Chapter 7: Black Wind Mountain --- Part 2

The Black Wind Mountain’s foliage was dense, filled with grass, trees, thistles and thorns. Its trees were very thick and dense which allowed for adequate places to hide. It was also a small heaven for ferocious wild beasts.

“Level five breeze wolf, catch him!” said Han Man suddenly. A pair of shiny eyes could be seen inside a shrub.

Qing Yi pulled out his sword from his back. His sword had the color of the moon. It looked like silver mercury was flowing out of it onto the ground.

“Tshhh!” a light sound was emitted by the Qing Yi’s sword as he stroke the breeze wolf’s head. He had killed it in one hit.

“breeze wolf… killed in a wonderful way, as expected.” Said Han Man while laughing cheerfully. Han Man went to help Qing Yi to pick up useful items the level five ferocious wild beast contained.

“Level five ferocious wild beast… that’s all.” Said the white robed and arrogant, Jing Feng, in a disdainful and apathetic tone.

Lin Feng shook his head when he heard these words. He has only reached the eighth Qi layer… Although he was more than an ordinary Cultivator which did make him talented, he didn’t count as a genius of an extraordinary level. Being arrogant and considering everything and everyone as worthless and inferior didn’t suit his limited success.

They gathered the items and continued walking. Every once in a while, they would meet a ferocious wild beast but all of them hadn’t exceeded level seven so they were all quite easy to dispose of.

“Haha, the bag is getting heavier and heavier. We already have 30-40 items. The harvest is not too bad.” Said the tall and sturdy Han Man, who was in charge of carrying the bag. He couldn’t help but smile as the weight of the bag increased.

“But we already walked a few dozen kilometers inside the Black Wind Mountain. We may encounter stronger and stronger ferocious wild animals. We should be careful. If it gets too difficult, we should retreat” reminded Qing Yi.

“I understand” replied Han Man while staring into the distance.

“Level eight ferocious wild beast, it is a brutal ape” whispered Han Man while looking in the front. The beast that appeared had a colossal body. Brutal apes are known to be extremely violent and famous for having a matchless strength that could rip apart a tiger. It is one of the strongest beasts on the edges of the forest.

“Jing Feng, I’ll stay by your side” Jing Yun said to Jing Feng. A level eight ferocious wild beast couldn’t hurt Jing Feng. He was much stronger than them in comparison.

“Hehe, Jing Yun, why are you worried? It seems that there’s someone enjoying the fruits of our work. He hasn’t been battling at all. Does he really intend to keep relying on us without moving a single finger?” said Jing Feng harshly while glancing wickedly at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng laughed sarcastically. He intended to rely on them without doing anything? He hadn’t fought yet because Han Man and Qing Yi had always taken the initiative to go to the front battle. They had always been the quickest to jump head first into battle. In case of real danger, would he watch with folded arms, without being affected and not lifting one finger? In the case they would meet a level eight ferocious wild beast, Jing Feng wanted to let Lin Feng fight it. After all, in Jing Feng’s eyes, Lin Feng was nothing but a piece of trash. A piece of trash couldn’t fight a level eight beast which meant the final outcome would be his death.

“Jing Feng, what do you mean? Except for you, none of us is able to fight a level eight ferocious wild beast. If you let Lin Feng fight one of them, isn’t the same as killing him?!” said Qing Yi who was obviously not happy to hear what Jing Feng had just said.

“Not doing anything and sharing our items with us, isn’t it cheap? If he died, wouldn’t we have more for ourselves?” said Jing Feng in a disdainful tone.

“Jing Feng, we came together so we should stick and progress together! Lin Feng trusts us so we must stay together!” said Han Man in a clearly bad mood.

“Huh? If you want to protect him, that’s fine but I don’t want to take care of that piece of trash for free” said Jing Feng still in a cold and detached voice. At that moment, the brutal ape was already coming towards them.

“I will try” said Lin Feng a few steps away from the level eight ferocious wild beast. That beast’s strength was equivalent to that of a Cultivator who’d reached the eighth Qi layer. Lin Feng wanted to challenge himself and see who really was the strongest.

“You can’t! If you fight a level eight ferocious wild beast, you will die!” said Jing Yun very worried “Jing Feng, you’re too pathetic!”

Hearing these words, Jing Feng’s face became really angry. He looked at Jing Yun’s lithe and graceful body in a vicious manner, “if you were not a beautiful girl, I would have already disciplined you”.

“I’m coming to help you” said Han Man while putting down the bag full of items. He then went to Lin Feng’s side.

“Count me in as well,” said Qing Yi doing the same as Han Man.

“And me as well, are the three of us able to defeat that ferocious wild beast?” said Jing Yun silently praying in her head.

“You are overestimating yourselves and your abilities” said Jin Feng behind them while laughing in an arrogant way. The level eight brutal ape is a very aggressive and extraordinary strong beast. A few Cultivators who have reached the seventh Qi layer cannot defeat such a monster.

Lin Feng glanced at those who had joined him and felt had a warm feeling deep in his heart. He warmly smiled at them.

scratching his nose to express his lack of confidence, Lin Feng said: “perhaps, I can’t fight this ferocious wild beast… only perhaps.”