Chapter 4 – The Phoenix and the Loach

But Jiang Xiaohan, with a seemingly well-meaning attitude, continued preaching —

“From when we were small and were neighbours, I knew you were outstanding previously and you aided me a lot. However, no matter how outstanding you were, that was when we were children, now that we have grown, I am no longer the little girl who would exclaim in excitement after you help me get a bird’s egg. You also don’t need to use this method to catch my attention… Truly, Ye Qingyu, remembering the fact that we were once neighbours, I can give you a word of advice: accepting your fate is the best, don’t provoke those people who you cannot afford to provoke!”


Trying to catch your attention?

Ye Qingyu laughed at this.

Where did the self-confidence of this girl come from?

Too lazy to speak, Ye Qingyu walked past Jiang Xiaohan, directly towards the appraisal ground.

Jiang Xiaohan expression changed entirely, deciding that she was too enraged, sighed with a pitying voice: “I know my words may be too straightforward, it might hurt your self-esteem but I really mean well.

From the moment you failed your assessment, it was fated that we would not be people from the same world…”

Ye Qingyu continued walking without turning back.

He went straight towards the middle-aged goateed supervisor, and said bitingly, “Ah, right now, I can take part in the appraisal right?”

The goateed supervisor sat and slowly lifted his teacup, drinking a sip of tea and squinted. He did not answer the question but said, “Do you see the bystanders around the grounds? Why do you think they have come?”

“They have come to see someone be humiliated,” Ye Qingyu blandly said.

“I thought you didn’t know, so you did realise, they’ve come to see you be humiliated.” The goateed supervisor’s face had a mocking smile, his gaze was as if he was observing a little clown, and said, “If you understand, then why are you in such a rush to be humiliated?”

“Perhaps the person who will be humiliated is someone else?” Ye Qingyu said with a smile.

The goateed supervisor again lifted his teacup, drank a sip, then comfortably settled into his chair and said: “It looks like you are still not satisfied… then wait some more.”

“But I don’t want to wait anymore,” Ye Qingyu said opposingly.

The middle-aged goateed supervisor only coldly laughed.

His face was filled with an expression of contempt when looking at Ye Qingyu, as if he had heard a joke. He did not both to respond; he was only a child from a poor family, akin to asmall worm-like thing, how could he dare confront him?

“Just by looking at the attitude you have when speaking to the supervisors, you are not fit to enter the White Deer Academy.” The wealthily-dressed youth walked triumphantly from the crowd, his face filled with an expression of gloat and victory at his revenge succeeding.

Ye Qingyu gave him a glance. “It’s you again? Do you want to be slapped? Scram to one side.”

The wealthily-dressed youths face darkened, subconsciously cradling half of his face, feeling the pain in his teeth even now.

In his eyes appeared a trace of fear, and he backed away a step but then he thought of something and said angrily, “Oi, do you really think I’m afraid of you now? Trash, why don’t you go and have a look at the rankings in the examination? In the rankings, I’m ranked one thousand three hundred and nine, that’s me, hahaha. Right now I’m officially a student of White Deer academy, what about you? What kind of thing are you?”

“Liu Ye is it not?” Ye Qingyu had a faint smile on his face. “Good, I’ve remembered, very quickly you’ll know what kind of thing I am.

Remember, wash your face clean for me to hit.”

“You don’t know death; you still dare to be so arrogant. Hehe, you think I don’t know? According to your age, if you don’t manage to enter White

Deer Academy, then the city leader will quickly take back the badge. You damn clown trash, you are being played around by me, you still don’t know fear…”

Liu Ye coldly laughed, his face filled with curses and hatred.

Ye Qingyu was too lazy to bother with him anymore.

Ye Qingyu turned his head to look at the middle-aged goateed supervisor, his expression filled with contempt. In front of all the bystanders, he bitingly said, “For White Deer Academy to have such a garbage instructor is really humiliating.”

“You… What did you say? How insolent! The middle-aged goateed instructor stuttered, he would never have thought that Ye Qingyu would dare insult him. Instantly, he was furious and outraged.

“It was only out of respect for White Deer Academy that I was willing to wait ten days. Are you really so innocent that you believed it was because I was scared of you?” Ye Qingyu coldly laughed, and said “You’re not going to let me take part in the appraisal? Very well, later you will regret it. In a very short time, I will make you come to me to beg me to take the appraisal.

After finishing, Ye Qingyu promptly turned around and left.

“You… arrogant! Me come to beg you? I’ll regret it? Hahaha, it seems you’ve really gone crazy…” The goateed supervisor was so angry that his entire body was shaking.

He had never seen such an arrogant and ridiculous teenager. After being eliminated for four years running under his supervision, right now he still dares to threaten me?

At this time the crowd was heating up.

Ye Qingyu was really going to cause an event again?

