“…Thank you very much.”

After Moneda said that, he returned the letter respectfully.

“Well, how about it?”

“I will accept the offer with pleasure.”

“Oh, you sure made your decision quite quickly. I thought you would take some time to think about it.”

“It is important for a merchant to have the ability to make quick decisions.”

“Regardless, I am thankful. Now then, I would like to talk about the future plans in detail… I wonder, when will you have the time to visit me?”

“Please give me three days. Because I need to hand over all the work I have presently.”

“That suits me just fine. Then, in three days, please come to the house.”


Haaa~ I feel relieved as though a weight is lifted off my shoulders. I was able to pull Moneda in without any problems, and in three days time, I will also have a confirmation from Sebastian.

After accomplishing the job, I was able to return to the Duke’s house with everyone.

* * *

My name is Moneda. I’m currently serving the Commerce Guild in Armelia as their Vice Chief of Accounts. As to what kind of position the Vice Chief of Account is, he is the person in charge of the accounts in the headquarters.

To begin with, the main purpose of the Commerce Guild is to provide human resources and to mediate between fellow merchants among other things. It is an organization consisting of these so-called merchants.

A merchant must join the Commerce Guild without fail. If a merchant joins, he will receive protection and will only have to pay the merchant’s tax.

The Vice Chief of Accounts is in charge of the funds to operate the Commerce Guild and to administer the merchant’s taxes paid by the members of the Commerce Guild.

Although work is hectic, I find it challenging and enjoyable.

But one day, I had an appointment. The other party was Iris Lana Armelia. She was not only the daughter of the Feudal Lord of Armelia where I live, I am also indebted to her for picking me up from an orphanage.

But to be honest, I found it really troublesome… or so I thought. Although I am indeed indebted to her, it is a different story when it comes to work. I won’t mix private matters with work.

I found out from my network of merchants that she has returned to the territory after her engagement was annulled, and she’ll probably be asking me for something problematic… That’s why I was quite suspicious.


“Hmm, is that so? Even though the commerce in the Royal City have decreased?”

When I heard the talk about business, it was as if a bomb had dropped.

Why do you know that kind of thing… In the first place, it’s those kinds of questions that makes me suspicious. Indeed, an astute person will be able to understand it. Nevertheless, that was something only someone who concentrated on account books on a daily basis would know.

Why would someone like her who is unrelated to such things know about this… These words were not something a person who has been surrounded by young ladies and young masters in the Royal City would say.

This, I will be eaten if I underestimate her. She gives me the same tense feeling I had when I met with an influential person soon after I first started my job. However, I was too slow to notice. The initiative of the conversation was already in her grasp.

I, who had lost the opening round, once again broached the subject. And once we have reached a critical point, she said she had a “favor.” As I thought, she was just waiting for the right timing to attack.

Although I was surprised that she had a favor, I was even more surprised to know what that favor was.

Reformation of the territory as a whole? Mid-term and long-term reform? By no means would I have ever thought those words would come from this young mistress.

I thought it was interesting. If she was the same person as she was in the old days, I would have immediately come out and tell her that it was nothing but a pipe dream. However, it was clear that she had the proper understanding of the present situation, and I have our previous conversation to remind me of it.

Nevertheless, in the end, that was all it was. I threw a fastball with the intention of considering it. Since I didn’t think she had the authority to personally make decisions regarding the management. In order words, the pathway the promising future cannot be seen.

On the contrary, she was able to “clear” it completely.

I never expected for her to be the Feudal Lord’s proxy!

Finally, the strongest card I had has been eliminated. Really, there is no need to consider anything further.

…And then I acted quickly. I accepted, and when she left to return home, I immediately prepared for someone to take over.

In three days, I wonder what kind of plans she’ll be broaching. That is something I’m looking forward to.