Chapter 7: Failing Defence line

Chambord Castle.

Everyone’s ears was filled with mournful screams and loud battle cries.

Both the attackers and the defenders were giving the battle everything they got. It was either you die or I die.

Waves of enemies who were wearing black, light armour was charging at the castle like a black tsunami. The three huge siege ladders were like war monsters; the barbs on the ladder hooked on to the edges of battlements, constantly sending more enemies to fight the defenders on the walls. The hooks made the siege ladders hard to get a rid of, and squads of around 30 enemies were fighting aggressively to protect the ladders.

As time went on, more and more enemies had gotten onto the walls of the castle.

It was not a good situation for Chambord Castle; there were ten times more enemies than the Chambord soldiers.

“Pierce? Pierce…where are you? You son of a bitch!”  A huge six feet eight man who had black hair and was wearing a vest of chainmail turned back and yelled as he was slashing at an enemy. “Pierce!, pick some big guys and get rid of those f-----g ladders. Quick!”

“Yes sir!”

Not too far away, white haired Pierce was soaked in blood. It was already hard to tell what was his and what was from the enemies he had slain. As he heard the command, he waved at a couple soldiers close to him “Come on guys, let’s go! We have to kill those motherfuckers and smash those ladders!”

White haired Pierce was known in Chambord for his brutal strength.

As veins on his arms bulged, he started swinging his huge iron hammer that was the size of two basketballs. Like the legendary berserker, he cleared off enemies in his way as if they were flies. None of the enemies could stop him.

He was approaching the siege ladders fast, leaving behind him a road of death and blood. About twenty other soldiers followed him. They were committed on completing the mission.

The enemies that were defending the ladders had been alerted.

“Attention!  Forward! Semi-Arc Formation!”

The leader on the enemy defense team yelled!

“Kata, kata, kata, kata!”

The thirtyish enemies had formed a half circle beside the wall, and protected the three siege ladders in the half circle. With shark blades that were still dripping blood pointing outwards, they were like a metal Hedgehog, waiting for the attackers to make a mistake before capitalizing on it and finishing them off.

These enemies definitely had more training than the soldiers of Chambord.

Ten meters ……

Six meters ……

Three meters …….

One meter ……

The distance between the soldier led by Pierce and enemies was vanishing in seconds.

Finally ——-

“Hooo! Go to hell!”

Pierce suddenly yelled. He gave the hammer a full swing, as if it was a javelin, the hammer flew out of his hands and flew toward the enemy’s formation.

That giant bloody hammer made a beautiful trajectory of death in the air, and crashed through the defensive formation with devastating force.


It caused massive damage to the enemies. Spilled blood, broken blades and limbs flew all over the place.

The enemies definitely weren’t expecting that type of maneuver. The flying hammer had made a bloody gap in the center of the formation.

By destroying the three siege ladders, the enemies will have no way to get into Chambord Castle for now. After killing all the enemies that got on the defence wall, the defenders could finally get time to rest in safety. If not, the castle will be sieged and all their friends and families will become war slaves, with no hope of freedom for generations.

After thinking about that, all the soldiers were motivated to defeat the enemies, their morale was so high that the blood in their bodies was almost burning.

They couldn’t allow the enemies to siege the castle. Even if they die, they weren’t going to back off.



The soldiers followed Pierce, furiously charged into the enemies.

Pierce rushed ahead, picked up the hammer that he had thrown out before any enemies could react, and started smashing away. His powerful swings forced off all the close enemies with the closest one not even having time to react before Pierce collapsed his head. None of them could stop him.

“Smash! Crush!”



Weapons, armour and bare knuckles were colliding.

Spurting blood, and detached limbs had painted the picture of hell.


Pierce smashed the sword and the enemy in front of him off the castle. He looked up and the ladder was right in front of him. He swung the hammer once more to back off the approaching enemies.

“Dang! Dang! dang!”

He sprinted forward and smashed all the hooks off of one ladder.

“F--k off!”

Pierce kicked the ladder with force. He heard a lot of screams. As the ladder fell down, the enemies who were still climbing all fell towards the ground like dumplings. They were crushed by the heavy ladder into bloody meat paste instantly.


The black haired commander saw what Pierce had done and yelled.

“Pierce! Great job! Two more! Finish them all and I will buy you the best beer tonight! All you can drink!” He was dueling with a thin but tall enemy while he yelled. This enemy was very skilled. Even though he was a commander, they were combating for about ten seconds and none of them had an advantage.

