Chapter 5 - Gain

“Just like the Heaven and Nature have imperfections, the human body too has its faults. This magic spell will enable you to absorb energy from the Heaven and the Nature to replenish your strength,” read the man, who was sitting on the platform, out aloud.

Ji Hao looked up at the blurry figure, who was a gigantic man and seemed to be even a hundred times bigger than the Gold Black Mountain. Ji Hao had been aware of his existence in his spiritual space since the day he was born. However, even after trying his best for the past ten years, he still was unable to see the man’s appearance clearly.

The man's dark, glossy hair and long beard, which were fluttering, seemed miraculous and mysterious.

His entire upper body laid bare; a simple apron which was made from a huge blade was wrapped around his waist, was the only piece of ‘clothing’ he had on.

For a decade, this man had wanted to make a deal with Ji Hao, but Ji Hao had always refused to do so. This time, however, Ji Hao and his family were under great pressure from Ji Shu and his son, so he had to take this risk.

When the man spoke, raging thunder accompanied his voice. A large number of ancient, multicolored, glowing symbols continuously emerged and floated around his body. These symbols looked like birds, fishes, flowers and insects. It seemed inexpressibly mysterious.

Immediately after the man stopped reading, all the colorful symbols rushed simultaneously towards Ji Hao and integrated peacefully with his body.

Meanwhile, Ji Hao sensed a jolt coming from his soul; all of his knowledge about the [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words” had somehow been copied by the man. Around the man's body, nine huge balls of light appeared and floated in a circle, each of them had an intense radiance, which could be compared to the sun.

Not long after, the light balls merged with the man’s body. The merge shook the man’s body slightly, which caused a rainstorm inside Ji Hao’s spiritual space. The torrential rain came with lightening and thunder. Ji Hao lowered his head and shivered.

"So amazing!" exclaimed the man.

"Little guy, your [Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words] is capable of improving the soul and using the power of the universe. This is truly mysterious and amazing; I had never thought that in this world, there existed a magic spell as powerful as this."

After hesitating for a moment, he lowered his voice and continued, "If i would have known this magic spell earlier, I might have been able to understand and utilize my strength more effectively. I wouldn’t have ended being such a loser, who doesn’t even has the guts to face the world . . . .”

Ji Hao felt dizzy after integrating with those ancient symbols. His soul and mind were filled with a huge amount of information. He was only a Novice Magus of the third level, his internal power was far from being sufficient to cope with the tremendous amount of information in such a small period.

The [Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell] activated involuntarily, before he even could connect with his internal power. All his blood and power rushed towards his abdomen, where his lower dantian[1] existed. His blood and power started to rotate, forming a small whirlpool. Ji Hao could sense a small, yet strong power coming from the whirlpool.

Suddenly a little, multi colored flame burst out from the whirlpool and several multi-coloured symbols flashed momentarily, after which the flame disappeared.

According to the information he had received, this occurrence signified the first step of the “Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell”. The first stage of the spell had the following effects:

Ninety-nine percent of the life energy that his food possessed would serve as nourishment for the flame inside his body The remaining one percent would nourish his internal power, making him stronger

Even though it was only the first stage of the spell, it made Ji Hao realize how strong and beneficial this spell really was. The first stage enabled him to increase his internal power through eating. For example, if he would eat a hundred dragons, he would receive the power of one dragon.

“Hey, does this means I am going to be a glutton?”

While Ji Hao was surprised by the effect of the spell, he whined loudly: “Old man, you want me to eat the entire mountain? How does this work? Does it really mean that as long i am not tired, i can keep eating endlessly?”

“The more you eat, the stronger you will get!”laughed the man.

With a wave of his hand, two human-head-sized drops of blood appeared out of thin air and floated towards Ji Hao.

One blood drop had a gold colored glow and the other had a purple colored glow. The gold colored drop radiated pride and power, while the purple colored drop radiated mystery and nobility. From the moment these blood drops appeared, Ji Hao could feel his body getting excited, as if it couldn’t wait to merge with those drops of blood.

The man looked down and said: “Little guy, I won’t take advantage of you.”

“This is something extra that I gift to you. A drop of dragon blood and a drop of phoenix blood. They won’t only be beneficial at the present, even in the future you will be reaping great benefits from them”

The two blood drops exploded, transforming into gold and purple coloured mist respectively and were absorbed by Ji Hao’s body.

Ji Hao’ body felt as if it was set ablaze, like his blood could boil and evaporate at any moment. It was so painful that he couldn’t remain in his spiritual space and was forced to return to his physical body. He had to spent great effort to keep his muscles under control, to avoid crying and screaming from the pain.

On his lean and slim body, pieces of muscles squirmed under his skin. His muscles and bones splintered and reorganized, becoming stronger.

Dragons[2] were born as the most powerful creatures in the world. A newly born, purebred dragon was strong enough to go one-on-one against a Supreme Magus.

The gold colored dragon blood completely re-molded Ji Hao’s body, making it a perfect human body.

At the same time he sensed a warm stream continuously rushing into his soul, gradually making it stronger and pure.

Phoenixes[3] were born with the purest of souls in the world, making every phoenix a master in magic manipulators. The purple colored phoenix blood purified Ji Hao’s soul and laid the perfect foundation for his future practices.

The colorful flames rushed inside Ji Hao’s dantian, surprising him by the enormous improvement of his body and soul.

Hunger. . . .

Ji Hao sensed an almost impossible to satiate hunger, which made him almost scream in agony. It felt like there was a black hole in his stomach, crazily devouring his muscles and flesh.

Ji Hao jumped out of his window, hung his arms onto the framework of the roof and easily landed in the hall downstairs.

All around the fireplace in the hall, twenty pieces of beast meat were hanging and being roasted. A thick layer of a salt-oil-mixed sauce was spread onto the meat.

Ji Hao grabbed the leg of a saber tooth tiger and took a bite.

With a gentle bite, the human-waist-thick leg broke into two. With just a few bites Ji Hao finished the entire leg piece.

After having eaten the leg, he felt a powerful stream of heat rushing into the multi colored flame, placed in his lower dantian. A small portion of the multi colored flame was absorbed by his body, which felt extremely pleasurable all over his body.

Ji Hao ate the entire stock of twenty pieces of meat that were hanging there and being roasted. Suddenly he heard a muffled boom sound inside his body, he abruptly grew about half of an inch and his muscles swelled too.

Ji Hao felt a strong sense of power rushing through his body and was ecstatic.

"Novice Magus. . . . Fourth Level!"