BTTH Chapter 7 – Divorce!

Unlike what Nalan Yanran expected, after saying the alluring condition, the young man in front of her started trembling. He slowly raised his head and his delicate and young face was contorted into a fearsome, savage face.

Even though Xiao Yan had endured countless taunts over the past three years, even he had a limit. Nalan Yanran’s actions had roughly stepped on the final shred of dignity hidden deep within Xiao Yan’s heart.

“Ahh…” Seeing the vicious face of the young man, Yanran sprang backwards. The young man by her sides took the chance to pull out his sword and coldly stared at Xiao Yan.

“I…I want to kill you!” Even though his teeth were clattering, Xiao Yan’s words had an unmistakable killing intent to them! His hands were curled into fists and within the his black pupils, furious flames burned.

“Yan Er, you’re being rude!” At the top of the hall, Xiao Zhan was shocked by the reaction of Xiao Yan and hurriedly quieted Xiao Yan. The current Xiao clan wouldn’t dare be on the wrong side of Faction of Misty Clouds.

Even though his fists tightened even further, Xiao Yan lowered his head. Moments later, he lightly lifts up his head. The difference was that the vicious face that he had displayed earlier had been completely replaced by a calm and impassive face…

In the past 3 years, Xiao Yan had endured countless discrimination and taunts. As a result, Xiao Yan was now more mature than before. Perhaps his greatest gain from the past three years was that he had learned to keep his emotions under control.

Looking at the completely different young man, Ge Ye and Nalan Yanran suddenly felt a chill…

This kid, if he stays useless then it isn’t a big deal. But if he gains strength, then he will definitely become a dangerous force to be reckoned with… Ge Ye solemnly thought.

“Xiao Yan! Even though I don’t know why my actions have infuriated you thus far, but, you… you should still release the marriage!” Slowly letting out a breath, Nalan Yanran pushed her fear and stiffened her face.

“Remember, my visit to Xiao clan was permitted by my teacher, the faction leader of Faction of Misty Clouds!” Pursing her lips, Nalan Yanran said, with a slight hint of helplessness: “You can understand that my visit today is partly coercion. But you should understand that the reality is harsh and nothing is fair. Even though it shouldn’t mean much, you should understand the difference between us, we…we don’t have any hope of being together…”

Hearing the absolute statements of the girl, Xiao Yan’s mouth curved into a sneer: “Lady Nalan… You should understand, in Dou Qi mainland, a woman going back on her marriage would be embarrass the opposite party in front of everyone. Hehe, I don’t really care about being embarrassed, but my father! He’s the clan leader, if we accept your request today then how do you expect him to rule over Xiao clan? How will Xiao clan keep a foothold in Wu Tan City?”

Looking at the the furious young man, Nalan Yanran’s brows furrowed. She peeked at Xiao Zhan at the end of the hall; he appeared as if he had just aged by a lot. Seeing that, she felt slightly sorry for her actions and bit her lips. After musing for a moment, her eyes lit up. She whispers: “Today’s request, it’s a little reckless on my part. So, today, I will temporarily take back my request to release my marriage. But, you must promise me something!”

“What promise?”

“I can delay today’s request for three years. Three years from now, you will come to Faction of Misty Clouds and challenge me. If I win then I will release the marriage in front of everyone and at that time, you would have performed your clan’s rites of adulthood so even if you lose, you won’t be affecting your father Xiao Zhan or Xiao clan. Do you accept?”

Hehe, when I lose then, it won’t affect the name of my father. But maybe for my entire life, I’ll bear the shame of losing. This woman… is too cruel! Xiao Yan felt helpless, he was angry but he couldn’t find a source to vent it.

“Lady Nalan, it’s not like you don’t know the condition of Yan Er. How do you expect him to challenge you? Insulting him like this, is it fun for you?” Xiao Zhan smacked the table and angrily stood up.

“Xiao Zhan shu-shu, when releasing a marriage, there must someone who bears the responsibilities of it. If not for you, I would be releasing the marriage today! Afterwards, I will announce it to the public!” After being blocked several time, Nalan Yanran was also getting angry and coldly shouted at Xiao Yan: “Since you don’t want to hurt the name of Xiao Zhan shu-shu, then accept the challenge! Three years or now, will you choose the former or the later?”

“Nalan Yanran, you don’t need to act all high and mighty. The reason behind you releasing this marriage is because you don’t think that I, Xiao Yan, a near cripple, match you, a genius. Forgive me for putting things plainly. Besides your beauty, I don’t care about anything else of yours! The Faction of Misty Clouds is very strong, I’ll admit that. But I am young! I have lots of time. When I was twelve, I was a Dou Zhe, but you, Nalan Yanran, when you were twelve, how many Duan Qi did you have? You’re right, I might be crippled right now, but since I created miracles three years ago, why do you think that I can’t repeat such miracles in the future? Why do you think that I can’t become the genius that I once was?” Facing the aggressive stance, Xiao Yan finally erupted like a volcano. His face became completely serious and his words shocked everyone in the main hall. Who would have thought that the quiet young man possessed such a sharp tongue!

Nalan’s mouth twitched. Even though she was extremely pissed at Xiao Yan, she couldn’t find words to argue against his statements. Xiao Yan’s words were truth; even though he was crippled now, he was a Dou Zhe back when he was twelve years old. But Nalan Yanran was only Eight Duan Qi at that time…