Chapter 7 – Before, I Was Just Having A Joke With You --- Part 3

Different martial hearts, within the selection process, would activate the glow of different idols.

The idol that Ye Qingyu activated was the killing Asura idol. This represented decisive killing, vengeance and clearly differentiating between kindness and enmity. It was a mentality that was exceptionally extreme.

Those who possessed such a martial heart, once he had finished cultivating, would definitely be a decisive killer and a lord who would inspire awe.

The only drawback was that for such a person, killing was a decision too be easily made and would cause some moral people to look down upon him.

Once the results were announced, the surroundings began to discuss animatedly.

Ye Qingyu’s previous meridians, bone structure, natural talent examination results had long exceeded the ordinary. But right now, the killer personality that he displayed, one could imagine in the future he would be a double edged sword, being able to hurt the enemy but also oneself.

But the middle-aged great teacher seemed to admire Ye Qingyu’s martial heart very much, continuing to compliment him.

“Hahaha, not bad, very good, I didn’t think on the last day of the selection, our White Deer Academy was able to obtain such a treasure,” the great teacher said in abarely disguised excitement.

He said laughingly, “You’re called Ye Qingyu? I know about you. It seems the old Dean’s judgement was not wrong. You really are a genius, although four years have been wasted but with your talent catching up is not impossible. I welcome you to White Deer Academy.”

Ye Qingyu has finally entered White Deer Academy.

All the mockery and laughter that had begun four years ago were put to a stop now, disappearing like clouds and smokes.

The faces of countless people in Deer City will be mercilessly slapped by the result of today.

“Thank you great teacher!” Ye Qingyu bowed in thanks, then shook his head. “But disciple still has an appraisal, I fear I cannot enter the academy just yet.”

“Eh? There’s still more? Personality test is the sixth appraisal, how can there be one that you have not gone through?” The first year great teach frowned, and a serious pressure began to be emitted. He said, “What exactly has happened?”

Ye Qingyu was about to speak…

“Your subordinate Liu Heng, greets great teacher Kong,” the goateed blood testing supervisor said as he ran here, his body heaving as he tried to breath. Then, he ignored everything else and was all smiles when he looked at Ye Qingyu. He said, “Brother Ye, I’ve looked for you for half a day already, previously I was just joking with you, quickly come with me to undergo the blood qi testing…

He gave a wink to Ye Qingyu, his entire face filled with flattery with the previous pride and arrogance all gone.

Ye Qingyu only coldly smiled but did not say anything.

“You are the head supervisor of the first appraisal?” Hon Kong, as the great teacher of the first years, was extremely experienced and could see something was wrong in a glance. He pointed at Liu Heng, and in an unaccepting tone said, “You speak, why have Ye Qingyu come here without

participating in the blood qi test?”

*Right I’m not well versed in Beijing slang, but from reading several articles, this was what I managed to conclude the phrase should be translated as. xD **admit that he was wrong.