Chapter 3 Twin spirits --- Part 2

once more,

“Twin spirits. It’s actually twin spirits. Son, my son.”

Abruptly, Tang Hao spread his strong arms, and tightly hugged Tang San to his chest.

Tang Hao’s chest was very wide. Perhaps because of his long work as a blacksmith, even though on the surface he looked very sluggish, the muscles on his body certainly had not lessened over the years, and being held in his arms was very warm. That kind of paternal love brought a sense of security that was irreplaceable.


Tang San stopped, rather dumbfounded. As far as he could remember, this was the first time Tang Hao had hugged him in this way.

The hammer in his hand seemed to become heavier and heavier, and even though Tang San very much liked the warmth from this paternal love, he even more did not want the iron hammer to slip out of his hand and smash his father.

“Dad, I can’t hold on.”

Tang San could not bear to say these words.

Tang Hao released his arms,

“Withdraw it.”

Dispersing in black light, the weight disappeared. Tang San’s heart felt very odd; this hammer undoubtedly was a hybrid with his Mysterious Heaven Skill exceptional inner strength, but why was he still unable to lift it? What else made him astounded was that after summoning that little hammer, his inner strength actually was nearly completely used up.

Tang San had never seen his father’s facial expression so rich. Every kind of complex emotion appeared on Tang Hao’s face, and after a long time, he could slowly utter a sentence,

“Remember, in the future, you must use the hammer in your left hand to protect well the grass in your right hand. Forever.”

Tang San nodded without understanding the reason. Tang Hao stood up, going straight back to the inner room.

While preparing the midday meal, Tang San at the same time pondered on how this day he came into contact with the spirit world. Twin spirits, seemingly in this world very few should exist, otherwise father could not have been shocked in that way. It looked as if this hammer spirit of his seemed to move him very greatly.

Concerning what he said, what was nevertheless also important was that spirits were interconnected with Mysterious Heaven skill. In his case since this spirit ring was precisely the key to his inability to break through Mysterious Heaven Skill, then, no matter how, he would have to think of a way to get a spirit ring to test at some time.

At the midday meal, Tang Hao seemed very taciturn, his appetite also seemed a great deal smaller than before. His gaze frequently fell on Tang San, seemingly hesitating about something.

Having finished the midday meal, Tang San as usual prepared to tidy away the dishes, but Tang Hao asked him to stop.

“Wait a moment before you tidy up, ok. Little San, I ask you, do you want to become a spirit master?”

Tang San was dazed for a moment, looking towards Tang Hao, unwilling to deceive his father. He hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded.

Tang Hao heaved a sigh, his face seeming even older,

“In the end you still head for this path.”

He only spoke this sentence, then returned to his room.

Tang San realized, when Tang Hao sighed, he felt were disappointed but nevertheless his expression was more gratified. He understood that in his father’s heart seemed to be many hidden things.

Clearing away all the dishes, Tang San returned to his room and continued his work. With the collision between forging hammer and iron chunk, clanking noises resounded. Although he did not know at what time this chunk of pig iron could become the fist size that Tang Hao demanded, but this type of forging had a not inconsiderable benefit regarding increasing his Mysterious Heaven skill, and regarding his physical training the effect was also pretty good. Tang San already started trying to exhaust less Mysterious Heaven skill inner strength when wielding the iron hammer if possible. This way, he could maintain the time he could successively swing the hammer even longer.

From noon he beat another three hundred times, perceiving that every now and then a few impurities had been driven out of the chunk of iron. Lifting the door curtain, Tang Hao entered. This afternoon he seemingly had not forged any farm tools, at least Tang San had not heard the familiar beating sounds.


Tang San looked in his father’s direction, halting the hammer in his hands and lowering it.

Tang Hao motioned him to continue, walking near to stand calmly at one side. He did not start to speak, only looked at him.

Tang San only then continued to wield the hammer. By now his clothes were already soaked with sweat. With his current inner strength, he still could not adapt to the temperature level, let alone this absolutely heavy physical labour.

Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang…… The beating sound unceasingly resounded, Tang San’s small body with the iron hammer in his hands definitely could not be proportional, but every time the iron hammer swung it nevertheless acted powerfully.

Tang Hao in his heart said, ‘innate superhuman strength and additionally innate full spirit power, no wonder he is able to swing the iron hammer inspite of being this small.’ Old Jack’s words might be correct; he should not let his dispiritedness affect this child’s growth and the road from here, even if he himself left.

Looking at Tang San dripping with sweat, Tang Hao finally set his determination.

“Pause a moment.”

Tang Hao started to speak.

Tang San lowered the iron hammer in his hands, faintly panting somewhat, quietly urging his body’s Mysterious Heaven skill to adjust his breathing, in order to recover his physical strength.

Tang Hao walked over in front of Tang San, taking the iron hammer in his hands, and looked at the stove where the iron chunk was glowing red hot in the fire,

“Beating it like this, even with a year it could not become fist sized.”

Tang san faced up, looking at his tall and big father,

“Then how should I do it?”

