Chapter 2: A wild last boss takes to the skies --- Part 2
corner for some time now.First of all, I should demonstrate my harmlessness by leaving as soon as possible.

“…I see. I understand now. So, the Demon King is still going strong. Isn’t he a tenacious one?”

Because it was mainly my fault he went from being the Demon King to being called the Demon King (LOL), I’m rather relieved that he’s still in good health. Then, when they attempted to summon a hero, I popped out of the gacha instead. So how do I say this… sorry, I guess? I might have just ruined the hero’s debut into the story.

“Ah, do not fret. At this point in time, I no longer intend to take any drastic actions against this world. A body which already tasted defeat is a body that’s stopped dreaming… it is too late for me to try to achieve something.”

“Ca—Can we believe those words?”

“Definitely. Although I was defeated, a battle of that scale has left me satisfied. While I am a bit disgruntled that the individuals that overthrew me were unable to defeat the Demon King… well, it’s fine. More importantly, I would like to travel this world and admire it from afar.”

I’ll leave dealing with the Demon King to the heroes for the time being. Instead of taking up some meddlesome quest, I would rather explore the world of Midgard. I want to journey across it on my own two feet and see it with my own two eyes. In all honesty, it’s taking all of my willpower just to refrain from taking off in excitement.

“A king without any followers and an abandoned throne. Insisting on a monarchy now would be comical, wouldn’t it? The Overlord Ruphas is no longer of this world. I am little more than a girl with shattered dreams.”

I don’t feel like going as far to name myself the Supreme Ruler in this world as well.That’s the direct path to earning a wanted poster. I simply want to lead a carefree lifestyle, enjoying life to its fullest potential here. And I’ll ponder about how to return to my world while I’m at it.

“Therefore, there is no need for you to panic. Just forget about me and keep summoning heroes or something.”

I’ll have a mental breakdown if I remain here any longer.I stood up from my seat and pushed open the nearby window. It was a wonder how I knew how to move the wings that I only just received.But somehow, my body understood the fundamentals of flight.From a scientific perspective, a pair of wings cannot support the human body weight in the air. However, my instincts had flashed me the green light anyways.

“Well then, I will be leaving. If fate will have it, I’m sure we’ll meet again.”


Ignoring the voice calling out to me, I beat my wings.And with a push of my legs, my magnificent form took to the skies. In the blink of an eye, I separated from the ground and the castle shrunk to the size of a grain of sand.

Woah…Flying… I’m flying!Traversing the skies and piercing the heavens!

I wonder how I can express these feelings in words.Freedom—exactly, it’s freedom.The delight from removing the shackles of gravity.Feet not touching the ground, I escaped to the boundless world above the clouds.Spinning, soaring, and gliding—I flew to my heart’s desires!

“Fu, fufu…… hahahahaha!”

From above the clouds, I swooped dangerously close to the ground. And just before coming into contact, I ascended back into the skies, where you could see the land stretching infinitely into the horizon. Right here, right now, these vast skies belong to me and only me. There were no crowds nor traffic to get in the way. I could go anywhere humanly possible.

“Fufu… it feels good to fly through the sky like this. Now then, where shall we head first?”

With so many choices, I was barraged with indecision. Well, first of all, this country isn’t an option. On the chance that the elf advisor or king ordered their citizens to capture me on sight, it would be a real pain in the ass. I want to travel this world in leisure after all.

“…hm? Wait, isn’t that… I see, so it still remains.”

Troubled, “that” rose into my field of vision.It was an obsidian black tower that pierced the skies.As if challenging the heavens, the building stood boldly against the vastness of the sky. There is no way I would ever forget its dauntless appearance.It was the symbol of our influence that we built together after all.

The skyscraper “Mafahl”.My… no, the base that we erected together.

“I guess the first destination has already been decided, huh?”

I redirected my course of flight, flapping my wings.Estimating the distance to the tower was difficult because it was visible from almost anywhere on the map. It was probably a fairly long distance to cover, but with my current abilities, it posed no problem. I had wings capable of carrying me to the heavens after all.


I flew towards the tower with all of my might, achieving speeds surpassing that of a bullet train. The landscape blurred by at tremendous speeds and the wind pressed at my cheeks. With flawless vision, I sighted birds in the way, but with a twist of my body, they were effortlessly evaded.

Ah, this is so satisfying.My heart feels light and carefree.I never knew something as simple as flying would be able to bring such freedom and satisfaction!

However, everything eventually comes to an end.Just minutes after taking off, I came to an abrupt stop. The air quivered, and violent winds accompanied my arrival.

This time, I ascended.Far above the clouds, I set my eyes on the summit of the tower, where only a select few could reach. According to the myth, when Icarus drew too close to the sun, his wax wings dissolved and he fell to his demise. But the quality of my wings are not to be compared to simple wax. Just sunlight would never be enough to damage them. Many thousands of meters above ground, I made my way to the only entrance.

There were two ways of entering the building. The first was to enter from high altitude. The second was to open the gates from the inside. For the first time, I realize how impractical this is.

While recalling these memories, I stepped into the tower and headed towards the room reserved for the guild master.