Chapter 5 – Golden Meridians

At this time, the people following behind Ye Qingyu, also started discussing noisily.

Everyone wanted to enjoy the show, and it caused the entire testing grounds to become jam packed. The faces of all were filled with excitement, but the expressions in their gaze differed. Everyone wanted to know what medicine Ye Qingyu was selling in his gourd.

“What’s happening? Why is there suddenly so many people?”

Facing such chaos, the second year students who were responsible for maintaining order was astounded.

“Very well, young man, you can go through the appraisal. I wish you luck.” After a small consideration, the old man smilingly accepted Ye Qingyu’s request.

“Thank you, instructor.”

Ye Qingyu respectfully said a word of thanks, then turned around and walked towards the [Bronze Meridian Human] located in the middle of the grounds.

“This is against the rules of the academy…” Within the crowd, someone loudly protested. It was of course the wealthily-dressed teenager whose eyes were filled with the gleam of hatred, trying to stop the appraisal.

Who would have guessed that the white-haired old supervisor would not even spare him a glance.

The majority of their vision was settled onto Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu was not nervous like the other examinees but slowly raised his hand and placed his palm on the back of the [Bronze Meridian Human].

Nearly at the same time, within the bronze statue a vibration began. A strange heat flowed into the arm of Ye Qingyu, and into his entire body.

It was an extremely mysterious feeling.

The next instant, changes began appearing on the [Bronze Meridian Human].

The two most important meridians seemed to be bursting with some sort of strange energy, suddenly brightening with a golden glow.

“This…” The white-haired old man was about to sit down when he saw this change, his body suddenly freezing in place.

“Golden meridian?” The sophomores responsible for recording has eyes wide with disbelief and two of them uncontrollably let out sounds of shock.

The body’s meridian could be separated into four classes, with the golden meridian being the highest and the rarest. The person possessing such meridians when training would find it much more easy and effective, truly a child beloved by the heavens.

This scene was witnessed by the crowd, and caused an explosion of sound.

“Heavens, golden meridian? Ye Qingyu really has golden meridian?”

“Is this really the trash that was eliminated four years in a row?”

“This is hard to believe!”

“Was the words of the Dean truly not wrong? Today, is his words going to come true?”

“What is happening in this year’s White Deer Academy selection process? There has already been four appearances of golden meridians Ye Qingyu will be the fifth. You need to know that when admitting students, a person with golden meridians might not appear even within ten years!”

The entire crowd was excited.

No one would have thought, those who had come to witness a show would see such a result.

It was too shocking!

“Impossible, this is impossible, how can it be possible?” The wealthily- dressed youth hidden within the crowd looked like he had seen a ghost rubbing his eyes furiously as if he did not believe in what he saw.

The widely acknowledged trash by the entire Deer City, the laughing stock, was he really going to change his fate today?

That poor garbage, how was it possible that he had golden meridians?

Liu Ye himself only possessed bronze meridians.

“Wait, what if his meridians are brilliant? There are still five appraisals the passing mark is done by combining all six before you are allowed to enter White Deer Academy…” Liu Ye said, not willing to accept this grinding his teeth, his face hideous but in heart he was in turmoil.


The [Bronze Meridian Human] looked like it had come alive, endlessly producing sounds of vibrations.

Those who saw this were all tongue tied, then the abnormality happened —-

The lines engraved on the [Bronze Meridian Human] representing the meridians, one after another began to brighten. The purest golden colour, bringing with it a dream-like radiance, began to spread out throughout the entire body of the statue, enveloping the entire appraisal grounds in its golden splendour.

In the blink of an eye, [Bronze Meridian Human], over eighty percent of the meridians was shrouded in a golden light.

The entire crowd was stunned.

There was a deathly silence.

“This is not right, if this continues, then all the meridians within the [Bronze Meridian Human] will be illuminated. This is no longer simply golden meridians…” The white-haired old man suddenly thought of something.

This old man remembered a legend he had once heard.

He squinted his eyes, an extremely shaken light emitting from his eyes.

“This can’t go on, if this child performs too brightly, then when the news comes out, it will not go well for him…”

Mindful of this, the old man opened his mouth to speak, “The appraisal ended, number 8888 examinee Ye Qingyu, golden meridian, passed!”

His voice emitted across the entire grounds.

The golden light in the [Bronze Meridian Human] began to dim gradually.

Ye Qingyu hesitated slightly, he had this feeling that the heat within the [Bronze Meridian Human] still had not reached its climax, it was still possible to go on but it was suddenly forcefully stopped. It was slightly perplexing.

But he did not think too much, stopping the appraisal and turned around to say thanks to the lead supervisor.

The white-haired old man carefully examined Ye Qingyu from top to bottom, only after ten breaths of time did he smile and nod his head saying, “Good, very good, extremely good, it looks like this year our White Deer Academy will again produce a young genius!”

