Chapter 2: A wild last boss takes to the skies

The black-winged ruler, Ruphas Mafahl.

200 years ago, in the year 2800 of the Midgard calendar, a supreme being wearing the appearance of a lovely young girl distinguished herself.With a swing of her arm, she could sever the necks of dragons the size of mountains. With a matter of moments, she could traverse the distance of a thousand miles.Haughtiness and unparalleled cruelty. No matter who rose up against her, she crushed them mercilessly.

The weak barely had the strength to stand in her presence. The strong were torn apart like flimsy scraps of paper and discarded along the roadside. As the only person who the Demon King avoided, many scholars insisted that if she had continued to hold the reins of the world, the Demon King would have already departed from the realm of the living.

Powerfully, powerfully, she pressed forward.And that power brought forth the unification of the entire world.However, overwhelming power gave birth to fear.It was an era during which people were not as weak as they are now. At a time when it was still possible to oppose Ruphas, a group of heroes gathered their courage and stood in defiance. The people began to rise up in opposition to the supreme ruler.

I dare say that this was the first time since the dawn of history that mankind was so unified. Even as the dictator they stood against, only she was able to achieve a feat of this scale.

Tied together by bonds of steel, the heroes penetrated the Overlord’s defenses.Having finished off the 12 generals under her command, they were finally able to drag Ruphas out to the battlefield.

The battle spanned over one day and one night.The overwhelming pressure that Ruphas exerted forced the weak to their knees, crushing the wills of 7 million of the 8 million warriors who stood to confront her.Slashing, stabbing, and crushing. Ruphas fought at the border between life and death while taking on a multitude of heroes at once. With cuts and burns covering her body, she finally landed a fatal blow against the heroes’ forces.

However, the heroes stood back up.And harboring the power of hope, they set their sights on victory again.

What followed was an all-out attack from the heroes.Even Ruphas Mafahl would not be able to get out of this predicament unharmed.But even so, she smiled. And with a pleasant smile spread across her face, she shouted.

“Magnificent! Magnificent, my heroes! You have done well to surpass my abilities! I express my deepest respect for your unyielding courage and overwhelming strength! However, you must not forget the darkness that still remains in this world. This party may stand a chance against that Demon King, but in the event that you lose that battle, the world will be engulfed in even more darkness than it is in now. Whether your future holds hope or misfortune, I will ascertain with my own eyes from the darkest depths of hell! Kuhahahahaha… haaahahahahahaha!”

Thus, the era of Ruphas Mafahl’s rule came to an end. The already overthrown ruler was then sealed into a separate dimension, never to set a foot in this world again.Supposedly.

Then how exactly do I explain this? How am I supposed to explain the black winged girl standing right before their eyes?

“So, how long are you going to make me wait? You—you didn’t explain the current situation to me, did you?

The pitiful figure of the king’s advisor sat facing Ruphas in the royal hall. As a young elf who succumbed to the overpowering pressure expelled by the Supreme Ruler during the battle that took place 200 years ago, the advisor pondered to himself.

When attempting to summon a hero, did divine punishment rain down instead?Ah, but the benevolent Goddess of Genesis Alovenas would never…Reviving the Overlord in an attempt to summon heroes was a bit too…

Without any regard to the advisor’s mental distress, Ruphas crossed her arms and thought.

These wings are going to be a real nuisance when trying to sit down.


It took several minutes to successfully prompt the beautiful long-eared man to begin speaking.

At certain intervals, he would quickly glance at me and then immediately avert his eyes and tremble in fear. Somehow, little by little, he confirmed my approval and finally decided to speak. I have summarized the contents into these three main points.

After the span of two hundred years, the Demon King remained undefeated.Ah, I know! Let’s summon a hero using the X-gate system.Somehow, the last boss appeared instead of the hero… ←here we are.

…so short. For this to take ten minutes to explain… am I really that scary? I had a slight impression that this was inside of the game. On the other hand, I wonder how much Midgard has changed over 200 years. I’m actually feeling a bit excited about this predicament. I have an optimistic personality to begin with, so as long as I can enjoy myself, minor setbacks won’t bother me at all. I am able to walk the splendid world of X-gate online in the body of the character I poured my heart into making. To online game addicts, this is already the highest form of reward.

Ah, one thing. The name “X-gate online” was derived from X-gate magic, which played a major role in the original game’s storyline. Dating back to before the game was made into an MMO, the protagonist was an average high schooler. The student was summoned through the X-gate, and until he was able to defeat the Demon King, he was to remain that world. Well, as an MMO, the only thing that remained of this backstory was the name and the bare existence of the magic.

Come to think of it, don’t heroes appear around year 3000 of the Midgard calendar? Isn’t that right now? I don’t know if any heroes from a different world will appear, but if I ever get the chance to meet them, I’ll definitely try to get their autograph… yeah.

On that note, I should probably consider my next course of actions.The elf advisor and the king have been trembling in that