Love cools down

…I can’t associate myself with such farce any longer. After all, this is the part where Ed and his merry companions would try and vent their frustrations. The part where they justify her as the victim. If I don’t avoid that scenario, I won’t be able to escape being under house arrest… There’s already nothing left for me to do in this place.

The more important thing is whether or not I can avoid being imprisoned by the church… However, that has to be negotiated with Father. Once again, I repeat, there’s nothing left for me to do in this place.

“…Since I will not be able to meet everyone from now onwards, I will take this opportunity to say my farewells. Everyone, thank very much for everything so far. To be able to attend this academy with all the other students, and to those who had treated me well, you have my sincere gratitude. Farewell, everyone.”

Since I probably will not have a chance to go out into polite society in the future. I probably won’t need to come back to this academy.

“Iris, wait…!”

After finishing with a pleasant feeling, I wanted to leave this place but Ed detained me. He can’t read the atmosphere, can he… I wonder, how did “I” come to like this kind of man.

“Before you leave, apologize to Yuri.”

Seriously~ I really wonder why did I’ve come to like this kind of guy for a period of time? Ah, on the other hand… I think I’ve misheard it, but I seemed to have heard something strange.

I, a daughter of a Duke, apologize to a daughter of a Baron in front of everyone? I really wanted to voice this question loudly.

…I’m not saying this just because resentfulness or pride. However, daughters are nevertheless daughters. How I conduct myself will highly reflect upon our Ducal House, which has great influence among the aristocracy.

In other words, when I apologize, it will be comparable to Armelia House bowing to the Baron House. It is unprecedented for someone from a Ducal House to bow to someone from a Baron House.

Not only does it affect our house, it will also affect the Houses of Marquises and Earls. When a new aristocrat grows impudent, it is possible that a situation where the power balance of the aristocrats will collapse… Haahhh, his brain has seriously become filled with nothing but love.

In the first place, is that something you should say to your former fiancee? Place your hand over your chest and think about it clearly! …Consider the situation well, in this place, it’s not just me, but there are also many curious spectators… Although it seemed like there are students here who had no connection whatsoever, there were some who had somewhat soft eyes when they were looking at me. Or rather, I felt their sympathy being directed towards me.

…I might be able to get away from this place now.

“…I will not apologize. As for the things I did, I did them with dignity and self-respect. Even if it leads to the complete destruction of this body in the future, I will not yield.”

I was resolute when I did those things, was what I wanted to implicate.

“…Yuri-sama. I wonder if you’re still going to continue to deprive me any further. My fiance, my position…”

Here, I let my tears flow down. The feeling of a tragic heroine. Oh, with the turn of events, pleasant feelings were directed towards me. Although I was treated as the villain a little while ago, right now I am the victim.

“That said, I am who I am, and there are some things I won’t let go of. Pride is one of them. If I apologize, it will be identical to agreeing to trample over myself. Therefore, I will not apologize. I will not allow you take anything away from my any further.”

I’ve declared it all… Ah, I feel refreshed. While feeling refreshed and cheerful, I left the place. The expression on Ed’s face remained somewhat dissatisfied. On the other hand, the heroine had a blank look on her face and a question mark above her head, as though there was nothing but a bed of flowers inside her brain.

After I stepped away from that place, I have reached the outskirts of the academy ground. …Although it might be a little odd, I trusted my good younger brother to make the preparations. As I expected, my younger brother had already contacted the house to have someone pick me up.

I boarded the luxurious carriage alone. …As for my luggage, the house will probably arrange for it to be brought back or disposed of.

With this, I guess it’s farewell to the academy. Besides, I have no more reason to come here. According to the story, apart from being confined and deprived of my social status, there were also other results. Because Father wants me away from the academy.

Fuu… I blew out a sigh. The farce has ended… The story only reached up to this point. After this, there is no longer an outline. Above all, the next part is to have a face-to-face meeting with the “Last Boss,” my father. To be frank, I’ve been feeling quite tense since while back.

While the carriage continued its way towards the Armelia residence in the Royal City, the atmosphere inside the carriage became heavier and heavier.