Volume 1 Chapter 2 - Oh no! After I Reincarnated, My Moms Became Son-cons! --- Part 2

The female elf in front of me raised her head and looked at me. Her eye glimmered with a ray of light. She then extended her arms out and hugged me. Her faint perfume intensified in my embrace. She rested her small head on my chest while her arms wrapped around me in an embrace as we warmed each other up.

“It’s alright, it’s alright…. You’re still here. All is well. As long as you’re here. As long as you’re here, I won’t be lonely…” Since her head rested on my chest, her trembling voice passed through my chest and into my heart.


Her sudden gentleness broke down my final line of defence. I felt a few tear drops roll down from my eyes. I silently hugged this girl I met for the first time, and let her warmth sooth my heart…

“Your highness, please come wash up.”

What’s your name maid girl? There’s no need for you to come from tomorrow onwards.

We let each other go as the maid sternly looked us and then turned to ask the girl: “Would you like to join, Miss Lucia? We can make preparations if you wish so.”

She nonchalantly answered: “Sure!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop! Please stop! What the hell is going on?! Aren’t I supposed to wash up on my own? How on Earth did it suddenly become a mixed-bath?! Who on Earth is this girl? Don’t pull the wife or fiancé card on me now!

There’s nothing bad about it, but… That’s too exhilarating for a virgin like myself!

“Let’s go then. Let’s go wash up. I haven’t washed in ages. Her highness should be there too, right? ‘Cause her highness is there every time you go to wash.” Lucia grabbed my hand and led me without needing a maid guide her.

Hold up. Did you just say mom would be there too?!

My imagination ran wild with images of mom’s S-line body nude… Fuck! That’s too much for my single-core brain to handle. Oh shit! Oh shit! My little brother is definitely going to react! How can I do this to my mother!?

Lucia pushed the door open. Ah, there’s no heat.… Wait. Something is off. If there’s no heat, then there wouldn’t be any lights either! That means… I have nothing to look at!! Stop! Stop! She’s your mom, what are you thinking?! I need to stop myself from having those thoughts!! How did the atmosphere suddenly change from a melancholic one to this!? Shouldn’t I be preparing to take revenge? Why am I suddenly being rewarded instead!?

What sort of demented cultural practice is this?! Bad cultural practices must be destroyed!

“Ah, my dear son, you’re here. Miss Lucia is here as well. Your relationship is as good as always, huh?” Just as my brain was about to be completely fried, someone violently hugged me from behind and my mind felt warm again. But this time, it wasn’t clothes-to-clothes contact… This is skin-on-skin!!!

Mom’s voice came from behind, and my heart raced like crazy. Her boobs were on both sides of my face, but I didn’t even have the courage to bat an eyelid. I slowly began to helplessly lean forward, but Lucia was completely naked in front of me!!

Lucia should be a young elf, right? The skin of elves and humans are completely different. Human skin should reflect a little light, but it looks like an elf’s body gives off a faint fluorescent glow. Lucia’s skin looked as smooth as a marble, shiny as crystals and white as if almost transparent, as though the sun were shining right onto her body. I really wonder if her body is transparent. By human standards, the body proportions of elves are perfect. Slender limbs and boobs with the perfect curves that peak at the right spots….


“What’s wrong, son? Why are you bending over all of a sudden? Do you have a stomach ache?”


This is a reaction guys sometimes inevitably have…