Chapter 1 - Blindness --- Part 2
What about this section?”

Jianxin didn’t understand.

Su Chen took back the book and said, “Don’t think it’s strange? Since the bloodline extraction instrument isa human invention, why were we not able to recreate it after it was destroyed?”

Jianxin replied, “Didn’t the book say it? Its method of creation had already been destroyed.”

“Why was it destroyed? This is a great matter that affects the rise and decay of humans. How could it be lost?” Su Chen asked.

Jianxin had no answer.

Su Chen then said, “Fine, let’s leave its destruction aside. It could have happened for any number of reasons. But then why were there not many sets of the instrument made? According to the book, this bloodline extraction instrument could only extract ten bloodlines every year. Why didn’t they create more instruments if they only had one set? Even if we leave that aside, and accept that the method to create the bloodline instruments is lost, why is it that humans haven’t managed to discover the method again? Since we were able to previously achieve it, why is it that we are now simply unable to?”

This barrage of questions stunned Jianxin into speechlessness.

Su Chen patted the book with a smile, “This is the story that is hidden in the book. Thus, you can’t just read books using only your eyes. You must use your mind as well.”

He said this with a somewhat proud voice. The words he said a moment ago were actually taught to him by his father. Now he was using them to educate his own servant.

Jianxin still appeared confused and looked at Su Chen with admiration, “Then why does young master think that it is like this?”

In the end, Su Chen was still a child. Naturally, he completely enjoyed Jianxin’s gaze of admiration. He said, “I have an answer in mind. However, you must promise to never speak of it.”

Jianxin patted his chest and pledged, “Be at ease, Young Master. I absolutely will not speak of it.”

Hearing this, Su Chen was at ease.

Although he was intelligent, he was only twelve years old after all. He didn’t genuinely comprehend how precious and scarce people who kept their words were.

Thus, he lowered his voice and said, “I believe that bloodline extraction instrument fundamentally wasn’t a human invention.”

“What?” Jianxin was shocked, “Then who?”

Su Chen spread out his arms, “How could I know? That’s the only explanation that makes sense to me. The reason why humans were incapable of creating the bloodline extraction instrument but were still able to possess it. However, you can’t ever speak these words of mine out loud.”

In an age that couldn’t be considered enlightened in the least, to question the validity of history of the human race was certain to bring about trouble for him.

Certainly at this time, a light chuckle sounded in Su Chen’s ear.

Su Chen’s eyes widened.

“Stop the carriage!” Su Chen loudly shouted.

The carriage stopped.

Su Chen leaped out of the carriage, looking up and down the street as far as he could see. All he could see were falling snowflakes.

The large street only had a few pedestrians walking. He couldn’t see anyone who looked like the person who chuckled in his ear.

“Young Master, what is it?” Jianxin stretched his head out of the carriage and asked.

Su Chen shook his head and replied, “It’s nothing, let’s return.”

Su Chen turned around, meaning to climb back into the carriage.

He heard an old man’s voice from behind him, “Young Master, please have pity. Pity this old beggar and give him some hot food.”

Su Chen turned his head and saw a trembling old beggar with a foul scent walking towards him. A broken bowl was grasped in his hand.

That old man didn’t stand far away from Su Chen and extended his broken bowl toward Su Chen. His appearance was pitiful, and his eyes were full of emptiness and despair.

Su Chen sized up the old man, and said, “I don’t know who you are, but I do know that you aren’t a beggar.”

The old man blankly stared, “What does young master mean?”

Su Chen said with a clear voice, “It’s heavily snowing right now. True beggars would know that if the weather is too cold, pedestrians would be few and far between. Even if you were lucky enough to come across pedestrians, who would stop in the middle of a cold journey to give alms? To try and beg at this time would only result in you freezing without anything to show for it. It’s just the wrong time to beg. Moreover, this is Han River Street, the main road of Northface City. In order to prevent traffic obstruction, the city lord has prohibited begging on this road. If beggars do appear here, then the guards would immediately chase them away, beat them up, or even capture them. No beggar would appear at this location. Furthermore, you… Although your clothes are worn and filthy, the tears on your clothes are very clean, showing that your clothes haven’t been damaged for long. In addition, the stink on your body is incorrect as well. The scent of a beggar’s stink is one of long decay. It is unlike your scent, which is like that of a sewer gutter. Then there are also your hands. Although your body is filthy, your fingernails are very clean. This is also incorrect!” After Su Chen finished saying this, he looked at the old man, “Thus, although I don’t know who you are, I am certain you are not a beggar!”

After the old man heard this, he threw his head back in a laugh, “Hahahaha! An impressive youngster! You have some exceptionally observant eyes and an incredible mind for analysis. It is just a pity your age is too young and your experience is a bit lacking and as such, you are still naive. You understand neither how to hide your own weak points nor the value of a low profile. But this doesn’t matter anymore because you’ve come across me. Now that you’ve come across me, you will come to learn all of this. Meeting me is your misfortune, for I will bring you suffering. Meeting me is also your fortune, for I will give you a future with unlimited possibilities… Now let me change your eyes. They will let you see much more, see the true appearance of this world!”

With that said, the beggar raised his hand.

Before Su Chen could blink, two cold spikes had already entered his eyes.