“Haha! Brook, Bossman! The beer is on you tonight!”

Pierce replied excitedly. Although he was talking, he wasn’t slow with his attacks. His hammer was fast as lightning; he did the same thing as he did to the first ladder

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

He smashed all the hooks off of the second ladder. As he was about to kick it off of the wall,

Suddenly —–

“Die! Punk!”

A black shadow flew up the defence wall. The rapier this enemy was using went straight to pierce’s head. He was trying to instantly kill Pierce.

There wasn’t much time for Pierce to react. All he had time to do was to position his hammer so that his head was protected.


These couple strikes all hit right in the center of the hammer and made some sparks.

An unstoppable force passed through the hammer and shocked Pierce.

Even though Pierce was born with an inhuman strength, he couldn’t hold against it. The force pushed him back a four steps. It also broke a couple of his fingers and he almost couldn’t hold on to the hammer any more.

“S--t! A master!” Pierce was surprised.

However, this enemy stopped attacking him. As this enemy raised up the rapier again, Pierce heard a ton of screams. The enemy was moving so fast that he turned into a black shadow again. The other soldiers who came with Pierce all fell on the ground. As he took a more detailed look, all of them had a hole in their heads. White, red liquids were flowing out, they were the brains.

“Bender! Bond! Tony! … My brothers!!!” Pierce cried

He couldn’t take what he saw, almost fainting from shock.

His best friends who he was having fun with last night at the bar and he was trusting and loving a moment ago had been killed right in front of him. He felt like the sky had fallen down.

“Die! Demon!”

Pierce yelled. He forgot about the wounds on his body. He stared at this enemy, gave up all the attempts to defence and charged ahead. This enemy had left more nasty wounds on Pierce’s body and Pierce couldn’t even touch him. But Pierce didn’t care, he just kept on swinging his hammer.

“Haha, that’s no use!” This enemy laughed. He sounded like a crow.

The rapier was too fast and this enemy was too strong.

This enemy moved again, the rapier was aiming at Pierce’s head again.

Pierce tilted his body as if he was trying to dodge the strike, but the rapier went through his right shoulder easily. This enemy smiled disdainfully, he was going to pull out the rapier and end Pierce’s life.

But —

He was surprised to find out that he couldn’t pull out the rapier no more ?!

Blood spurted out of Pierce’s mouth.

But this white haired man started laughing.

Laughing happily!

This enemy didn’t know what was going on, but he felt as though he had underestimated the enemy.

But there was no time for him to react.

Pierce grabbed the blade tightly with both hand; as if he didn’t feel any pain,he left the rapier in his shoulder and slammed his body against this enemy. It took the rapier wielding man by surprise and he had to keep backing off.

It only took them 3 second to reach the tip of the defence wall.

If this enemy backed off any further, he would fall off this two hundred feet high wall. Even though he was powerful, but there was no way for him stay alive after fallen from such height.


This enemy was furious, but he had no option but to let go of his rapier.

Getting forced by a low life soldier to let go of his favorite weapon, this enemy was ashamed of himself. He was a prestigious one star warrior.

After he let go of the rapier, red flames started appearing around his body. Fists with the temperature that could melt iron landed on Pierce’s back. He would eat this white haired man alive if he could.

“Pu… Hahaha. I won this round, you son of a bitch!”

Pierce puked a mouth full of blood, but he was laughing proudly.

Pierce let go of the rapier, and charged at the second siege ladder. Because he had broke the hooks on this ladder early, he slammed it off the wall with his left shoulder. All the enemies climbing on this ladder fell to the ground and got crushed into piles of meat paste as well.

“S--t! You low life slave! I swear I will kill everyone in this castle!

This enemy was raged. Now he knew that this man wasn’t trying to push him off of the wall, the plan was to destroy the second siege ladder all along; and he was fooled!

He struck with the rapier at Pierce with all he got. Pierce had fainted from all the wounds and blood loss.

“S--t! Be careful!”

Brook, the commander yelled anxiously. There was nothing he could do, he was still in close combat with the other skillful enemy.

This siege battle had been taken almost the whole day. There were some powerful individuals on Chambord’s side, but they had been focused on by the enemy commander. Even the three star warrior Lampard was tangled by an enemy star ranked warrior.

At this time, there was no one there that could save Pierce’s life!

The rapier covered in flames was only one inch away from Pierce’s neck!