Chapter 4 - Never Giving Up (3)

A lively cheer could be heard from outside the walls of the Su Residence.

Drum beats sounded out like rain and struck at the heart, shaking the souls of those who heard them.

“Jianxin, what’s going on outside?” Su Chen asked.

Jianxin ran out and asked around. After a short moment he returned, “The Master has taken in a fourth concubine.”

After thinking for a moment, he added on, “In less than one year, he had already taken in three concubines.”


Su Chen smiled bitterly deep in his heart.

Though this was a very happy day for his father, Su Chen truly had no reason to be happy at all.

After a moment of silence, Su Chen asked, “Which clan did this young woman come from?”

“Spring Moon Building’s Yan Wushuang is a young woman that is said to be an outstanding beauty of many talents [1]. There are an unknown number of handsome and accomplished youths in Northface City that are fond of her. Surprisingly, she fancied the Great Master. I heard that this time, she was already pregnant before their marriage. It seems Fourth Young Master will soon have two little brothers or sisters.”

Su Cheng’an had married three concubines within a single year. In addition, the second concubine had already given birth to a daughter not long ago, who Su Cheng’an was deeply fond of. The Third Concubine is pregnant and will be giving birth in two months. As for this concubine, it was even better; she was already pregnant by the time they got married.

Ever since his son was blinded, the Su Clan’s Great Master had obviously been quite hard at work outside. Su Cheng’an had been greatly pressured in this last year, and with additional encouragement from Su Keji, he may have held some intention to seize the opportunity to make up for his loss.

Although he could not see through Su Keji’s plan Su Chen still felt a crisis hidden underneath this tranquil surface. After new sons were born, would Su Cheng’an still be as supportive of him as before?

Su Chen didn’t know.

he was incapable of knowing what would happen in the long run.

He did not have to wait long to find out.

Two months after Su Cheng’an married his fourth wife, the third concubine gave birth.

It was a large healthy son.

Su Chang’an named him Su Ming.

It could be considered something that Su Chen had been anticipating.

That day the Su Residence was filled with the noise of firecrackers. Cymbals and drums rang out. It was a lively scene to behold.

That night, Su Keji went to find his elder brother bearing great gifts.

He had a long chat with him.

Waking up one early morning, Su Chen washed his face and began his day. He sat down in the courtyard and listened to the world sing. He heard the whistling of wind, the rustling of leaves moving in concert. He heard the birds singing from the trees, gravel scraping across the floor, and ants carrying food. His excellent sense of hearing allowed him to not only perceive sounds that others couldn’t, but also clearly distinguish between them.

“Father?” Su Chen tilted his head and turned to face behind him. “It is early morning.Your Third Uncle is not yet busy practicing his his Glorious Day Sword. How did you know it was me?” Su Cheng’an walked out from behind Su Chen.

“In the end, almost similar is still only similar.” Su Chen faintly smiled. “I can already make out the difference.”

Su Cheng’an silently looked at his own son.

Su Chen truly was outstanding. Even after experiencing such a setback , he remained diligent and hadn’t given up on cultivating. Su Cheng’an should feel pleased to have such a son, but when he thought of the reason why he came here, his heart slightly sunk.

In that moment, he no longer felt pleased, but was agitated instead.

Would it have been better… if you weren’t such an excellent child?

Su Chen started, “Father hasn’t come to see me in some time. There should be a reason behind your visit today, no?”

Su Cheng’an sat down on a stone bench in the courtyard, “Yesterday, your Second Uncle went to find me.”

Su Chen’s heart sunk.

Su Keji had gone to see his elder brother. This was nothing strange. However, for Su Chen’s father to then personally visit him, it was most likely the same matter as last time.

The most important matter was the serious manner in which he announced his purpose. If his father had rejected Su Keji, then he most likely wouldn’t have come to see him now. All things considered, things were not looking good.

Su Chen’s mind surged but he still appeared calm and collected.

He had been blind for two years now, and his heart had become far more steady than before. He had started to learn how to bury matters deep within his heart.

Su Chen said, “For what did Second Uncle come to see Father?”

Su Cheng’an replied, “He still wanted to advise you to renounce the clan’s end of year evaluation.”

“Father didn’t give him an answer?”

Su Cheng’an paused for a moment,before continuing , “He promised me that if I were to agree to change the system, he would give Su Lin’s Three Pool Spring baptism to me.”

The Three Pool Spring was sole Origin Qi Springs in Northface City. It gathered Origin Energy and when one was baptised in it, it would increase the person’s perception of Origin Qi. However, it was only effective on children three years or younger.