Tang Hao indifferently said:

“Tell me, when you swing the forging hammer to beat it, at what part of the body does the strength first come from?”

Tang San thought, then said:

“It should be the waist, right. From the waist through the back, then afterwards along the arm to raise the forging hammer?”

Tang Hao did not confirm nor deny Tang San’s statement, but continued asking,

“Of the human body apart from the brain, which part is the most important?”

“It’s the heart.”

Tang San replied without the slightest hesitation. The heart and the brain could similarly cause instant death, and while the brain still had the skull for protection, the heart had only skin and muscle, nothing more. As a Tang Sect disciple, he was very clear on the human body’s composition, and using hidden weapons to pierce an enemy’s heart was the most effective and fastest method to cause fatality.

Tang Hao paused for a moment, then said:

“Then you tell me how many hearts a person has.”


Tang San, taken aback, looked at him, rather at a loss. Saying how many hearts a person had?

“Answer me.”

Tang Hao coldly looked at him, his figure giving off pressure that caused Tang San to be unable to breathe.


Tang Hao shook his head, saying:

“No, you’re mistaken. Remember, people have three hearts, not one.”


Tang San stared dumbstruck at Tang Hao, not understanding what he meant.

Tang Hao reversed his grip on the iron hammer, using the handle to poke both Tang San’s calves,

“Here. On people’s two calf muscles, in other words, are the second and third hearts. If a person wants to bring out one's entire physical strength, in that case, he must use three hearts simultaneously to have a result. Therefore, when bringing out strength, it definitely does not stem from the lower back. The three hearts is the correct starting point.”

“When the heart inside your chest beats rapidly, power originating from the two calves, force transmits up, reaching the thigh, passing through the waist, back, arm, and finally releasing. This is how to hit with all one's strength. Hearts give force, the waist is the axis. Watch.”

Tang Hao raised the hammer in his hand, making Tang San draw back several steps. At the same time, the hammer in his hand already changed direction to return, and with a deep loud shout, his body half turning, both legs sticking firmly to the ground, uncovered by tattered trouser legs both calves momentarily tensed, his whole person resembling a fierce tiger ready to spring. Legs emitting strength, waist twisting, and the forging hammer was invisible in the midst of already being brought back down, with a clanging sound. Heavily coming down on top of the red hot chunk of pig iron.

Tang San could completely feel that this was only a single person emitting physical strength. Tang Hao didn’t have internal strength, and even further he had not released some kind of spirit power. This was entirely the strength of the human body, and that chunk of previously red hot iron, still had completely caved in nearly a third from the smash, the deformation was extremely distinct.

“With the lower legs emitting strength, controlling the body’s strength to successfully link it into a whole, is how to go all out.”

Tang Hao passed the iron hammer into Tang San’s hands,

“You do it.”


Tang San hadn’t thought that forging also had this kind of striking method. This simple method of emitting strength could not only be used for forging, it should also be able to be used for his Tang sect martial arts.

Both hands gripping the hammer handle, imitating Tang Hao’s posture from before, Tang San’s both eyes firmly fixed on the red hot iron chunk. Mysterious Heaven skill slowly working deep in his lower legs, both feet firmly gripping the ground.

Tang San shouted loudly, the physical power of the legs together with the Mysterious Heaven skill power burst from the lower legs, spreading in a flash, waist turning, through the back, across both shoulders, further into the arms. He distinctly felt as if his strength had become more powerful than ever before, that starting via the lower legs erupting up until the arms swinging the iron hammer, his body seemingly wanted to fly from this great force.

Dang......, the iron hammer accurately smashed down on the iron lump, emitting a loud sound.

Because of Tang San’s whole body swinging the iron hammer both his feet left the ground, staggering forward a step. The iron hammer rebounded back up, and even though he had Mysterious Jade Hands, his hands certainly did not have any trouble, but both arms suffered a burst of tingling from the shock of the rebound. Fortunately Mysterious Heaven skill worked without delay, and the tingling sensation gradually faded.

The result was obvious, despite Tang San’s age. Adding on Mysterious Heaven skill, that this result was inferior to Tang Hao was clear, but compared to his previous hits, this effect was even more than could be made with ten before.

Seeing Tang San’s movement, Tang Hao certainly did not give praise, but in his eyes flashed a trace of an astonished look. Tang San’s work was clearly beyond what he had anticipated. Tang Hao did not expect Tang San to actually master this force emitting method in this short time.

He also did not know that Tang San had all along painstakingly cultivated Tang sect martial arts, not only having Mysterious Heaven skill foundation, but Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and additionally Mysterious Jade Hand, making his coordination ability by far surpass others his age. Since his understanding of the body also was not lacking, this strength emitting technique was naturally easy to grasp. Of course, since that was the first time, his wielding was still not skillful.

“Dad, did I do it right?”

Tang Hao slowly nodded,

“You understand the effect of the heart? Humans employ the most muscle precisely in calves, so the calves are the source of all strength. Use the power of the lower legs well, gathering strength to greatly increase effort.”