Chapter 2: Continuous Breakthrough

“Xiao Feng.” The voice came from the middle-aged man standing in the courtyard. This person with a strong body and disposition looked somewhat similar to Lin Feng.

“Father” he was indeed the head of the Lin Clan and he is also Lin Feng’s father. Due to the soul fusion, Lin Feng currently possesses both the thoughts and feelings of the previous Lin Feng. Thus, he felt natural calling that person, father.

“Xiao Feng, you’re….ok!” Lin Hai’s face quivered. Lin Feng was sent back to the Lin Clan with his life hanging by a piece of thread and all this while he had been in a comatose state. Lin Hai had already lost all hope and started to help Lin Feng prepare his funeral. But at this moment, he was surprised to see that his son alive. How could he not be delighted?

“Yes, Father. I have completely recovered“. Lin Feng smiled when he saw how happy Lin Hai was. This gave him a very warm feeling. When his grandfather died in his previous life, he had to face the coldness of human nature alone and had never enjoyed this kind of warm feeling before.

“Good, Good.” Lin Hai heavily patted Lin Feng’s shoulder. A glint of light flashed past his eyes as he looked at the stone pillar that was turned into dust. His own brothers has been eyeing and waiting for him to fall so that they could snatch the Family’s Head seat. Those bastards must be feeling rather disappointed now that Lin Feng had recovered so soon.

It was at this moment did Lin Hai suddenly emit bursts of cold chills, causing Lin Feng to feel that his body had frozen.

“Father is indeed a strong fighter in the soul layer. Just by sending out his aura, he would be able to freeze the people below his strength.” Lin Feng said in his heart. In the path of Martial Arts, the first layer would be Qi. Only by slowly directing the essence of heaven and earth into one’s body, refining ** (Original text by author…??**) and training your spirit would one be able to form Qi. Thereafter, one would have stepped into the Soul layer. In the Soul layer, one can finally practice the martial arts laws. The mastery of the laws means that one will be stronger than anyone and with just one step, a man can be killed. And Lin Hai was one of the experts in the Soul layer.

“Xiao Feng. Who did this?” Lin Hai’s face was gloomy. When Lin Feng was sent back, he was already half dead. This proved that the opponent had indeed wanted Lin Feng’s life. And it was the truth. The opponent did wanted “Lin Feng’s” life. (TN: “Lin Feng” in this case is the original young master that died)

“Father, please let your child handle this matter by himself.” Lin Feng did not tell Lin Hai that he was wounded by his third uncle’s son, Lin Heng. In the Lin’s Family, his third uncle and eldest uncle acts in collaboration and is always coveting the family’s head seat. In fact, in terms of their strength and influence, it is not much weaker when compared with Lin Hai. Adding on to the fact that Lin Heng’s natural talent is rather good and he is one of the outstanding students of Yun Hai Sect, this was why Lin Heng dared to wound Lin Feng lawlessly.

This hatred, Lin Feng has to pay it back himself. The way of the martial arts does not allow any regrets or it would eventually become a barrier to a warrior’s training.

Lin Hai looked somewhat surprised at his son and at this moment, he saw that Lin Feng’s attitude has changed and his eyes was firm and resolute. He no longer showed and give off the feeling that he was weak and dispirited.

It would seem like this incident was a blessing in disguise. Lin Hai was pleased in his heart and nodded his head. “Go with me to the family meeting tomorrow. I would like to see how they would kick me off my position.”

Night time, in the Lin Family’s purple bamboo forest

Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged on the ground and behind him was a cluster of black shadows. This shadow that has almost completely blended into the darkness was indeed the dark spirit.

While training, Lin Feng discovered that when he uses his dark spirit, his practice speed is more than five times slower. Therefore, he had to push himself and ignore the additional mental fatigue that accumulated when using his dark spirit during his training. Since God had given him a second chance, he must naturally live well. In this continent, only the strong is respected and admired by people and can do anything they want.

Wrapped around Lin Feng was a faint milky light that shined brightly in the darkness. This light only appears when the essences of heaven and earth have condensed to a certain extent.

The talented when practising would have a faster rate of heaven and earth’s essences to gathering around their body and at this moment, Lin Feng was in that state.

Right now, Lin Feng was breathing steadily and looked peaceful and calm. The heaven and earth essences are flowing through his body and dissolved in his blood vessels, strengthening his bones and physique.

After a long time, the light flashed and Lin Feng’s body suddenly became like a black hole and in an instant, he swallowed the entire milky white heaven and earth essence into his body.

Opening his eyes, a fleeting light flashed across his eyes. Lin Feng stood up and a hint of a smile appeared. He had broken through in one night to the next layer. At this moment, he has reached the sixth Qi layer.

However, Lin Feng was not satisfied. From his memories, he knew that the nine Qi layers was only the starting point of martial arts. The real martial arts experts are able to fly in the sky and travel beyond the highest heaven. How carefree and happy would it be? In his previous life, that would have been seen as a God.

Thinking about it, Lin Feng started to sway his fist and a whistling sound came forth. A momentary burst of wave energy caused the surrounding bamboo to explode.

Qi is separated into nine layers. With every increase of one layer, his strength is increased by a thousand jin. Right now, he is in the sixth Qi layer and possesses the strength of 6000jin. And if he uses the martial technique “Nine heavy waves” which he has trained till the sixth wave, he would be able to send out a force of 6500jin. However, it was still not enough to Lin Feng. If he was able to practise till the seventh wave, with one fierce wave after another bursting out, at that point he would be able to send out a force of 7000jin which would be equivalent to the pure strength of a warrior in the seventh Qi layer.

Under the ferocious force of over 6000 jin, the fragile purple bamboo exploded endlessly. The entire space became ocean-like and the howls of the fist and its shadow were the only thing left.

It was at this point of time, did one of the bamboos not explode but instead, rebounded back. When Lin Feng saw that, the speed of his punching slowed down.

“The Nine Heavy Waves technique was created based on the ocean’s waves. Every wave would be stronger than the previous wave and it is domineering. However, not matter how dominating it is, it would also have a gentle side. It was only when toughness and gentleness combine together would it become unprecedented.”

Enlightened, Lin Feng’s fist was no longer constantly dominating. But instead, it was now occasionally tough yet occasionally gentle.


Lin Feng shouted while sending out a punch.

“Hong, Hong, Hong….”

Sounds of explosion busted out. Six booms, seven booms…… eight booms

The purple bamboos touched by the qi waves were all completely turned into dust.

“Eight waves, strong..” Lin Feng withdraws his fist and took a deep breath as he looked at the now empty space in front of him. Having gained comprehension of the “Nine Heavy Waves” technique, he was able to breakthrough two stages and reached the eighth wave. It must be known that martial techniques become more and more difficult to train in as it reaches the later stages. For people in the fifth Qi layer, it would be easy for them to comprehend up to the fifth wave. However, people in the eighth Qi layer might not necessarily gain the comprehension to the eight waves. But Lin Feng had done it.

“Now that I should possess the strength of 7500jin and as long as I fully comprehend the notion of combining both toughness and gentleness together, that would be when the “Nine Heavy Waves” technique is completed.” Lin Feng felt pleased in his heart. Martial techniques would become increasingly difficult to practice in the later stages but the power of the techniques would be several time stronger. The him now possesses the strength of 7500jin. Even if he faced a warrior in the seventh Qi layer, he would still be able to put up a fight.

The Lin Feng in the past was looked down on by others as he was not even able to win against a normal fifth Qi layer warrior. But the Lin Feng now, although he had only arrived in this world for a day, he had improved and now possesses the might of a seventh Qi Layer warrior.