The Three Pool Spring was controlled by the Northface City Lord, Yue Weixiong. Because he only allowed three uses of it each year to external parties, it would attract much contest between clans. Su Cheng’an was the clan head’s eldest son, so he was able fight for a spot for Su Chen to be baptized in the Three Pool Spring. Aside from Su Chen’s great diligence and the clan’s resources, it was one of the reasons why Su Chen cultivated so quickly.

But because he had already obtained a baptism for Su Chen, Su Cheng’an found it very difficult to fight for an opportunity for his second son. After all, The Su Clan was extensive and large and there were no small amount of disciples in the third generation. If the benefits only went to Su Cheng’an, the others would certainly be unwilling.

Su Keji had a new son last year named Su Lin. Due to his seniority and influence, Su Keji was able to fight for a slot for the Three Pool Spring as it was his turn. In fact, there were those who suspected Su Keji had timed the birth of his child with the next opportunity the Su clan had to use the Three Pool Spring. Although Su Lin had a good name, his natural constitution wasn’t anything special and his future prospects were quite limited.. But this didn’t stop Su Keji from fighting for the opportunity. However, he had used it for an exchange instead.

When Su Chen was blinded, Su Cheng’an’s hopes for an heir were destroyed. Naturally, he desired a new, healthy son.

“As a result, Father wishes to fight for this slot for Little Brother Ming?”

Su Cheng’an replied, “It isn’t for Su Ming.”

Su Chen was stunned.

Su Cheng’an said, “Upstream Wind Hall’s Doctor Yuan examined your fourth mother’s pregnancy a few days ago. It’s a boy.”

Relationships would inevitably grow close or distant.

Su Cheng’an was very fond of his new fourth concubine and was deeply involved with her, so much so that he fought for the Three Pool baptism slot for his unborn child.

This was Su Cheng’an’s decision. Even if Su Chen didn’t agree, it didn’t matter.

Su Chen heard Su Cheng’an’s words, but did not respond. .

Su Chen was still young and was three months away from his next birthday.

But despite his young age, his mind had already begun to mature. This was not the first time he encountered this problem. Last year’s experience was deeply ingrained within him, and he had already prepared his heart.

In this world of darkness, he was determined to guard that bit of light that still remained. . At times, it wasn’t an easy matter and even required a few slightly unusual methods.

Su Chen was silent.

After a long while, he said, “Truthfully Father, there is something that I have been hiding from you.”

“What is it?”

“My eyesight is currently recovering.”

“What did you say?” Su Cheng’an stood there for a moment, before grabbing his son.

If Su Chen was able to recover, that would be the best news.

Although Su Cheng’an was fond of Su Ming and that unborn child, he clearly understood that Su Chen held the greatest talent of all the children in the Su Clan. Rather than spending great strength to cultivate an unknown, unborn child, it was far wiser to spend that effort to aid a child who was already incredible.

In this world where strength was king, this was well understood. Why else would Su Keji be willing to abandon the Three Pool Baptism he had obtained for Su Lin? It was because, regardless of Su Lin’s poor natural constitution, his talent might not prove to be better than that of his eldest child, Su Qing, even with the baptism. After all, there were too many variables to a person’s growth. Just look at Su Chen.

Evading risk was something every person understood and the best way to control risk was to decorate an already blooming flower instead of planting charcoal in snow and hoping for a good harvest.

Thus, if Su Chen was truly able to recover his sight, Su Cheng’an wouldn’t have any reason to abandon him.

“Is what you’re saying true? Why didn’t you say this earlier?” Su Cheng’an asked again.

Su Chen answered, “I can only see a bit indistinctly. I thought I would wait until for it to improve further to give Father a pleasant surprise.” “Being able to recover is a great matter!” Su Cheng’an said with great happiness.

Two years before, Su Chen couldn’t see the slightest bit of light and his world was naught but endless black.

Perhaps Su Chen didn’t speak incorrectly and he could truly recover.

Su Chen said, “However, to recover completely I will likely need one or two more years.”

“You still need one or two more years?” Su Cheng’an muttered to himself for a moment before nodding his head. “That is of no matter.So long as you are able to recover in two years, it still wouldn’t be too late.”

“Then that matter with Second Uncle…”

“I will go back and refuse him.” Su Cheng’an firmly said.

After walking a few steps, Su Cheng’an stopped.

He then waved his left hand at Su Chen.

Su Chen smiled and said, “Are you waving your hand? Father, I can only see a vague image. I am not certain.”

Su Cheng’an exhaled, “You should properly rest.”

He turned around and left.