Chapter 4: The old man unleashes golem --- Part 2
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This is just bullying the weak at this point. On that note, you’re not just seeing things if my statistics seem a bit abnormal. Although the level cap was 1000, there are no upper limits for character stats. This means you can continue raising your stats even after hitting the level cap.

Despite status-enhancing items being notably rare, they weren’t impossible to obtain. In fact, because HP enhancements were so easy to acquire, my health stats skyrocketed as a result.

On a side note, the average flugel has around 70,000 HP once they reach the level cap of 1000. That might give you a glimpse of what I had to go through to raise my HP to this degree.

As one would expect, I was unable to achieve statistics comparable to those of the final boss characters of the game, but I’m confident my stats outstripped plenty of other boss monsters. My alias as the “wild last boss” was by no means a groundless assumption.

While we’re on the subject, I’ll go a bit further into detail about “Levels” and “Class Levels”. There’s nothing special about levels. In RPG’s, it’s an obvious expression of the strength and combat experience that accumulates over time. This number caps at 1000 and there’s not much you can do to overturn it. Even if you were locked in combat with several boss characters, it remains the one unbendable rule of X-gate.

Next, the “class level”.These indicate the level of each character class you possess and caps at 100.This number increases in sync with normal character levels and influences how your abilities develop, so they play a large role in character growth.For instance, if you wanted to be a vanguard but have been acting as a support for too long, you might find that your character stats are unsuited for swapping positions.

This is where the game leans toward to being a TRPG.Once a class level is maxed out, the game will ask you to perform a class change. Then, unless a new class is chosen, no experience will be gained no matter what kind of monsters you face off.

There are two methods of resolving this issue. The first is to act accordingly and alternate classes. Then, upon reaching level 1000, you will have accomplished a character that holds mastery over 10 different classes. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t switch classes before mastering the previous one. For example, I only raised the priest and esper classes to level 50, allowing me to squeeze in 11 classes instead.

The second method makes use of the cash shop.If you pay the money, the level cap is lifted, and you can continue to raise the class level to up to 200. However, barely any additional skills are can be acquired along the line. For example, Swordmaster and Grappler classes would exceed the offensive ability and HP of a vanguard, which is one advantage of the cash shop.In addition, there are also players who aim to optimize the effectiveness of certain skills that depend on class levels.

I didn’t bring any class level past 100. It was the general opinion that class leveling to 200 wasn’t a very intelligent choice. Not that really matters now.

Now then, it’s finally time for my first taste of battle.Although there will be no resistance, it’s an opportunity sharpen my new pair of fangs.

※A bit of explanation


The race with the highest population in the world. Their abilities are the most balanced among all seven races. Although they have no particular strengths, they possess no shortcomings either.

Humans are capable of breeding with all members of the 7 races. Any “half-breeds” will always have a human parent. While Elf X Flugel would never produce offspring, Flugel X Human could.

Their inherent skill, [solidarity], grants a slight stat and experience boost when they are accompanied by their comrades.


The race of long-eared beauties well rooted in the genre of fantasy.Blessed with the gift of longevity, the average elf easily lives a thousand years.Their delicate appearances and poor physical abilities make them poorly suited candidates for vanguards. However, they hold unrivaled expertise over the field of magic.

Their inherent skill, [mental unity], gradually regenerates SP over time.


A race of those who roam freely through the heavens. In addition to their long life spans, they are a well-rounded race with exceptional stats in every field. However, they have no aptitude for offensive magic. That said, their intelligence and SP are superb, so the alchemist and acolyte classes take plenty advantage of their stats.

Their ability to render opponents powerless without dealing damage is also valuable as a monster tamer. Speaking of which, the flugels’ racial skill, [coercion], immobilizes weaker hostiles for a random amount of time.


A race of people adorned with animal traits and reside deep within forests.They come under two different categories: herbivorous beastmen specialized in speed and carnivorous beastmen specialized in strength. Though they outdo even the Flugel race in terms of close-combat, the same cannot be said for intelligence. And although they can use a certain degree of magic, they’re unsuitable supports.The beastmen’s inherent skill, [detection], marks enemy positions on the map


The noble race of nocturnals that demonstrate their true powers at night.In addition their stats being on par with those of the flugel race, they are also capable of wielding magic. A hidden skill also allows vampires to revive infinitely at night. Furthermore, their inherent skill is a broken ability that enables automatic health regeneration.

In exchange, they have many limitations. Vampires suffer from a drastic stat decrease in daylight. However, this may not bother players who, for some reason or another, can only play at night. They also have very low affinity for the holy attribute and cannot use holy magic. The vampires’ inherent skill, [regeneration], allows for automatic health recovery.


A short race that excels in defense, vitality, and dexterity.However, the beastmen outdo them in close combat, so it wouldn’t be a reason to deliberately choose this race.

Their true value lies in their nimble fingers. It wasn’t uncommon for a dwarf to completely devote their time to weapon creation and never step a foot into the battlefield. Their inherent skill, [craftsmanship], doubles the success rate of item creation.


A race of small-sized humans often referred to as “hobbits”, “halflings”, or “grass runners”. They’re cheerful and nimble little creatures that are well adapted to the ranger class. Hobbit’s don’t boast of the most impressive magic or offensive ability, but they’re the most reliable when it comes to dungeon exploration.The hobbits’ inherent skill, [locate], multiplies item drop rates by 5.