Ye Qingyu gave a slight laugh, and unabashedly said, “En, I too feel I am a genius.”

The white-haired old man was slightly taken aback, then started laughing vigorously. He passed back the nameplate and said, “An extremely interesting fellow. Very well, your meridian examination results are recorded in your name plate, you can continue on to the next appraisal.”

Ye Qingyu respectfully said his thanks.

He had always felt that he was a young man who could separate love and hate.

Heart to heart, if someone gives him warmth, then he will return with sincerity. If someone treats him coldly, than he will repay with his fists.

The instant Ye Qingyu left the appraisal grounds, the crowds from their silent state suddenly exploded like a fryer when a handful of salt was tossed in.

Those who had previously verbally mocked Ye Qingyu, suddenly understood something.

Many people began to feel that, today, something mysterious was going to happen.

“Quick, follow, Ye Qingyu is going to his next appraisal.”

“The next test is to test his natural talent!”

“Is his natural talent going to be first class too?”

The crowd was like the magma in an exploding volcano, the atmosphere filled with a burning excitement. People quickly walked, impatiently following. At the same time, the events that happened here today seemed as it grew wings and spread out across all directions.

The storm, was currently brewing.

The wealthily-dressed youth was dumbfounded for a moment, then grinded his teeth and followed on.

After 10 minutes.

Within the natural talent appraisal grounds.

“Heavens, how can this be possible?”

“Natural talent of ninth grade?”

“This is not natural!”

“This… how did Ye Qingyu do this?”

Within the natural talent appraisal grounds, a noble pale golden light spread out like a surging wave the radius of over a hundred meters. And this golden light was emitted from a four-meter- high obsidian structure.

[Talent Torch!]

This was the treasure that White Deer Academy used to test for natural talent.

The [Talent Torch] was said to have been made with materials outside Heaven wasteland, and the mysterious scriptures within was from the hands of Snow Country’s royal family rune masters. The torch was extremely effective, as long as the examinee held the torch, through the rune engraved, the torch could test how high the natural talent of the torch holder was.

When Ye Qingyu held the end of the [Talent Torch], even the nine stones flame flowers embedded on the torch began to emit a golden light.

The blossoming of the nine flame flowers, meant that Ye Qingyu was a ninth grade talent.

It was the highest natural talent in the history of White Deer Academy.

Everyone around was tongue tied, after seeing the shabbily-dressed handsome teenager with straw shoes hold the torch. In the golden glow of the torch, they had this feeling for an instant that they were in the presence of the War God of the human race holding a divine artifact.

“Number 8888 Ye Qingyu, natural talent classification ninth grade first class, successfully passed the appraisal.

The head supervisor swallowed a mouthful of saliva and loudly announced the results of the appraisal.

This was the third time this year’s examination someone was able to make the nine flame flowers bloom on the [Talent Torch].

He had already seen the previous results of the appraisal on Ye Qingyu through the nameplate. Golden meridians plus ninth grade first class talent, this result even without undergoing any more testing was too frightening. Even if Ye Qingyu did not participate in any more appraisals he was already well qualified to enter White Deer Academy.

“Who would have thought that our White Deer Academy, will have another genius seedling!”

In his heart he had already decided, that in the future he would have to give more attention to this teenager.

If no accidents happen, this child was destined to be this year White Deer Academy selection process’ star pupil. It was a pity that this youth came from a poor background, his cultivation was fated to be a little harder than normal.

Ye Qingyu thanked the head supervisor and left for the next appraisal.

The crowd stared at the back of this youth. From now on, no one will ever look on Ye Qingyu with mockery, scorn or contempt.

Because they understood, from today onwards, the entire Deer City will revise their judgement of this teenager.

“How can this possibly be?”

The wealthily-dressed youth was dumbfounded, his vision going black and as if he had gone crazy, kept repeating the same phrase.

The name of the middle-aged goateed man was named Liu Heng.

He had already been in the White Deer Academy for over thirty-one years.

Thirty-one years ago, Liu Heng with the worst results, managed to enter White Deer Academy. His natural talent had always been average, and he had not been hard-working at all when cultivating so he has always been unknown.

His classmates had already successfully graduated, all except for him where he finally managed to use ten years of time to finish the four-year course.

Luckily the Liu family was a large merchant company in the city, where their financial power was not low. Relying on the family’s resources and money, and through a lot of thought and attention, he had finally managed to stay on at White Deer Academy as a supervisor.

He was a miscellaneous supervisor, and was not responsible for teaching, but was only responsible for back line operations.

Liu Heng did not have much of a position within White Deer Academy but he still liked to rely on his position to bully the students. When facing people from outside the academy, he was very arrogant, not daring to do large wrongs but constantly performing small misdeeds. Because of the relationship between the Liu family and the White Deer Academy, the higher ups of White Deer Academy had always turned a blind eye to the actions of Liu Heng.