Chapter 3 - Never Giving Up (2) --- Part 2

After a year, while Su Chen hadn’t given up, Su Cheng’an had already resigned himself to face the reality in front of him.

Thus, he went to find Su Chen today and console him.

Su Chen was silent. After a long while, he said, “Is Father’s visit a forced ejection or kindly worded advice?”

“Naturally, it is kindly worded advice.” Su Cheng’an firmly said. “You are my son, and you haven’t made a single mistake. Regardless of your choice, your father will support you.”

“That is good!” Su Chen nodded his head. “Help me pass on a message to Second Uncle. If they want something, then they should strive hard to acquire it. Wanting me to give up… is absolutely impossible!”


The Sky Azure Vase painted with proud snow cold plums flew across the room, shattering into pieces as it crashed into the floor.

“He doesn’t know when to quit!” Su Keji loudly cursed as he stalked around the room in a rage, “ Who does he think I’m doing this for? Am I not doing this for the clan!? Su Chen is BLIND! What use is it for him to become stronger? Can he ever be a match for Qing’er? He’s doomed to lose from the second he steps into combat, and he still stubbornly refuses to let go! How selfish! How avaricious! Cold and ruthless even to his own clan!”

Si Keji loudly vented his rage.

Tong Ruzheng wordlessly stood to the side and calmly waited for Su Keji’s rage to subside. He clearly understood his lord’s temperament. If he was prevented from venting, no one’s words would get through to him.

After a moment more of yelling, Su Keji stopped, “Martial Elder Tong, what do you think?”

Despite already having an answer in mind, Tong Ruzheng assumed a contemplative posture for a moment. Then he unhurriedly said, “For this matter… To tell the truth, the problem lies with the Su Clan’s evaluation system.

Su Keji nodded his head, “Yes. We can only perform formal comparisons, not martial battles. In truth, it doesn’t completely reflect an individual’s power. A fight also requires experience, perception, and reactions. Other races use battle as their standard. Demon beasts for one, the Fiend Race too. They certainly don’t merely determine victory by comparing the power of empty moves. Only a battle will speak true!”

Martial Elder Tong calmly continued, “Since it is like that, why don’t you change the evaluation system?”

“Ai! That won’t do, that won’t do at all.” Su Keji waved his hand. “Formal comparison was something my lord grandfather established, fearing that mishap would occur from martial battles and lead to strife between brothers. Lord Grandfather’s misgivings weren’t without reason either. There have already been a few great clans that have fallen because they did not properly address their internal strife.

“Then don’t use weapons and have a specialist watch over them. The odds of an accident would be much smaller. Besides, formal comparisons were previously used because they felt they could select outstanding children with this method. But now with these unusual circumstances, .. Su Chen’s circumstances, obviously the system has revealed a few flaws.” Martial Elder Tong said meaningfully.

Su Keji was startled. Martial Elder Tong wasn’t wrong. The clan had previously approved of formal comparison because this method had been sufficient to resolve any disputes.

But now, the system itself was being abused. A person clearly not suitable for battle had continued to temper his body and had become first among the younger generation. It clearly illustrated the flaws within the formal comparison system.

If a system had flaws, then it should be changed!

With this thought, Su Keji said, “Right. I should propose this to father and drop this flawed system of formal comparison. However, changing the system, isn’t such an easy matter.”

After this was said, Su Keji was a bit tired.

Regardless of whether it was for a country, nationality, or family clan, a change to a system was a heavy matter.

When a rule was established, they weren’t easily changed. Frequent changes in rules would only bring confusion, and cause the system’s authority to be taken lightly.

Furthermore, every change would inevitably bring harm to those with a vested interest in the status quo, and those people would be certain to resist.

This time was the same.

Su Cheng’an was the eldest son of the Su Clan and had the most influential position in the Su Clan. With him around, this change wouldn’t easily pass.

Furthermore, there was the Third Elder, Su Feihu [1]. He was very fond of Su Chen, and his son and daughter were still young. Whether the system changed or not, it would have no effect on them. Thus, Su Keji was certain his desire to change the system wouldn’t be so easily approved.

On the other hand, there were several branch elders that would fight for this. But even with that, his hopes weren’t high.

Martial Senior Tong leisurely said, “That is why you must think of other methods. This old man has an idea in mind of how you may be able to change Su Cheng’an’s attitude. However, it will be a bit slow. It won’t likely come into effect until next year.”

“Another method? If it is effective, then there will be no harm in giving that brat another year of pride to strut around.” Su Keji said.

“Have Su Cheng’an give birth to another son.”