Bro, Who Are You?

The red-clothed lady became even more furious. “What audacity! You did something wrong, yet you still do not attempt to amend your mistakes. You actually made the same mistake of cutting into someone’s conversation twice. Did your mother not teach you the word ‘etiquette’?”

Yo! Such bad temper! Do you think you’re the only one who knows how to scold someone’s mom!?

“Then where did your mom learn her etiquettes from? Before talking about others, has she ever looked at herself in a pool of her own piss?” Balls. I have never gotten this angry ever since I was born.

“You…” She began to flare up.

“This red-clothed miss.” Zhu Yao did not give her the opportunity to talk back. “If interrupting someone’s conversation, is considered to be a lack of etiquette, then, earlier, when you interrupted my question to the Sect Master, doesn’t that mean you lack etiquette as well? As strangers, asking each other’s names is a usual thing to do, yet you suddenly cut in and scolded me for being audacious? I was curious, so I simply asked. How was that audacious? Then, may I ask, where did your etiquette go?”

The face of the red-clothed lady turned green. “You… As a disciple who has yet to officially enter the sect, you dare ask for our Sect Master’s name in such a direct manner. If that’s not audacious, what is?”

“He was the one who first asked for my name. Before asking for someone’s name, one should introduce himself first, isn’t that proper manners? And you have already said it yourself. I’m a disciple who has not officially entered the sect, and since I have yet to join your sect, I’m still not one of your disciples. I’m just a third party, someone that’s completely unrelated to you people. What does he being a Sect Master has to do with me? Why can’t directly ask him of his identity?”

“You… What fallacy!”

“You’re calling my words a fallacy when you don’t have the ability to rebut them. When you’re able to rebut my words, you call me audacious. May I ask, miss, how did your mom teach you ‘etiquette’?”

“You… You…”

“Allow me to give you a piece of advice, miss. Do not take yourself too seriously. Not all people will simply go along with you. Do you think everyone in this world is your mom!?”

“Impudent!” The red-clothed lady seemed to have flown into rage. Summoning a ball of flames with her hand, she then threw it at her.

Zhu Yao, this is what they call turning someone’s feelings of shame, into anger. A fight is about to break out, yo.

“Junior-martial sister!” At the key moment, the Sect Master uncle intervened. Summoning a stream of water, it extinguished the ball of flames. “Do not be rash.”

The red-clothed lady took in a few deep breaths, and finally calmed down. However, she was still staring daggers at Zhu Yao, looking as though she could pounce at her and eat her at any moment.

Only then did Zhu Yao feel a little afraid. The hell, how could she forget that this was a Xianxia world? These people were all existences capable of killing her with a snap of their fingers. But how could she scold her mom the moment she started talking to her? In which child’s heart, was his or her parents not a taboo? Furthermore, she was someone who had transmigrated into another world, and she might not be able to see them for the rest of her life, yet that lady just had to cross the line, so why wouldn’t Zhu Yao bite her to death!?

“Little miss, you have to calm your emotions as well. I believe you’re able to guess that your potential is unordinary too.” The Sect Master began to act as the middleman. “If you enter our sect, you will have to give your utmost to train yourself. Are you willing?”

“Not willing!”

“Kuh kuh kuh…” The Sect Master almost choked himself. “What… What did you say?” With her potential, she would definitely enter Jade Forest Peak. Everyone in the entire cultivation world would rack their brains for every method possible to be a part of that place. Even though her current age was indeed a little over the prime, with that person’s capabilities, there should be completely no problems in having her to reach Azoth before her lifespan ends.

“Do you know that, the place you’re about to go, is Jade Forest Peak?”

“I don’t want to know!” What did it have to do with her?


Zhu Yao courteously gave the uncle a pair of rolling eyes. “Do you think I’m dumb? I have offended this junior-martial sister of yours today, if I join your sect for real, wouldn’t she be able to torture me to death!?”

The Sect Master uncle’s face distorted a little. Although what this miss said was not impossible… Did she not put it out too bluntly? He glanced at his junior-martial sister, whose face was already pale and dark. Was it really alright to say such words out loud? Was it really alright?

“Kuh kuh, do you really not want to cultivate as a deity? This is a great opportunity, you know!”

“I don’t want to!”


“So, let’s just leave it at that…” Zhu Yao shrugged, and said. “I will go back to where I came from. Bye bye!”

“Wait… Wait a minute!”

Before the Sect Master could stop her, Zhu Yao had already happily begun to run out of the hall. This lady, why did she not follow the standard procedure?

Suddenly, a fierce gale blew, and a white-clothed man suddenly appeared at the entrance. Before Zhu Yao could even see him clearly, she smashed head on with him.

And then… A bun grew. Flames of anger welled up inside her.

“Do you not open your eyes when you walk!? Move away!”

“…” The entire hall was instantly overcome with silence.

Only a moment later, did the man who had collided with her, slowly take a step to the side.

Only after that did Zhu Yao go out of the entrance. Before walking away, she did not forget to give him a pair of rolling eyes. So what if you have muscles? Hmph!

“Ancestral Grandmaster, that miss has the lightning spirit vein!” The Sect Master called out immediately.

When the man at the entrance heard this, he instantly grabbed onto the person who just left. Zhu Yao was walking really hastily, so, when she was suddenly pulled, naturally, she once again collided with the man. Thus… another bun grew.

Zhu Yao stroked the two bumps which suddenly grew on her head, raised her head, and looked at the man, who had a cold look. “I say, bro… Do you have something against me?”

The man was startled for a moment, and then, he replied with absolute seriousness. “None!”

“If you don’t, they why did you pull my yarn for!?” Are you picking a fight!?

The man lowered his head and pondered for a moment. And then, he replied with even more seriousness. “I did not pull any yarn. What I pulled was your hand.”


Take a deep breath… Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. The sky looks so wonderful today, it’s not good to be angry like this!

“I will just treat it as my bad luck. I have to trouble you to move away by going around there. Don’t block my path, alright? Thanks!”

The man frowned, and rejected her request decisively. “Can’t do.”

“Just what the hell are you planning?” So, causing her to have two big lumps on her head was not enough, he was planning to add a few more lumps?

“Kneel! Accept me as your master!”

“Let me kneel to your sister instead!” Who said she was going to be his disciple?

The man frowned even more deeply, and still said with the same cold tone. “I’m the one who will be your master, I don’t have a sister!”

“……” Bro, you win. Just which planet did you come from? I can’t communicate with you at all.