Chapter 8: Hell Wolf

Lin Feng’s words made Jing Yun stupefied the two others, they glanced at Lin Feng with astonishment. Immediately after that, they saw Lin Feng dash forward without hesitation.

“Lin Feng, this is not the right situation to show off your abilities”, Jing Yun said worryingly. Even though they had never seen Lin Feng in a fight, they all knew he was well known for being a piece of trash. Even if these days, Lin Feng had been exerting himself to train really hard, his level was at most the same as theirs, but he wanted to see if his strength matched that of a level eight brutal ape, how could that be possible?

It was too late, he had already dashed forward before anyone could stop him. The brutal ape saw that he actually had the audacity and impertinence to move forward to attack. It stamped furiously on the ground with its thick muscular legs making the ground vibrate under its steps, as its colossal body was speedily advancing towards Lin Feng. The brutal ape had vicious eyes as it charged forward gaining more speed. It looked like a mountain of thick furred muscle was trying to charge Lin Feng, creating earthquakes in its path.

It seemed that Lin Feng didn’t know how strong the level eight demonic beast was which made Jing Yun’s heart jump with fright. Jing Yun was so frightened that she could barely breathe. The beast was brazenly rushing towards Lin Feng.

Jing Yun had the feeling that Lin Feng was going to be trampled and crushed beneath the ape’s thick muscular legs. She was so scared that she closed her eyes, unable to watch the horrifying scene.

“BOOM!”. A titanic shockwave trembled throughout the air. Jing Yun, whose eyes were closed clearly felt the entire space shake and vibrate. Then, she heard the brutal ape roar in a violent rage.

When she opened her eyes, she just saw the brutal ape lying on its back three meters away. Lin Feng had silently moved back to her side, looking miraculously unharmed, it seemed it had been no problem at all.

“How is that possible?” Jing Yun couldn’t believe her eyes, Lin Feng hadn’t suffered the slightest injury during the collision with the brutal ape. She looked at Qing Yi and Han Man only to see that their eyes were as wide open and filled with astonishment just like her. They had seen with their own eyes that Lin Feng had repelled the brutal ape with ease. That scene had shocked them to the core.

However, that was a level eight monster, without a basic power of 8000 jin, it would have been impossible to defeat the brutal ape, let alone defeat it with seemingly no effort.

Behind, Jing Feng was also stunned, stumped for words. The piece of trash had repelled a brutal ape? Unbelievable!

“Level eight Brutal Ape… it should have high quality leather and plenty of thick meat” whispered Lin Feng. These days, he had reached the seventh Qi layer and his practice had solid foundations. Added to that, he had mastered the Nine Heavy Waves technique which allowed him the strength of 8500 jin. Besides, the essence of the Nine Heavy Waves technique was determined by the accumulation of powerful shock waves combining to produce an explosion of power many times greater than the original waves. Therefore the waves, at the moment when they hit the brutal ape, must have reached an explosive power close to 9000 jin. At that moment though, the brutal ape stood back up, letting out a bloodcurdling roar and sending itself into a frenzy.

Lin Feng dashed forward, closer to the roaring brutal ap. He started using his Nine Heavy Waves again and thrust his arm out emitting a loud “BOOM!”. The brutal ape’s body was colossal making it impossible to avoid the attack in time. Thus, it had no choice but take the attack head on and resist as much damage as possible.

“Let me test my skills on you.” Said Lin Feng while calmly walking towards the brutal ape. Suddenly his left fist thrust forward, violent waves began to combine and rush up his arm and out of his fist. “BOOM!”


A violent cracking sound like the snapping of twigs quickly followed.

Jing Yun and the others were all astonished at the scene. brutal ape? At that moment, Lin Feng was even more brutal and beast like than the brutal ape. Unceasingly punching using his technique Nine Heavy Waves, showing no signs of stopping. The vibrations in the air were sweeping over several hundred miles. Layer upon layer of insanely oppressive waves were sweeping over the area which demonstrated to everyone exactly how powerful he was.

“He’s really making full use of the Nine Heavy Waves technique! He’s using it in such a skillful way! The power is on a completely different level! He has brought his technique to the point of perfection, which many are not capable of reaching in this lifetime.” Qing Yi definitely didn’t think Lin Feng could be called a piece of trash.

“The air is still full of Lin Feng’s power, the waves are not stopping. I’ve heard that understanding how to use and control Nine Heavy Waves to higher levels is extremely difficult. Lin Feng’s natural talent is amazing” Said Jing Yun looking lost in thought.

“Monstrous” said Han Man scratching his face and looking gloomy.

“Bzzzzz” the shaking feeling stopped and the area became calm again. Lin Feng turned around and looked at the three others: “you guys come pick up the precious items, I am too exhausted.”

“Oh” said Han Man realizing the brutal ape was already a beaten corpse. His lip was trembling with excitement at the precious materials. Taking all of the precious items from the brutal ape’s body required great strength. Its skin was extremely thick. Even though it was dead, it was extremely difficult to split its skin open. Lin Feng must have transformed into something not of this world considering how he had violently slaughtered the brutal ape.

“Haha, Lin Feng, you’re monstrously skillful. Let’s just hope we do not come across level nine ferocious wild beasts though, we might not be able to stop them” Han Man said while laughing cheerfully. He then put the items in the bag and put it on his back.

Lin Feng laughed and said: “let’s keep moving forward, perhaps we’ll come across some more level eight ferocious wild beasts.”

“That was just a stroke of luck. That beast couldn’t strike back” said a sarcastic voice coming from behind them. They then saw Jing Feng walk past and walk ahead.

“Jing Feng, you…” Jing Yun and the two others looked furious. That guy really had a spiteful mouth. Twisting the story like that.

The group continued to walk. While Jing Feng was walking in the front and was expecting ferocious wild beasts to come out allowing him to demonstrate his superior skills, but no living thing would approach, there were no signs of life in any direction. Jing Feng was furious.

“It seems like something is wrong here” Lin Feng said. That part of the forest, compared to other parts, was exaggeratedly calm and quiet.

“Something is wrong indeed” Qing Yi and the two others, who had been walking quite fast, started to slow down and noticed Jing Feng, who was walking ahead, was coming back closer to them.

Everyone was looking at Jing Feng and suddenly a Hell Wolf appeared in front of him. The wolf had a hideous twisted face. It looked like a demon.

Seeing the face of a Hell Wolf was so unbearable that Jing Yun covered her mouth with both hands. She started shaking out of pure fear.

“The hell wolf is a level nine ferocious wild beast. Within the group of ordinary beasts, he is by far the cruelest one. It likes to eat people slowly one bite after the other without immediately killing them which makes your death a long and excruciating one” Said Qing Yi with a trembling voice. It seemed that they had just run into the one monster that every Cultivator feared the most when coming to the Black Wind Mountain: the hell wolf. Not only was the hell wolf extremely cruel but it was also so quick that it was near impossible to escape from it.