As everyone knew, White Deer Academy would definitely not let those who exceeded fifteen years of age to enter the academy. So for Ye Qingyu, this was his last chance to enter the academy. After being eliminated for four years running, would this be his last crazed struggle or would he create a miracle?

Before, after every elimination, Ye Qingyu would always peacefully leave.

But this time, it was not the same.

“Where is that little kid going to go?”

“Haha, looks like there is going to be a show, lets follow and have a look.”

“I don’t know why, but I feel that something is definitely going to happen today.”

The bystanders followed behind Ye Qingyu, everyone wanted to know what he would do. Apart from the normal bystanders who liked to watch the drama, there were also very many youths who had already passed the examination that also followed, forming a flood-like torrent.

“Hmph, the last struggle before death. I’ll go and see what kind of waves a trash like you can make.”

The wealthily-dressed youth’s facial expression changed many times and after hesitating for a bit, finally followed the crowd.

He did not know why, but in his heart there was the birth of a shred of unease.

And as for the middle-aged goateed supervisor, he sat far away with a look of cold disdain.

“I’ll sit here and wait, we’ll see who’ll be begging whom!” ……

The beautiful Jiang Xiaohan peacefully stayed where she stood.

In that instant, within her eyes, the image of her childhood hero who seemed as if he could accomplish everything, gradually faded away.

Right now, Ye Qingyu seemed like a clown who was fooling himself, and was undergoing his last crazed struggles.

She decided, what was waiting for him was his fifth failure, and after that he would sink forever…

“Why don’t you understand my pains.” Jiang Xiaohan’s expression was filled with condescending pity, sighing and shaking her head.

“Who is the guy who is so unaware, that he doesn’t understand junior sister Xiaohan’s pains?” A tall handsome young man appeared without a sound right next to Jiang Xiaohan, his tone indifferent with a smile that was not quite a smile.

“Senior Brother Xiaofei, you’ve come?” When Jiang Xiaohan saw this person, a smile appeared on her face.

On Xiaofei’s face, there was his signature bland smile.

He was one of the movers and shakers of the fourth year students in White Deer Academy. Coming from a background of nobles, he was refined and handsome, charming and personable. Regardless of what perspective you look at him with, be it family background, strength or talent, you could say that he was perfect.

In truth, he had always been the crush of countless female students. His signature smile was like a spring breeze and bright sunlight, causing countless girls of Deer City to go crazy for him.

It was even said that there were some young female teachers who had also confessed to him. He was one of the most remarkable people in White Deer Academy.

“Today is the last day of the academy selection process. I’ve come here to have a look, I hear this time our academy has managed to recruit not an insignificant number of young geniuses.” Han Xiaofei looked at the crowd of people dispersing towards one direction, and said, “Is it that Ye Qingyu causing trouble again? A pity… I’ve heard that junior sister Xiaohan once had a crush on him.”

Jiang Xiaohan had a faint smile, and nodded her head. “This was when I was still a child and did not understand anything, I thought he was very amazing but I did not really have a crush on him… And now that I’ve grown up, me and him, we are not people in the same world… My world is just beginning, while his is destined to be ordinary. Everything of his should just come to an end!”

“En*, junior sister Xiaohan being able to see things clearly is very good.

As a martial practitioner, one should look ahead and not be bothered by insignificant people. You are a phoenix who can fly in the nine heavens and in the end he is just a loach who could not get past the gate,” Han Xiaofei blandly said.

Ye Qingyu’s aim, was the second appraisal grounds.

The meridians** examination grounds.

As it was the afternoon of the last day, the examination grounds was practically deserted, without even a single examinee.

The lead supervisor and several students who were responsible for recording the results was sitting aimlessly behind the large wooden desk having a conversation. After the sun had set, this year’s examination, will have ended.

In the middle of the appraisal grounds, there stood a life sized bronze statue.

The bronze statue was extremely life-like, as if it was a piece of art. In every inch of its body, lines of varying thickness were engraved throughout, intersecting each other. Every single line was connected to a red acupuncture point. It seemed very strange and full of mystery, but what it represented was the body’s twelve standard meridians and eight extraordinary vessels.

It was the tool used to test the grade of meridian of the examinees in White Deer Academy’s examination.

When undergoing the appraisal, all the examinee had to do was place their hand on the back of the [Bronze Meridian Human], and allow the statue’s energy from its spirit stones to enter their body, then the grade of the meridians could be determined.

Ye Qingyu came in front of the supervisor’s table, handing them his nameplate.

“Number 8888, Ye Qingyu?

The lead supervisor of the meridian was a white-haired old man.

The old man looked at Ye Qingyu with a shocked glance; evidently he had heard about Ye Qingyu before. There was a flash of surprise in his eyes but he did not say anything and allowed the people behind him to review the results of the Jade scroll. After, he frowned and said, “This is not right, did you not enter the blood qi appraisal?"

“I want to first enter the meridian testing,” Ye Qingyu said calmly.