Chapter 2 Useless spirit with innate full spirit power --- Part 3

be able to continue meditation cultivation.”

Tang San suddenly said:

“Spirit ring, like the halo around your body just now? You are 26th rank, therefore have two spirit rings.”

Su Yuntao nodded, said:

“Exactly like that. Your circumstances are very exceptional, innate full spirit power is a rare once in a hundred year gift. It’s a pity, truly is a pity. Unexpectedly it is a useless spirit. Even if your spirit were only a farm tool, it would be stronger compared to blue silver grass. In that case, I could…..”

He did not say more, but Tang San also faintly understood his meaning, only in his heart, a covering veil was lifted.

Tang San had always been a person good at contemplation. In his previous life he was like that, in this life he was still like that. According to what Su Yuntao said, in his case spirit strength truly was linked with internal strength. That is, after arriving in this world, cultivation of internal strength became spirit strength, and the reason why his Mysterious Heaven skill was unable to enter the secondary tier, was exactly because of this so called spirit ring. To be precise, if he wanted to further improve, he must become like a spirit master to obtain spirit ring. But what is a spirit ring?

Tang San properly thought it through before continuing asking. But Su Yuntao had already picked up the bundle and headed to leave.

“Old Jack.”

Door open, old Jack with a tense face went to meet Su Yuntao.

“Grandmaster, what do you think. Do this year’s village children possibly have capability of becoming spirit masters?”

Su Yuntao looked at him, made a sighing sound, and said:

“There is one who does, only it’s a pity.”

In Jack’s eyes revealed a bewildered indeterminate expression. Enquiring further, he asked:

“Grandmaster, that outcome is……”

Su Yuntao said:

“This year among these eight children, only one possess spirit power, and even innate full spirit power, it’s too bad, his spirit is blue silver grass. You understand?”

“Blue silver grass? Innate full spirit power? Heavens.”

On Jack’s face was a downcast expression which was much more grave compared to Su Yuntao. He who had been village chief for so many years, naturally understood what significance innate full spirit power represented. But this innate full spirit power appeared with blue silver grass spirit; that truly was……

“Grandmaster, blue silver grass truly has no way of cultivation?”

Jack asked with a frown.

Su Yuntao could understand old Jack’s state of mind. Instead of his earlier arrogant manner, patting old Jack’s shoulder,  he said:

“It is not entirely unable to cultivate. Only, you consider blue silver grass in rate of spirit promotion; what can evolution accomplish? Useless spirits are in the end useless spirits. Even while becoming a spirit master, he probably will be a useless spirit master. This innate full spirit power truly is a pity. Well then, I will leave first, I must still go to another village.”

Su Yuntao in the end did not wait for Tang San to continue asking questions, departing from the village. With no Su Yuntao, Tang San could only run to Jack outside, asking his most urgent question,

“Jack grandpa, what is a spirit ring? How can one obtain a spirit ring?”

Old Jack, as if still thinking over Su Yuntao’s words, subconsciously answered:

“I also do not know what spirit ring is. In order to obtain spirit ring, one seemingly must hunt spirit beasts. This is very a very dangerous task that only spirit masters are capable of.”