Chapter 8: Clash

There was a relatively vast forest in the mountains at the back of the Lin Family district. If one were lucky, one could occasionally be able to find one an elixir or two in that forest. Thus, whenever they had some time, the younger generation of the Lin Family would always come by to try their luck. As such, one could probably say that the forest was a rather popular place among the Lin Family.

At this time, there was quite a crowd at the entrance of the forest. These people were all young teenagers, clearly the younger generation of the Lin Family.

Past the human wall, a group of sturdy figures towered at the centre of the road, just happening to block off the pathway. Behind these figures was a young girl in a light colored attire.

The girl’s features were like a painting and her skin was white as the freshly fallen snow. Though she was still young, her beauty was already causing many to be breathless and stunned at the sight. And at this moment, her eyes, which were normally full of life, were now angrily staring at the figures in front of her. Her tiny dirt covered hand tightly grabbed a fire-red plant which was emitting a faint fragrance.

“Lin Shan, don’t be too overbearing!”

Qing Tan glared at the one particular figure at the head of the crowd, traces of anger in her normally lively voice.

“Heh heh, we had already discovered this Scarlet Sun Grass yesterday, it’s just that we waited till today to retrieve it. Yet you’ve taken what was ours, how can you still say I’m the overbearing one?” The figure at the front turned out to be a youngster who looked to be about 14 or 15 years of age. At this point, he was grinning with his arms crossed while gazing at the angry Qing Tan.

“That’s nonsense!”

Hearing Lin Shan trying to twist the facts, Qing Tan’s tiny face reddened in anger. She had spent a lot of effort to find this Scarlet Sun Grass, how could that scoundrel have found it first? And if he really did find it first like he said, how could he have possibly left it there? Could it be that he was deliberately waiting someone else to pick it?

“I’m not speaking nonsense……”

Lin Shan gazed at Qing Tan who looked adorable even when angry. Nevertheless he was all smiles as he said: “Qing Tan, give me the Scarlet Sun Grass and I will let you go.”

“Don’t even think of it!”

Qing Tan grinded her teeth. Over this period of time, she had seen how Lin Dong had so painstakingly trained, as if his life was on the line. She also understood that if Lin Dong does not perform well in the upcoming Clan competition, not only he, but his parents as well, will suffer a tremendous blow.

Thus, during this period, she had always come here in hopes of finding even just one elixir such that she could help Lin Dong increase his training pace. And having finally found one stalk of Scarlet Sun Grass today after much difficulty, how could she possibly hand it over to that horrible scoundrel!

“Since it’s like that, looks like you can only spend the night in this place.” Lin Shan chuckled, glancing towards Qing Tan before continuing: “Just now, that brat Lin Changqiang seemed to run away, he should have went to find Lin Dong right? Good, I’m still not satisfied from that last beating I gave him.”

At these words, Qing Tan’s tiny face changed. She knew that Lin Dong and Lin Shan usually never saw eye to eye and they would be itching to fight every time they met. However, every time they fought, Lin Dong always ended up on the short end of the stick.

“Give the Scarlet Sun Grass to me and I will not beat him, how does that sound?” Seeing Qing Tan’s tiny face change, Lin Shan laughed heartily, pleased at himself.

“You scoundrel!”

Qing Tan bit her lip, her eyes already somewhat red. At this look, many would feel somewhat sorry for her. Although Qing Tan was not a part of the Lin Family, but because she was already so beautiful and such a lively young girl, don’t even bother mentioning the Lin Family, she held the adoration of many many youngsters. even in the entire QingShan Town.

Yet, though many in the crowd were sorry for her and felt unsatisfied at this turn of events, after some consideration, they decided not to step in or say anything. Lin Shan was a little tyrant among the younger generation of the Lin Family. Not only did he have a substantial amount of strength, but his father was also the one in charge of the Lin Family’s finances. Thus no one was willing to offend him, and even if they did go and report him to the older generation, Lin Shan would at most be locked up for only one or two days. Plus, after getting out, he would definitely retaliate against the one who reported him. Therefore, among the younger generation, there were very few incidences of anyone coming into conflict with him.

“Won’t you hand it over? If you don’t hurry up, I’m afraid Lin Dong will arrive at any moment……” Lin Shan taunted while deliberately acting as if he were surveying the surroundings, as if he was looking forward to Lin Dong’s arrival.

“Take it!”

Tears of grievance welled up in Qing Tan’s eyes, yet she stubbornly endured. Tightly gripping the Scarlet Sun Grass in her hands one last time, she gritted her teeth before fiercely throwing it towards Lin Shan.

“Heh heh, good girl.”

In response, Lin Shan gleefully stepped forward to catch the Scarlet Sun Grass which had been flung his way. However, just as he was about to snatch the Scarlet Sun Grass out of the air, a figure suddenly broke through the crowd and heavily smashed into his body. The tremendous force straightaway caused him to roll two rounds on the ground before finally coming to a halt.

This sudden turn of events caused everyone to be shocked. Their gazes hastily turned to look at who had come before turning to ones of sympathy.