Chapter 7: Tempered Body 4th Layer

In the cooling cave, Lin Dong relaxed in the rock pool, enjoying the mystically refreshing sensation of the liquid soaking into his body. A look of enjoyment on his tiny face.

Within the rock pool, traces of a light-red liquid gathered on Lin Dong’s body as it gradually seeped through his pores, nourishing his aching muscles and strengthening his bones. Likewise, Lin Dong’s body hungrily devoured the liquid, as if it were a starving ghost.


As Lin Dong lay with his eyes shut, he suddenly felt the pool water surge and an itching pain started to swarm across the underside of his skin.

This sudden itching pain caused Lin Dong to panic in response. Hastily opening his eyes, he saw that his body was shedding small bits of skin. At this sight, the panic on his face turned to joy.

Skin shedding! This was exactly what happens when one advanced to Tempered Body 4th Layer!

“I have finally reached this step…”

Lin Dong licked his lips, his heart filled with excitement. Tempered Body consisted of nine layers, the first three layers were simple physical improvements. It was only after advancing to Tempered Body 4th Layer, could one finally gain the real benefits from training. After shedding one’s skin, the new skin will become hard like rock or wood. Moreover, one’s strength and resilience will be greatly enhanced, thus the Tempered Body 4th Layer is much stronger when compared to Tempered Body 3rd Layer.

Under Lin Dong’s watchful gaze, the skin on his body rapidly peeled off. After all the skin had been shed, he dipped his entire body into the rock pool before jumping out.He slowly felt the new skin with his palm, finding it akin to touching smooth wood or rock, except it was a more special kind of toughness.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!…”

Suppressing his excitement, Lin Dong immediately begun to execute Penetrating Fist. The wind flowed with his moves, causing the dust on the ground to rise up. His aura was evidently incomparable to before.

With a grin on his face, Lin Dong put down his fists. He cast a glance to the rock pool and chuckled: “Thanks!”

As he laughed, Lin Dong suddenly recalled something. He frowned as he stared at the rock pool. Over the ten days of absorbing, he felt that the amount of light-red liquid inside the pool seemed to be gradually decreasing.

“Looks like the amount of light-red liquid in the pool will eventually run out……” Lin Dong scratched his head, not the least bit frantic at this fact. He took out a tiny and transparent bottle hidden within a pocket in his clothes. Upon a closer inspection of the bottle, two drops of red liquid were revealed to be contained within.

After carrying the stone talisman on his body for a period of time, Lin Dong managed to uncover a little secret. He realized that every five days, a little crevice on the stone talisman would be filled with a drop of red liquid. This drop of red liquid was not unfamiliar to Lin Dong, as it was the exact same liquid that he saw in the rock pool when it came into contact with his blood. However, compared to the light-red liquid in the rock pool, this drop of red liquid was clearly much more concentrated.

“It appears that the rock pool cannot hold the liquid indefinitely.” Lin Dong contemplated. If not, after all these years, the rock pool should be completely saturated with that red liquid. And should not show signs of dissipating after he had used it for a mere ten days.

“It seems that I will have top it up myself on my next visit.”

Lin Dong caressed the little bottle, a little unwilling to part with it. This liquid was extremely rare and valuable, it took a whole five days before he could obtain just a tiny drop. He had also hoped to find a chance to secretly feed a drop of this liquid to Lin Xiao. Since the liquid held miraculous effects, he believed that it would be a great help in treating Lin Xiao’s injuries.

Lin Dong softly sighed as he kept the bottle. Putting on his clothes, he slipped out of the cave and returned to his training spot. Yet, just as he was about once again start his training, a figure suddenly rushed over from a distance away while shouting: “Lin Dong, bad news!”

“Lin Changqiang, what has happened?”

Casually muttering those words, Lin Dong cast a glance towards the figure before he lowered his head and then proceeded to resolutely lift two solid stone blocks.

The incoming person looked to be a 13 or 14 year old youth. He was a little plump, and his figure was round like a ball. The youngster’s name was Lin Changqiang, and he was the son of Lin Dong’s fifth uncle. The two of them were on pretty good terms, though Lin Dong knew that this guy had only befriended him because he actually fancied Qing Tan. Nonetheless, Lin Dong still had a decent impression of Lin Changqiang.

“Something has happened to Qing Tan.” Lin Changqiang huffed as he struggled to catch his breath.


The rock blocks in Lin Dong hands fell to the ground with a thud, causing dust to scatter about. With a stern expression on his face, he questioned: “How?”

Lin Dong was very protective of his little sister. She was a very sensible girl and even though she was young, she did not display the haughtiness usually seen by girls around her age. As such, within their house, even their usually strict father could not bear to be angry at her. Therefore, even though she had no blood relations with them, Qing Tan was undoubtedly princess in the family.

“Blast it, it must be that bastard Lin Shan!”

Lin Changqiang swore: “Today, Qing Tan found a stalk of Chiyang Grass (TN: an elixir) in the woods behind the mountain. However, she was spotted by Lin Shan and his gang, and now they are refusing to let Qing Tan go.”

“Lin Shan again!”

Upon hearing this news, a raging anger flared in Lin Dong’s eyes. He knew that Qing Tan had been going off to the woods in order to find some elixirs to aid his training. In the past, she had done so before. However, after a previously incident where she nearly injured herself while venturing for elixirs, their father had forbid her from doing so again. Nonetheless, after a peaceful period with no incidents, she had now sneaked out again.

“Take me there.” Lin Dong commanded as he dusted off the dust on his palms.

“Eh? Just you alone? Why not bring third uncle along?”

Seeing that Lin Dong wanted to leave by himself, Lin Changqiang quickly tried to stop him. He knew that Lin Dong had been beaten unconscious by Lin Shan previously. Hence, he was afraid that this time was going to be a repeat thrashing of Lin Dong. Even though he disliked Lin Shan, he had to admit that he was a tough fellow.

“Stop dallying. If we are late, Qing Tan will definitely be bullied and I will make sure you never play with her again.” Lin Dong frowned, the third uncle mentioned by Lin Changqiang was his father Lin Xiao. However an adult intervening in matters of the younger generations will at worst result in a harsh dressing down and this was not enough to quench the anger in Lin Dong’s heart.

“Alright, you win. Follow me. Later, when Lin Shan attacks, let me help to block some of the hits. After all, I am at Tempered Body 3rd Layer so I can definitely take some blows.”

Lin Changqiang scratched his head, slightly taken aback by Lin Dong’s threat. He then proceeded to lead Lin Dong to his sister.

As he watched Lin Changqiang’s round body, Lin Dong involuntarily let out a laugh. However, in the next moment, his facial expression turned darker. Gritting his lips, he swore: “ Lin Shan, this time I am going to beat you like the dog you are!”