Penetrating Fist --- Part 2

A smither of delight emerged on Lin Xiao’s face as he stood to one side and witnessed his son go through all 9 forms of the Penetrating Fist. Even though his performance was very amateurish and carried little substance, his accomplishment was still impressive especially considering that this was his first ever exposure to the Penetrating Fist. Moreover, this also demonstrated that he was a gifted and talented learner. Upon discovery of this fact, Lin Xiao felt overjoyed as he realized his son had inherited the kind of potential that he had at that age.

“Father, why is it that when I use the Penetrating Fist, there isn’t even a single sound?” Lin Dong helplessly asked as he completed another set of forms in shoddy and slow manner.

“You little brat, if it were so easy to produce a sound, then this set of moves would not live up to its name.” Lin Xiao chided before continuing: “Remember that as you train, carefully feel your power flowing. As long as you can make your clothes follow your power and not the other way around, then you would be considered to have successfully learnt this set of moves. Come, try a few more times.”

Lin Dong’s mouth chanted these words a few times before he tried to turn theory into action as he drilled. Meanwhile, Lin Xiao stood beside him, while occasionally pointing out some mistakes or slipups.

On the vacant land in the woods, a figure of a boy continuously danced about. Even as sweat sprayed his body, it did not distract him even the slightest bit, as his tiny face remained especially serious.

The afternoon quickly passed as Lin Dong continuously practiced without rest, and his efforts was not for naught. Lin Dong gradually became more proficient at the 9 forms of the Penetrating Fist and although he was still unable to produce any sounds, his attitude did not waver at all.

“Let today’s training end here, you can resume your practice tomorrow.” Lin Xiao suddenly said as he glanced to the sky before turning back to look at Lin Dong who was perspiring profusely. The amount of dedication and persistence the latter had displayed in his training had caused even him to be somewhat moved. Soon after, he secretly sighed as he moaned the fact that his many years of dispiritedness had forced his child to mature a lot faster than normal.

“En, Father please go back to rest first, let me stay just a little longer before returning home.” Lin Dong replied, his fists did not stop as he concentrated on following Lin Xiao’s instructions to feel the tiny movements and changes in the power flowing through his muscles.

In response, Lin Xiao could only helplessly shake his head. Lin Dong’s improvement was very distinct, but to cause a sound with the Penetrating Fist was not easy, Lin Xiao had previously trained for a whole week before he finally succeeded.

Quickly informing Lin Dong that he was leaving, Lin Xiao turned around with his hands at his back. As he turned, a smiling expression surfaced on his face, the perceptive ability that Lin Dong displayed today caused him to be extremely satisfied.

“This child is unusually perceptive and possesses an unrelenting willpower that even surpasses me at my prime, this shouldn’t be too difficult for him……”


As this thought flashed across Lin Xiao’s mind, a loud, clear and crisp ‘Pa’ sound abruptly sounded out from behind. Immediately, his face went rigid as he staggered forward. Yet, at this moment, a bright light sparkled in his eyes.

“It appears that it was not too difficult but a rather easy matter for him to accomplish ……”