HIDDEN PIECE 2 --- Part 2
mouse per strike.

Muyoung started to collect all the magical items that poured out as he killed the Shrewmice one by one.

<Magical Item Information>

Name: Shrewmouse’s Strike

Rank: F

Classification: Single Use

Effect: For one time only, you can have the same effect as a Shrewmouse’s scratch.

It was just an F rank.

It was the lowest rank with barely any effect.

On average, one dropped for every two Shrewmice he killed.

The reason why he made an effort to even collect these magical items while killing the Shrewmouse was because they stacked up. If you look at the item individually, they are useless, however, when you collect 5, the story changes.

<You have collected 5 ‘Shrewmouse’s Strike’.>

<The 5 ‘Shrewmouse’s Strike(F)’ has now evolved to ‘Shrewmouse’s Great Strike(E)’.>

The name changed as well as their rank.

‘Spell enchantment.’

In the Underworld, people referred it as ‘Spell enchantment’.

By collecting 5 of the same magical item, it allowed the item to evolve into an item with a much stronger effect, or sometimes an item with much different effect.

‘Not yet.’

However, it wasn’t an item he was pleased with.


He couldn’t afford to waste anymore time in this situation.

His shirt was torn near his bellybutton by a Shrewmouse and his skin showed through.

Blood dripped from the red streaks that appeared all over his body.

However, he didn’t care.

Muyoung was used to these life threatening battles.

He pushed himself further.

Even though he was able to dodge all their attacks easily, he waited for their attacks and counterattacked them only when they were very close to him.

‘If you endure these dangers, your Agility will increase.’

Agility stats didn’t just increase your ability to move faster.

It was considered the 3rd eye.

The commonly known, ‘sixth sense’, was a part of agility.

To increase his Agility stat, he had to put more pressure on himself in these situations.



The Shrewmouse started to focus on Muyoung and gathered towards him.

They recognized that Muyoung was the most dangerous one out of them.

Muyoung kicked their carcasses in order to create a makeshift barrier.

Being vulnerable all around was the worst. He needed to at least keep a side blocked to stop them from coming at him on all sides.

He slashed his scimitar without even turning around.


The mouse that tried to bite down with his wide mouth had the scimitar pierced through his neck.


As he pulled out his scimitar, blood scattered everywhere.

Muyoung was getting exhausted.

However, Muyoung didn’t stop. He moved faster and fiercer when more and more Shrewmice gathered around him.

Even though he was smothered in blood and had plenty of wounds, Muyoung’s movements were still the same.

His instincts took over the body as he lost half his sense of reason.

And so, he was able to kill more than 70 Shrewmice.

<You have collected 5 ‘Shrewmouse’s Great Strike’.>

<The 5 ‘Shrewmouse’s Great Strike(E)’ has now evolved to ‘Shrewmouse’s Cry (D)’.>


A small sound emitted from the magical item.

At the same time, the Shrewmouse who heard this sound became sluggish.

‘There we go.’

The corners of his mouth lifted to form a sly smile.