Chapter 7: Black Wind Mountain

After some time Lin Feng finally arrived in a safe place. Cold feelings filled his heart. He was thinking about how the strong controlled the world and dominated the weak. He could see from this encounter that those with power in this world have no regard for human life. Indeed, if they felt like killing, then they would just kill, provided they were strong enough.

He had had no intentions when going to the place where he saw the ray of sunlight inside a cave. He had just gone there to have a look and was going to leave as fast as he had went there. However, Liu Fei had wanted to kill him even though they were both Yun Hai sect’s disciples.

“Those who have the arrow spirit have the ability to track people and engage in a battle with them using long range attacks while keeping their distance. But in the case of a close fight, I certainly would be able to kill her in one hit.” Lin Feng thought using the sword was quite a satisfying experience. His speed was as fast as lightening and his strikes like thunder splitting the air. The arrow getting so near and then breaking into two was a sign that he hadn’t been wasting his time training that much. He hadn’t endured all this in vain.

Lin Feng had been practicing without interruption for seven days back then in the mountains over the precipice. Thanks to his dark spirit, he had been able to understand many things. Only at the moment when his spirit had been using too much of his vital essence, he had recalled it back into his body and had then practiced the Moonlight Feather Agility technique.

“Liu Fei” thought Ling Feng while recalling her beautiful face. He went and picked up a piece of wood and began making a fire to hang his clothes to dry, he was still soaking from the hot spring.

Not so far away from Lin Feng appeared four shadows. All of them must have been Yun Hai sect’s disciples.

“Over there is someone, we should invite him to join us and come along. The more powerful people who join us, the better” said one of them who was wearing light green robes.

“But you don’t know just how powerful he is, right?” said a tall, imposing disciple. Nobody, however, opposed the idea.

The group of four people was composed of 3 men and 1 girl. While they were walking and approaching Lin Feng, the girl noticed Lin Feng’s topless body. She couldn’t help but blush. “Hello, can you put your clothes on?” she said to him in a shy voice.

Lin Feng looked at the young girl’s eyes. Although she wasn’t as beautiful as Liu Fei, her face was delicate and pretty. Her skin looked soft and beautiful. In her previous life, she had definitely been a beautiful girl but Lin Feng though that girls in that world were much more beautiful that in the previous world because they walked on the path of Cultivation.

“Ok” said Lin Feng cooperatively. Lin Feng was quite an easy-going person and therefore quickly agreed. Getting along with him was no hard task.

“So what’s the deal? What do you guys want?” asked Lin Feng while putting his clothes on.

“Alright, the situation is as such, we want to go to the Black Wind Mountain and attack some ferocious wild beasts. We’d like to invite you to come with us in which we case we would equally share precious collected items. Are you interested?” explained the young man wearing light green robes. Black Wind Mountain was located northwards of the Yun Hai Mountain in the Wild Beast forest. It was extremely vast. Some disciples conjectured that the Black Wind Mountain was much vaster than the entire Yun Hai mountain chain. When the Yun Hai sect had chosen to settle in the Yun Hai Mountain, they had probably thought of the fact that the Black Wind Mountain was near. After all, wasn’t it a perfect place for Cultivators to challenge themselves and test their own strength and abilities? Indeed, hunting and killing ferocious wild beasts enabled them to gather useful items while training and improving their life and death experiences at the same time.

“Ok, I accept” said Lin Feng without overthinking his answer. He really wanted to go with them and get stronger, by the quickest possible route.

“Awesome! That way, we are now five people, if we run into level nine ferocious wild beasts, it won’t be a big deal.” The young girl was obviously happy that Lin Feng had agreed to join them. The strongest Cultivator of the group was a young male disciple wearing white robes, who wasn’t very talkative. He had reached the eighth Qi layer. The other three had reached the seventh Qi layer. They, including Lin Feng, were all Yun Hai sect’s disciples. The three others had reached the seventh Qi layer, just like Lin Feng. Therefore, they had at least some talent, unlike his former self.

Ferocious wild beasts are divided into nine levels compared to the nine Qi layers. Therefore, they all hoped not to encounter a level nine ferocious wild beast, or even stronger, which would put them in a risky and dangerous situation.

“Younger brother, that guy there is my fellow disciple Han Man. The girl there is my fellow disciple Jing Yun… and the guy there is my fellow disciple Jing Feng, he is also the strongest Cultivator in our group” explained the young man in light green robes. The big and tall young man, called Han Man, and the young girl, called Jing Yun, gave a brief smile to Lin Feng. The toughest of them, the young man wearing white robes, looked at Lin Feng in an apathetic, nonchalant and indifferent way.

“My name is Lin Feng” said Lin Feng while smiling.

“Lin Feng the piece of trash” said the young man wearing white clothes known as Jing Feng. These were the first words he had said since their encounter. Lin Feng gave him a sarcastic smile. “Jing Yun, junior sister, it looks like we’ve been wasting our time. Dragging him around will be an absolute burden.”

The other three had obviously already heard Lin Feng’s name before. There are many Yun Hai sect’s disciples and even though they may never have met Lin Feng, they have all heard his name.

Lin Feng frowned. The three others, considering the awkward situation, looked embarrassed.

“Lin Feng, younger brother, Jing Feng is a talented man of high abilities. He has reached the eighth Qi layer on the way of Cultivation. It is hard for him to put his arrogance aside. Don’t lower yourself to his level. Act as if you hadn’t heard him, just ignore his remark. We are here because we want to get together.” The tall and young man, called Han Man, comforted Lin Feng, against all expectations. He spoke honestly without being afraid of revealing his feelings.

“Exactly, my senior fellow is right!” said both Qing Yi and Jing Yun approving their fellow disciple’s words. The young man wearing white clothes, Jing Feng, eventually groaned yet said nothing.

Lin Feng saw the three others were sincere which comforted his feelings. He also didn’t refuse to join them. Thus, the five of them left and started walking over to the mountains. They eventually arrived at the Black Wind Mountain.

“Lin Feng, the Black Wind Mountain covers an extremely vast area. I am afraid only Yun Hai sect’s teachers and most experienced Cultivators really know how big it is. We should always stay on the outer edges.

Lin Feng nodded. He knew from the beginning that Han Man was a man of wise words and didn’t intend to disagree with him whatsoever.