Chapter 8 – No Compromise

“This… this…” Liu Heng’s vision was totally black and his legs gave out with a cry toppling to the ground in shivers.

Ye Qingyu crossed his arms, and did not even spare him a glance.

“Brother Ye, can you spare me…” The solution to a problem was the problem creator. Liu Heng was driven to tears, rushing in front of Ye Qingyu like a pitiful dog.

Ye Qingyu still did not speak.

He turned his head to look at the activated Asura idol.

The Asura way, has always been to repay grievances and good deeds in a suitable fashion and not to become a holy mother. Everyone had to pay for their actions, if Liu Heng only begged and said a few words and Ye Qingyu pardoned him, this was not suitable for his martial heart.

“This… Brother Ye, if you just forgive me this time, from now on I will be responsible for the resources for the next four years of your cultivation.

Everything is negotiable…” Liu Heng was desperate and could not afford to be stingy, throwing out such a term.

Ye Qingyu heard and shook his head. “I’m not going to do any transaction with you, I don’t want my martial path to be constructed by using money from people like you.

Liu Heng hesitated.

He did not imagine, that Ye Qingyu would not accept the carrot or the stick.

“I’ve already said, you need to bow down and beg me.” On Ye Qingyu’s face, a faint smile appeared.

Seeing that Liu Heng was really about to bow down in front him of him he walked to the side continuing, “However, even if you kneel down in front of me right now, I still won’t participate in the blood qi testing. Apart from not wanting to be a snake as fake as you, I feel that a person like you is not fit to be a teacher of White Deer Academy. Allowing you to stay would perhaps cause other poor students to be bullied and oppressed.”

Liu Heng’s face was frozen, one side green and the other side red.

He knew that no matter what he did today, the teenager would not compromise.

“Don’t make things so final,” Liu Heng said bitingly. The goateed face became fierce, a poisonous gaze appearing in his eyes. He lowered his voice and said, “I am still part of the Liu family after all. Don’t be absolute in case we meet again in the future.*”

“I am a person who likes to do things absolutely,” Ye Qingyu said bitingly.

At the same time, on the other side.

Hon Kong was listening to a recital of the entire situation from a student.

The great teachers’ eyes were filled with rage, his gaze was as if it was a sharp sword that landed on Liu Heng. He said, “As a supervisor who was brought up by the academy, you don’t even try to recruit talent but instead privately ruin the selection process of the students! You have nearly caused us to lose a genius, this is unforgivable, just resign yourself!”

Liu Heng seemed as if he was struck by lightning, his body quivering then quickly opened his mouth to speak. “Senior Kong, I’ve been in the academy for over thirty years even if I did not have any accomplishments, I have still worked hard, I…”

“Go!” Hon Kong was like a rumbling thunder, a terrifying energy emanating from him.

Liu Heng was directly sent flying.

His fate, in that instant, was completely decided.

Hon Kong looked elsewhere onto Ye Qingyu, and the original seriousness turned into a warm smile. He said, “The way you handled it was not bad. If you had forgiven him, I would have looked down on you.

As a martial artist, you have to know how to repay grievances and good deeds. If you had pardoned him because of a few begging words, then that really would have been a waste of the true meaning behind the Asura idol. Your future and success will be inevitably limited if so.

Ye Qingyu knew, that this great teacher of noble status was giving him valuable advice. He was touched in his heart, and he respectfully bowed to him, saying, “Thank you teacher Hong for guiding me.”

The fact that White Deer Academy had been immovable in Deer City naturally had its own reasons. A part of this reason was the noble characters within the teachers.

“Your results is, by far, enough to enter White Deer Academy. This blood qi test you don’t need to go through anymore, just return and prepare for a bit and report back tomorrow.”

Hon Kong left his last words, giving Ye Qingyu back his name plate. He then turned and instructed a few words to the teacher beside him then promptly turned at left.

At the same time, the entire crowd was boiling with excitement.

Only going through five appraisals yet being accepted by the great teacher, this was the first time in the academy’s history. Only just considering this simple point was enough to make Ye Qingyu famous.

One could imagine how quickly the things that happened here would spread. The rumours would be as if it had grown wings, flying rapidly across the entire Deer City.

Ye Qingyu, the youth who had endured four years of mockery and contempt, was he finally going to soar to the skies?

Four years without any sounds, was his first sound going to shock everyone?

Night time.

The dim lights caused the pedestrian’s shadow to become extremely long.

“Strange, why did teacher Hon not allow me to enter the blood qi appraisal?” In Ye Qingyu’s mouth was a piece of leaf, his hands cradled behind his head and idly strolling around.

The ancestral mansion had long been sold off and he had no possessions. He did not need to prepare anything but just turn up and report in at the academy in the early morning.

Out of six appraisals he had only entered five. Despite obtaining the top results in all five, but as a consequence of this, there would definitely be no way he would be able to enter top twenty in the rankings. Even though these rankings were only just rankings and did not possess any sort of monetary prize, but at least it was a proof of strength.

Ye Qingyu originally wanted to enter all six appraisals and obtain this year’s number one student in the White Deer Academy selection.

“Perhaps great teacher Hon was worried that I was attracting too much attention, he was afraid that the tree that stands above others in the forest will get destroyed by the wind?**”

Ye Qingyu could vaguely guess at the reason.

He had the intuition that this great teacher Hon, seemed to pay special care and attention to him.

And this special care and attention seemed not to be because of the prodigious talent he displayed. He seemed to be acting from the perspective of a concerned elder looking after relatives and the younger generation.

But the problem was, Ye Qingyu was sure that today was the first time he had ever seen the great teacher Hon.

With muddled thoughts in his head, Ye Qingyu unwittingly had again arrived in front of his parent’s tomb.

In these four years, this small cemetery was the only spot that Ye Qingyu would hang out in. He casually lied in the pile of hay in front the tomb, smelling the slight fragrance of the grass…