Chapter 1: Son of the Celestial Emperor, Reincarnation and Rebirth --- Part 2

His son’s damnable gas expulsion that enraged the king during the Rites of Heavenly Worship was not out of nowhere, it was definitely due to this “three laugh powder”.

“It seems that instead of being a coincidence, this was a devious, premeditated plot!” Jiang Feng easily came to this conclusion after connecting the dots.

“Your Lordship, here is a list of whom the young master had breakfast with. However, they are all sons of other dukes, so it will be difficult to find out who is responsible.” Jiang Ying was Jiang Feng’s right hand man, and his most valued and loyal vassal.

“Go, go thoroughly investigate this matter! Even if I lose my dukedom, even if I am torn asunder, I will not idly sit by when my son has been killed!”

Jiang Feng didn’t believe the crap of absolute obedience to one’s overlord. Utter drivel!

Generations of the Jiang family had been loyal, but not stupidly loyal.

The Jiang family had toiled ceaselessly for the Eastern Kingdom royal family for generations, defending the land, fighting in wars and steadfastly holding their stations. They had won their sole dukedom at high cost, but now his only son was unceremoniously caned to death?

A vassal had no need to be loyal if the overlord was not kind. If it came down to it, rebellion then!

It felt as if a volcano was on the verge of erupting in his chest whenever Jiang Feng thought of King Eastern Lu’s cold expression as he gave the order to kill; the sight of his enemies gloating in that moment, or the son that had been beaten beyond recognition as he lay in his coffin.

He itched to immediately return to his territory and stampede into the capital with hundreds of thousands under his banner. To let rivers of blood flow in the streets!

Upon hearing these words, combined with the vague memories left in the body, Jiang Chen roughly understood what had happened.

It turned out that the original owner of this body had the unfortunate timing to fart during the Rites of Heavenly Worship!

These rites were hosted by the most sacred temple in the country, and attended by the king and all 108 Eastern Kingdom nobles in order to pray for King Eastern Lu’s beloved daughter.

The king and his nobles had commenced many preparations before the rites were held, such as forgoing meat, bathing, and changing into fresh clothes, as well as burning lavender incense.

In other words – everyone had cleaned up nicely, and was striving for perfection in order to convince the heavens of their sincerity to succeed in obtaining blessings.

Everything was proceeding smoothly at first.

But just as the king and his nobles had kowtowed on the temple steps in prayer, Jiang Chen let out an earsplitting fart.

One had to know that kowtowing in prayer was the most important part of the entire rite. Absolute silence needed to be maintained during this part. This was how one could communicate with the gods and demonstrate their devotion.

However, Jiang Chen’s fart rudely broke this silence and shattered this dignified gathering.

Everyone knew that farts were comprised of unhealthy gas and were extremely unsound. If this had happened during a regular occasion, it would have been simply passed over as everyone else held their breath.

However, Jiang Chen’s regrettable fart was smelly and long. It was an affront to the gods! The high priest in charge of the rite’s proceedings was appalled and started cursing loudly, as if the fart had destroyed the pillar of the world and was causing the sky to cave in.

This aroused the great wrath of King Eastern Lu, as he doted on his beloved daughter so, and he called for the guards to drag Jiang Chen away and beat him to death!

Even then, his anger was not abated and he gave the order to hang Jiang Chen’s corpse on the city wall for vultures and scavengers to pick out.

Jiang Chen wouldn’t even have had a body left if the kingdom’s nobles didn’t persuade the king otherwise, pointing out that openly displaying a corpse was vulgar and uncivilized, and would adversely impact the kingdom’s luck.