted it.

“Hahaha, Man oh man oh man. Although that Alexander was a r----d, but he’s got quite a face! Haha, He is way more handsome than me”

Fei can’t stop posing in front of the mirror, as if he had just discovered a new continent.

“From now on, I’m Alexander!” Fei said to himself happily.

After his new discovery, He walked towards the row of medieval full knight armours at the centre of the palace. He picked a suit of armour about his height, and pulled out the double handed sword that the armour was holding. He swung the sword forcefully, trying to get a feel of power and being a king.

But after he did that, his facial expression went weird.

“How is this so light? This isn’t a plastic toy is it?”

A majestic 5 feet long double handed sword had to weigh at least thirty to forty pounds. But Fei felt like he was holding a feather, there was no weight to it at all. It was strange.


Fei struck the full metal armour with the sword just to see if the sword was a toy or not.

But the unexpected happened –

The armour was one centimeter thick. The sword went through it easily, as if Fei was cutting through a piece of paper. The strike cut the armour in half, with the upper half of the armour shortly landing on the ground and making another “tink” sound.

“Holy s--t!”

Although Fei didn’t believe in god or ghosts, but there was no other way to explain what had happened.

“Why am I so strong now?”

Fei subconsciously swung the sword again, but he still didn’t feel any weight.

The double handed sword was clearly a real weapon.

“This feeling…”

Fei closed his eye trying to remember the way he handled the sword. It felt the same as when he was a barbarian in the “dream”, swinging the double handed axe at the monsters.

“Did I…”

Fei was shocked.

“Did I bring back the power of my barbarian character from the ‘dream’ into the real world?”

He couldn’t get that thought out of his head and quickly went about to test this unlikely hypothesis. He put the sword back to the damaged armour, and looked at other weapons in the palace.

Something quickly caught Fei’s eyes.

Further away at a corner of the palace was a huge, weirdly shaped double handed axe. The handle with the massive blade was at least five feet long, and looked to weigh about one hundred pounds. It stood by a black heavy armour. Its weight had put a dent in part of the tile floor.

A bizarre looking carving on the body of the axe made it look even more intimidating.

Fei rushed over there and picked it up. Suddenly, Fei felt the axe and him had become one, as if the axe was a part of his body.

He closed his eyes again and concentrated on the feeling.

“That’s tight, this is the feeling of my level 3[Weapon Mastery]in the ‘dream’. Especially with axes, because I was a barbarian.”

The double handed axe was like a windmill in Fei’s hands. All the axe techniques was performed by Fei at a master level, as if he had used axes for more than tens of years.

Fei felt that he can conclude that his hypothesis was proven completely.

He had actually acquired all the skills, strengths, damage and all the attributes of the level 5 barbarian in the “dream”.

The new found power had given Fei a profound sense of security.

“So this is the feeling of power, I wonder what level this power belongs to in this magical world?”

As Fei was feeling amazing about the new found power, He suddenly remembered that “Master” Lampard said something about enemies still sieging the castle.

“Maybe I should go take a look.” This thought grew stronger and stronger in Fei’s mind.

“Maybe I could help with my power.”

Fei decided to go. On the point of safety, He picked out the thickest, heaviest armour in the palace and put it on.

This armour had literally covered Fei from head to toe, with the only openings being the holes for Fei to see through.

Fei felt like he was wearing the first ever Iron Man suit from the movie [Iron Man I], the one that Robert Downey Jr. build in the Iraq.

This fifty pound armour would literally anchor Fei to the ground; but now, Fei felt like he was wearing a Nike brand, ultrathin, sweat resistant running gear.

Fei tapped the helmet with the axe.

“Tink! Tink! –”

Fei was satisfied to hear the sound. “Haha, no god damn arrows will get me now!”

“King Alexander! Roll out!”

Fei looked around as he left the palace quietly.

He was trying to show off in front of the guards, but who knew that there was no one guarding the king. The palace was just quite. As he kept walked, he saw two heavily wounded soldiers sleeping beside the palace’s main gate.

It looked like these two tired soldiers just came from the front line of battle.

“S--t! My palace is only guarded by two wounded soldiers, the battle must be at its peak.”

The battle cries were getting louder and louder as Fei got closer and closer to the main gate of the castle.

“There is no time to waste!” Fei thought as he started sprint even faster.