Chapter 3: Don’t ever do that

“AAAAHHHHHH!!!”Angela screamed. As the flames grew in Gill’s hand, she frantically looked for ways to stop him. However, it was all useless.

“S--t!” Fei couldn’t do anything else but to try to block it with the helmet he was holding in his hand.

Boom! The fireball collided with the helmet, producing a burst of sparks and smoke. The helmet had turned red hot and splattered as it started to melt.

“Ssii………………” Fei smelled burned flesh.

He rushed as he tried to get the melting metal helmet off of his hand. Although he acted as fast as he could, the layer of skin on his inner palm had burned off already.

The fireball appeared to have run out of energy, fizzing and finally became extinguished.

Fei didn’t have time to relax as he immediately saw another fireball forming upon Gill’s hand.

Judging from Gill’s sweaty face, it was obvious that he was concentrating extremely hard to finish Fei off with this one.

This time, Fei had nothing to block it with.

“This is not fair!” Fei yelled “I challenge you to a wrestling match! Didn’t your parents teach you that kids playing with fire will pee their pants!?”

“What??” Angela and Emma were shocked speechless. “Since was there such as saying?”

“Looks like Alexander is still an idiot.” Both of them thought disappointedly.

However, what they didn’t notice was that Fei had slowly moved to the other side of the bed and managed to pick up the cuirass that he wore on the walls. He hid it behind his back as he slowly inched his way back towards Gill.

“Just wait! Once you get in my reach, I will teach you a lesson in place of your parents!” Fei calculated the distance between them and was preparing to use some sneaky and dirty tactics to deal with Gill.

But —

“Pee your own m-----------g pants!”

Gill was furious, he was not going to hold back his wrath of a “Prestigious mage”. He made up his mind to punish the “r----d king” for what he did.


The second fireball was flung towards Fei.

Angela reacted fast. Although she so scared that her face paled, she made up her mind to save Fei by blocking the fireball with her body.

Seeing Angela suddenly appear in front of Fei, Gill went into shock and tried to retrieve his fireball. However, it was already too late.

Fei reacted immediately, “S--t!”. Without thinking, Fei grabbed Angela’s shoulder and pressed her against his chest as he turned his body around. He felt the heat scorch across his back.

“S--t! I’m gonna die!!”

At very moment,

“Pu– !”

A big hand appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the fireball. It gave it a light squeeze, completely indifferent to the extreme heat radiating off of it. Fei watched with wide eyes as the fireball that could melt a metal helmet collapsed like an ice cream in a hot summer day.

Hope was restored to Fei as he let go of Angela.

“A master!” He thought.

At the same time, the Gill’s face froze. He stared at the man who appeared in the palace, his face turning paler than flour and his body starting to shake uncontrollably.

Like a mouse that saw a cat, Gill was so scared that his voice turned into a completely different tone: “ Mr. Lam–lam–lampard, Why–y–y are you here? I–I–I–”

Gill started sweating like crazy as he tried to explain himself.

This “Mr. Lampard” didn’t even look at Gill. He turned around and slightly bowed to Angela respectfully, and then looked at Fei coldly and said “Alexander, you majesty.”

Fei took a detailed look at this “Master”

In front of him stood a handsome, 6 foot 5 Caucasian man. With hair so red and vivid, it looked like a mane of burning fire.

What stood out the most was the huge 5 foot long sword he was carrying on his back. It was as black as coal and looked to weigh about 200 pounds.

The thing that confused Fei was that although this “master” was strong, his face was a bit pale. Fei guessed that he may have been injured in the siege.

Fei also felt strange. Lampard saved him, but he wasn’t very friendly towards him. Fei sensed a little bit of sad and hopelessness in his stares. Fei didn’t know who he really was so he just noded in response.

“Mr. Lam–Lampard, can I go now?” Gill was extremely scared

Lampard didn’t even look at him: “Go? Aren’t you going to explain your offensive behaviour towards the king?”

“Ah, Explain? Well…you know… I was only joking. Yeah! joking! You know I had grown up with him, right? I just didn’t control my magic properly. I’m only a novice mage, not even a star rank..”

Gill quickly found an excuse.

He was BSing so fluently that he almost believed in what he was saying.

As he was spewing out excuses, he saw sensed a cold stare as sharp as a blade on his neck from Lampard. He knew that this man could kill him as easily as an ant. He was scared to continue to say anything so he shut himself up and sheepishly smiled.

Lampard had a disgusted look on his face.

He closed his hand and everyone in the palace felt an invisible pressure.

But Lampard’s face showed that he had thought of something. He hesitated a bit; then opened his palm again and the pressure was gone. “Get out of here! There’s no next time!” Lampard said as if he was shooing away a fly.

“Ok ok ok..” Gill was relieved like a prisoner who received death penalty just got a pardon. He exhaled rapidly and bowed down to the tall man carrying the sword.


As Gill was preparing to leave this place, Fei suddenly stopped him.

Gill looked at Lampard, but the old man didn’t say a word. He had to stop and listen to what Fei had say.

Fei gave his widest smile as he got closer and closer to Gill.

He casually put his hand onto Gill’s shoulder. Everyone thought the king was going to say something to comfort Gill because of his friendliness.


He didn’t say anything and started to slap Gill on the face like crazy. “Don’t ever do that again! Don’t ever f-----g do that again!” He kept on yelling as he was slapping.

“Pia – Pia – Pia – Pia —”

The sound of the slaps almost formed a symphony.

Fei’s action send Angela and Emma into a shock once more. The “cold” faced Lampard was surprised by this as well.

“Is this brutal and crazy man the king? Is this really the idiot king Alexander?

Poor Gill didn’t know what to do. The appearance of Lampard had scared him into not using his abilities, and now he’s afraid to even defend himself against Fei’s assault.

Gill regretted what he did as Fei gets his revenge. “If I knew Alexander became this shameless after being shot by an arrow, I’d never have come here !” He cried in his mind.

Fei finally stopped as his hand became numb.

Gill thought his nightmare was over as he stopped sniveling like a bitch.

Who knew that Fei rubbed his hands and kicked Gill right in the nether regions? He screamed in pain. His body quickly reacted by mimicking a fried shrimp. He bent his back and started to desperately crawl out of the palace as if he was escaping hell.

He had finally learnt his lesson and didn’t want to ever see this insane king ever again.

“You got lucky this time!” Fei yelled at Gill.

He was a simple man. He was not going to taking any sort of humiliation and act like nothing happen. He wanted revenge on the spot.