Chapter 7 – Before, I Was Just Having A Joke With You

However, after Ye Qingyu had been eliminated, he immediately desisted in his recruitment. He even coldly laughed and left a few words, “So you were just a stinky trash, wasting my time…”

“Haha, people have to look forward into the future, remembering grievances isn’t a good thing…” Lam Dong smiled blandly, but his tone carried with it a shred of threat.

“Fuck your ancestors*… Scram!”

Ye Qingyu insulted him straightforwardly.

“You…” Lam Dong’s expression was frozen. Being insulted in front of so many people, he became incensed.

Ye Qingyu did not even spare him a glance, turning around and clasping his hands together, saying: “Everyone, before entering White Deer Academy, I don’t want to think about anything else, please be understanding.”

This was making things clear, that he temporarily would not accept any sort of recruitment from any of the groups.

After saying this, Ye Qingyu walked onwards towards the fifth selection grounds.

This was Ye Qingyu’s temperament, he would never be soft and yield to others.

In the past, the fatty changed his attitude quicker than flicking a page through a book. Afterwards, he mocked Ye Qingyu multiple times and now he wants Ye Qingyu to work for them?

There was no way that was going to happen.

Such a decisive and unyielding action, made people exclaim with shock.

Lam Dong was the staff of the northern military leader and right now one side of his face was red and the other side was green with anger. He was so livid that his beard was about to float.

In so many years, who did not give him face? Who would have thought that today he would be slapped in the face by a little trash who had managed to change his fate slightly…

In comparison, Luanping from Qing Luo Merchant Company laughed happily.

“Quickly, continue to follow, let’s have a look at the other results of Ye Qingyu.”

“This Ye Qingyu, no wonder it is said that youths have the bravery of a tiger. He is too straightforward, in a moment he has already offended northern military leader. The northern, eastern, southern and western military leaders are akin to an existence like the city ruler, offending any one of them is not a good idea!”

“Brittle steel can easily snap. This attitude is not too good, even if he is a genius. If anything happens to him before he reaches his full potential, in the end when he dies, he is just soil!”

The discussion continued on and everyone followed.

Within the bustling crowd, the wealthily-dressed youth was grinding his teeth. When he was about to follow, suddenly something happened.

Behind him a shadow came rushing at him, and from his back gave him a hard slap on the face. The slap was enough to make him see golden stars and after spinning around two times, he finally managed to stabilise…

Liu Ye was enraged, heat rushing to his head and swore loudly: “Who’s the mongrel that hit me…”

“You dare speak? I need to hit you, little bastard who caused trouble for me…” an extremely familiar and angry voice said.

Liu Ye hesitated, seeing the person who had slapped him, was the head supervisor of the blood qi testing, and was someone from his own clan Liu Heng.

Understanding the reason, his entire body shrunk in size.

“Where are the people? Where’s Ye Qingyu?” Liu Heng said angrily and impatiently. “What’s the result of the fourth appraisal?”

Liu Ye cradled his face, reported the test results and pointed to far away saying “He went to participate in the fifth appraisal…”

“What? Another ninth grade first class talent?” After Liu Heng heard this he began to feel a headache, his legs shivering.

The better the results of Ye Qingyu, the more trouble he would face.

Once the higher ups of the academy knew how he attempted to suppress such a genius, the result would be akin to a catastrophe.

“Damn this is going to drive me to death with anger! You little good for nothing mongrel, causing trouble for me!”

The enraged Liu Heng was driven crazy, but it was a pity that there was no medicine in this world for regret. He could only continue to fiercely slap Liu Ye for a few moment, then he quickly followed in the direction of Ye Qingyu.

According to his calculations, today he might have to bow down and call Ye Qingyu his father**. He needed to beg Ye Qingyu to return to the blood qi testing grounds.

The wealthily-dressed youth’s face was swollen like a pig, spitting out blood. He was filled with anger and hatred but there was nothing he could do.

Liu Heng could not care about the demeanour of a head supervisor anymore. Under countless strange stares, he ran wildly after, quickly reaching the fifth appraisal grounds.

This was the bone structure testing grounds.

But there was no sign of Ye Qingyu.

Nor was there too much people.

“Where are they? Where is Ye Qingyu?” Liu Heng was extremely impatient, grabbing a second year student who was responsible for maintaining order.

The student, after seeing the supervisor’s clothing, did not dare to respond slowly. He said, “You’ve come to chase after genius Ye too? He came, the bone structure testing has already ended, genius Ye effortlessly activated the bone structure stone. The golden light emitted by the stone illuminated over a hundred meters, and it was determined by the great teacher of first years to be ninth grade first class bone structure.

“What? Its ninth grade first class again?” Liu Heng was about to go crazy.

Heavens, are you playing with me right now?

The student did not notice his expression and said enthusiastically “That’s right, I heard junior brother Ye’s previous appraisals had obtained ninth grade first class for everything. This is really hard to believe. Our White Deer Academy will really produce such a big genius…”

Liu Heng felt his vision going dark, nearly fainting.

What he feared has finally come. The great teacher of the first years has finally shown himself?

