Curiosity Kills the Cat

“Penta spirit veins.” The middle-aged man in-charge of the test, noticed her small movement, but was not angry at all. There would always be parents who could not contain their curiosity, and wanted to test for their own spirit veins as well. He had already grown accustomed to it. And this person was the lady who brought the talented boy with the heavenly spirit vein, so naturally he would not fuss about it. She even possessed spirit veins as well, but unfortunately, it was the worst penta spirit veins. Not to mention that she was already at such an old age, so even if she were to start cultivating now, her prospects of becoming a deity were hopeless.

Hearing “penta spirit veins” from him, Zhu Yao sighed. She was after all, someone who transmigrated from another world. She thought that she would possess some overly exaggerated, heaven-defying spirit vein, but it was actually the worst penta spirit veins. It seemed like the peasant life was still the most suitable route for her to take. But God sure was petty. Why did he not give her a spirit vein that’s even a tad bit special!?

Zhu Yao was a little disappointed. Just as she was about to retract her finger, suddenly, the ball which was already filled with five different colours began to stir. The five colours mixed about, a small little flash of lightning suddenly appeared, and it began to spread throughout the entire ball. Suddenly, with a ‘pata’ sound, the clear ball shattered on the floor.


Zhu Yao was still in the position where she had her finger stretched out, and she froze on the spot. This… She could not have been the one who broke it, right!? That… Even though, earlier, nothing happened when such a large number of children placed their hands on it, why did it break when she gave it a simple poke?

“I… Will everything be fine if I apologize?” Raising her head weakly, she looked at the four white-clothed men. However, none of them answered, and they were simply looking at her with dumbfounded expressions. Zhu Yao suddenly had the impulse to turn tail and run. They were not going to make her pay, right!? She’s nothing but a peasant woman! Could she pay it off with a river and a field?

“It… It wasn’t intentional!” Whatever the case, let’s try admitting her mistake first.

“You… You’re…” The middle-aged man, still with that dumbfounded expression, stretched out his hand shakily and pointed at her.

Zhu Yao weakly took a step back. She was about to cry out of fright, you know? “I don’t have any money on me!”

“What we just saw… Was it actually…?” Another white-clothed man took a step forward, staring straight at Zhu Yao. Great, even if she wanted to run now, it was too late.

“There’s no doubt about it!” White-clothed man number three came around her as well, and was much calmer than the two before him.

“We have to contact the sect about this immediately!” White-clothed man number four, who was also the youngest out of the four, sized her up seriously. “This issue is of the utmost importance, we must immediately return to the sect.”

“Yes, senior-martial uncle Li.” The three of them responded together.

Currently Zhu Yao did not have the mood to care about why the youngest-looking man had the highest seniority among them. Because, she was about to be kidnapped by these four men.

The youngest out of them, who was referred to as senior-martial uncle Li, summoned an item with a wave of his hand, and suddenly, a gigantic piece of leaf appeared. Stably stopping in mid-air, the other three men then did some hand seals. The children on the stage who were selected earlier, along with her, suddenly felt light on their feet, and they flew towards that piece of leaf.

When she regained her senses, she was already standing on the leaf. Hey, hey, what happened to staying for another day?

Uh… They were not actually thinking of kidnapping her back to the sect and have her questioned for her crimes, right!?

“Wait a minute… I can explain.” It really wasn’t intentional, you can’t blame the user for the product’s poor quality, you know?

Unfortunately, the four men completely ignored her, as though they were anxious to report her back to the sect. With a wave of their hands, a transparent barrier-like thing enveloped her and the children’s surroundings. Then, the four men walked to the very front of the leaf, manipulated their arts, and flew the leaf towards the skies. They completely did not give Zhu Yao the opportunity to explain.

Zhu Yao’s face darkened. Sitting at the center of the seven to eight little turnips, she had a really bad feeling about what’s coming next.

As she contemplated about her situation, the surrounding little turnips were staring at her in annoyance. Hey hey, you, the kid with the big buttocks, you don’t have to look at me with such a hateful expression, do you?

“You broke the deity’s treasure! You’re a bad person.” A little girl with twin-tails was the first to condemn her.

“Uh… Big sister didn’t do it intentionally!”

“You did a bad thing, and you still don’t admit it. I knew it, you’re a bad person.” Another little boy spoke up and denounced her.

What the hell, what does this have to do with you!

Seeing someone taking the initiative, the other children moved closer as well, and began to criticize her without pause. Zhu Yao suddenly felt a slight headache. Please, she was not sure of what happened herself, why were you little wimps getting so agitated for?

“We will pay for it, you lot are not allowed to bully her! Whoever bullies her, I will beat that person up!” At the critical moment, little wimp Wang suddenly appeared, blocking right in front of her. He even raised his small fists in a threatening manner. Zhu Yao suddenly felt a little moved. At least you’re conscientious, as I thought, I didn’t help you for nothing. “She will be my concubine in the future, so if anyone were to bully her, it will the same as bullying me!”

Damn it, I really feel like beating him into a pulp!

As though they were frightened by little wimp Wang, the other little turnips no longer surrounded her.

“I told you I will definitely take responsibility!” Seeing everyone dispersing, with a prideful look, little wimp said to her.

Zhu Yao simply looked towards his small face, and began pinching his cheeks. Emphasizing on every single word, she hatefully said, “Then I really have to. Thank. You. My. Little. Husband. Wang.”

Little wimp struggled to break free, weakly took two steps back and moved away from her demonic claws. With an inconvenienced look, he rubbed his small face. “I have a name! I’m called Wang Xuzhi! We… We’re not married yet, you can’t… you can’t call me that!”

After saying that, with a flushed face, he ran.

Yo, you actually know how it’s like to be embarrassed? Speechless, Zhu Yao simply shook her head.