The Battlefield Lord


The forest was on fire.

This was the base of the organization, the Forest of Death, where any human could come to kill each other.


In the edges of the forest, a man missing the lower half of his body was struggling.

While coughing blood, he grasped Muyoung’s ankle and shouted, “For, for what reason did you destroy the Forest of Death? For 40 years, you killed thousands of people with us so why now!”

Muyoung, wearing a black robe smeared with blood, quietly looked down at the man and said, “Weren’t we all already nonexistent?”

The group living in the furthest corner of the world.

That was the Forest of Death.

As they were never able to tread in the light, they did not exist.

It was just a disappearance of people who already didn’t exist. There was nothing strange about this.

Finally, everything was quiet.

It was because the man grasping his ankle, the leader of the Forest of Death, had breathed his last breath.

As he gazed at the abundance of bodies surrounding him, Muyoung thought, ‘If I was given the choice... would I have lived a different life?’

Too many had died.

Even the blood of the innocent were spilled by his hands.

Living a different life, it’s probably impossible.

It was hard to imagine living with someone with his pungent smell of blood.


Muyoung fell to his knees.

There were various holes strewn throughout his body.

It was surprising that he still didn’t die after losing so much blood.

Even though he had the finest training in the Forest of Death, it was too difficult to assassinate hundreds of experienced fighters and the leader by himself.

‘It’s been a long road.’

He forcefully brought the edges of his lips up.

He couldn’t even remember his real name or how to smile anymore.

But 40 years ago, Muyoung had been just a common university student on Earth.

Once he was summoned to the Underworld, everything changed.

The Underworld.

This world that was ruled by 72 demons was no different from hell.

For a long time, humans were slowly summoned to the Underworld.

It was the same for him.

Without any time to adjust, he was left to protect himself against monsters.

He couldn’t even trust other humans.

For decades, humans existed in this world. They treated other lives as if they were worthless.

To protect this belief, small organizations and bases like this were even established.

Muyoung was kidnapped by the Forest of Death as soon as he arrived in the Underworld.

From then, he was put under drugs and brainwashed into killing others.

The people who could have been the hope of humanity were killed in this way.

Even after he was released from those methods, he already lost the guilt of killing others.

He had gone too far to live amongst others.

But, even this path was now at its end.

Muyoung lifted his head.

“It will probably be the last time I get to see a sky like this.”

The sky above his head was incomparably clear.