Conducting a Conference

Now then, three days had gone by in no time, and as promised, Moneda knocked at the gate. With that said, I will now be holding the first conference. First of all, I should reveal my plans in order for them to understand.

“Everyone, thank you for gathering here today. The first meeting will now commence.”

Although I said that, the people present were those whom I can trust… In other words, the people who went with me during the inspection, Moneda, Sebastian, and Sei as well. Sei is one of the children whom I brought to the house when I was young, and he is now helping Sebastian with the management of the mansion.

“…First of all, I would like to express my ideas. For one month, I have inspected our territory and have confirmed things with Sebastian… Compared to other territories, our territory is abundant.”

This was really the case. From the Royal City, all the way to our territory has a springtime weather all year long. Thus, the farming industry in the southern part of the territory is prosperous, and since it’s also facing the sea, trade can be conducted. It is not incorrect to call this territory the second capital city of the Kingdom.

“When I went to inspect the territory, my impression of it is… Is similar to a ripe fruit. Although it’s fine to eat it now, if we wait a little longer, it will eventually rot. That’s what I think.”

I guess they did not expect me to have this kind of impression since they kept blinking their eyes in bewilderment. Especially Sebastian and Sei.

“…The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. And because the stores lack new commodities, the air has become stagnant.”

For someone like me, who used to live in a capitalist country such as Japan, I belong to the pro-competitive society faction, so I believe that it can’t be helped for wealth to accumulate to some extent. However, this territory is different. To begin with, it’s impossible to display competitiveness.

For as long as they remain unskillful, there will never be an opportunity for them to climb up.

“If the people living in the territory are not rich, the territory will never become rich.”

That’s how it works. When the market is limited, it will eventually collapse. In other words, if we do not actively participate in prospering the people, with the current economic flow, our territory will decay.

When I casually looked around, I saw question marks hovering above their heads.

“In other words… To put it simply, I want to create a territory where children will not have to go through the things you have experienced in the past.”

Looking convinced, everyone nodded their heads in agreement while smiling.

“It is our aspiration to achieve a large goal. It will take a hundred years before the territory will develop to something comparable to our goal, and the first thing we must do is improve the quality of life of the people. Therefore, in order for this to happen, we need to push forward with the reforms. First of all, I would like to utilize the funds the Ducal House presently has to help manage the territory. After that, establish a bank, centralize the government affairs, taxation system reforms, roadway maintenance, compulsory education…”

“…U-umm. What exactly is a bank?”

While I was talking, Sei interrupted me and asked timidly.

“Ah, my apologies. Because I was too absorbed, I got in way over myself. Regarding the bank, it is my intention to let Sebastian, Sei, and also Moneda handle of it. I will talk to you about it in detail a little later. …However, the bank will not be realized unless we first help the people prosper and reform the taxation system here in our territory.”

“In other words, you want to use the taxes collected from the people to manage the territory, and gather money from elsewhere to maintain the Ducal House?”

“That’s right, Moneda.”

“Specifically, what are you intending to do?”

“For starters, launch a business.”

When I said that, the atmosphere of the conference froze momentarily.