White Deer Academy was largely divided according to the years of the students and the students you taught. Under the Dean was the four head teachers of their years, and ranking beneath that was namely the great teacher of the first years.

Such an existence, his strength must at the very least be at the upper average of the Spirit Spring*** stage. This was a person that had real power, when compared to a trash teacher like Liu Heng, one word from him was enough to make him disappear from White Deer Academy.

“Looking at your expression, you must be so happy that you’re shocked right?” The student was a chatterbox, not stopping at all. “Our White Deer Academy has produced such a genius, and when added to the others who have made top ten in the rankings, I believe in the upcoming ten schools battle, we can definitely get a good result, and this event will be something that we can be proud of!

Liu Heng started crying but without tears, turning to head on towards the sixth appraisal.

“I hope I am in time to fix this.”

He was praying in his heart.

The sixth appraisal grounds.

It was to test the martial mind and personality of the examinees.

Ye Qingyu stood where he was.

“Who would have that your divine idol* would be the killing Asura idol!” A middle-aged man with a face like white jade and a noble air, laughed heartily to the heavens his eyes gleaming with light: “Good, killing decisively, fearing nothing, this is the true meaning behind the Asura idol. This kind of personality is tyrannical, I like it, hahaha!”?

Ye Qingyu was in the middle of the appraisal grounds.

In front of him were seven idols of divine deities, each of them different.

Some of them was human shaped, others were plant-like or beast-like.

Every one of them was like it they were vividly alive, each bringing a different atmosphere and pressure, staring in all directions of the crowd.

And one of the human shaped idols had a strange appearance possessing six limbs each holding different weapons. A killing pressure emitted from it, as if it was a War God, and the beams of light gradually faded across the entire grounds. A terrifying killing intent gradually began to be hidden again within the idol, this was namely the Asura idol.

It was also the idol that Ye Qingyu had manage to resonate with.

Within the selection process of White Deer Academy, the personality testing was not that important and was not a hard requirement. It was only used, on some level, for testing the examinees martial heart.

The martial heart was also a person’s conscience.

Within this world, some people were kind, some people were weak some people were timid, some people were killers, some people were tough, some people were cautious, some people were brutal, some people were soft, some people were passionate like an intense flame while others were like a slow breeze, some people planned while some people only acted on impulse…

Different people possessed different martial hearts.

Different martial hearts, within the selection process, would activate the glow of different idols.

The idol that Ye Qingyu activated was the killing Asura idol. This represented decisive killing, vengeance and clearly differentiating between kindness and enmity. It was a mentality that was exceptionally extreme.

Those who possessed such a martial heart, once he had finished cultivating, would definitely be a decisive killer and a lord who would inspire awe.

The only drawback was that for such a person, killing was a decision too be easily made and would cause some moral people to look down upon him.

Once the results were announced, the surroundings began to discuss animatedly.

Ye Qingyu’s previous meridians, bone structure, natural talent examination results had long exceeded the ordinary. But right now, the killer personality that he displayed, one could imagine in the future he would be a double edged sword, being able to hurt the enemy but also oneself.

But the middle-aged great teacher seemed to admire Ye Qingyu’s martial heart very much, continuing to compliment him.

“Hahaha, not bad, very good, I didn’t think on the last day of the selection, our White Deer Academy was able to obtain such a treasure,” the great teacher said in abarely disguised excitement.

He said laughingly, “You’re called Ye Qingyu? I know about you. It seems the old Dean’s judgement was not wrong. You really are a genius, although four years have been wasted but with your talent catching up is not impossible. I welcome you to White Deer Academy.”

Ye Qingyu has finally entered White Deer Academy.

All the mockery and laughter that had begun four years ago were put to a stop now, disappearing like clouds and smokes.

The faces of countless people in Deer City will be mercilessly slapped by the result of today.

“Thank you great teacher!” Ye Qingyu bowed in thanks, then shook his head. “But disciple still has an appraisal, I fear I cannot enter the academy just yet.”

“Eh? There’s still more? Personality test is the sixth appraisal, how can there be one that you have not gone through?” The first year great teach frowned, and a serious pressure began to be emitted. He said, “What exactly has happened?”

Ye Qingyu was about to speak…

“Your subordinate Liu Heng, greets great teacher Kong,” the goateed blood testing supervisor said as he ran here, his body heaving as he tried to breath. Then, he ignored everything else and was all smiles when he looked at Ye Qingyu. He said, “Brother Ye, I’ve looked for you for half a day already, previously I was just joking with you, quickly come with me to undergo the blood qi testing…

He gave a wink to Ye Qingyu, his entire face filled with flattery with the previous pride and arrogance all gone.

Ye Qingyu only coldly smiled but did not say anything.

“You are the head supervisor of the first appraisal?” Hon Kong, as the great teacher of the first years, was extremely experienced and could see something was wrong in a glance. He pointed at Liu Heng, and in an unaccepting tone said, “You speak, why have Ye Qingyu come here without participating in the blood qi test?”

*Right I’m not well versed in Beijing slang, but from reading several articles,