Chapter 8: Hell Wolf --- Part 2

“Piece of trash, we’re fighting this one together. You use your Nine Heavy Waves to distract him, while I look for every opportunity to kill him” said Jing Feng while stepping back towards the others. His voice was deep and forceful. He was obviously talking to Lin Feng.

“Piece of trash? You want me to come distract him so that you can find an opportunity to escape with your tail between your legs?”

Lin Feng said with a grin: “You attempted to throw me to my death, you thought I was just going to trust you?”

“You have no choice, otherwise everyone will die” said Jing Feng boiling with rage, while continuing to move backwards.

“I don’t think that way though. It seems like you haven’t fought yet. You want to live off us without moving a single finger. I am not willing to feed a piece of trash for free though” said Lin Feng, his grin getting bigger. Lin Feng had thrown Jing Feng’s own words back in his face.

While talking, Lin Feng glanced at the others who were standing by him to make them retreat to a safe distance.

Jing Yun and the two others retreated without a second thought. The hell wolf they were facing would only kill them if they confronted him. Besides, Jing Feng’s recent behavior had bitterly disappointed them. Free from affectation, they were not going to rush ahead and help.

“Alright” said Jing Feng while looking at them in anger. A sharp slice of air was suddenly formed by a bright and splendid sharp sword which appeared behind Jing Feng’s body.

“Sword spirit.”

Lin Feng was astounded. No wonder that guy was so arrogant. Amongst all the spirits that existed, the sword spirit was one of the strongest and most powerful spirits. Those who possessed the sword spirit could carry out powerful sword attacks and kill in one hit.

Because the sword spirit was a powerful one, many Cultivators who didn’t possess the sword spirit practiced hard to develop their sword skills. For example, Qing Yi who possessed a wind spirit was extremely quick which enabled him to be skillful and agile at using a sword.

The long sword was unsheathed and such a dazzling gleam shone that it blinded everyone.

The hell wolf roared and suddenly threw himself towards the others. Its sharp claws refracted tiny rays of light.

The sword, which looked like a rainbow, and the cold sharp claws of the hell wolf collided emitting a thunderous sharp metallic sound.

“Its claws are quite sharp!” Thought Lin Feng to himself. The hell wolf was, as expected, not an ordinary beast. The sharp claws of the hell wolf and the sword had collided with each other. The hell wolf was so powerful that its strength had thrown Jing Feng ten meters backwards. A big crater appeared where they clashed. Jing Feng had obviously endured an exceptionally powerful attack.

As the hell wolf’s claws were about to touch the ground, it had already jumped again not allowing Jing Feng chance to relax. It moved fast as a lightning.

Jing Feng moved his sword, letting neither wind nor rain pass through to him in a pattern that looked similar to a spider web. He then stepped back and found out that the hell wolf had eventually disappeared from his sight.


Jing Feng was absolutely horrified. He had absolutely no hesitation, he threw his long sword high in the air and rapidly moved back.

“Bastard!” Cursed Jing Yun. Jing Feng simply couldn’t win against the hell wolf, so he threw his sword and escaped without caring about the others.

“If I die, you will die too.” Jing Feng’s facial expression was hideous. He went towards them.

“Fuck off!” Lin Feng said and used his Nine Heavy Waves and thrust his fist towards Jing Feng.

“You…” Lin Feng’s waves were so powerful that Jing Feng got thrown back. Immediately after that Jing Feng gave a blood-curdling scream. The hell wolf’s claws were deep into his back, blood splashed and he fell down onto the ground.

“You want to die?!” Said Lin Feng whose facial expression was ice-cold. If you abandoned others, they’d abandon you. In Lin Feng’s case, if you attacked him, he’d strike back.

“Owww wooooo!” The hell wolf was howling. He let lose wild shrieks and howls. Its claws were still on Jing Feng’s body on the ground. It was not hurrying to kill Jing Feng. The hell wolf’s cold eyes were looking at Lin Feng which gave everyone the chills.

“What’s to be done? The wolf is hurting him but not killing him because it likes to kill its prey slowly. It likes to make its prey suffer to an extreme extent” said Qing Yi while looking at Jing Feng seeing that he was unable to fight it anymore. It gave Qing Yi a dreadful sensation.

“What is the hell wolf’s weakness?” Asked Lin Feng suddenly

Qing Yi looked at Lin Feng in a surprised way.

“The hell wolf is a very quick attacker, its attacks are strong and powerful. It can’t protect itself very well. Its neck is especially vulnerable, but it can use its sharp claws to protect itself. If you want to reach its neck, you must deal with its claws first” said Qing Yi while his forehead was dripping with sweat. Lin Feng’s Nine Heavy Waves could cover a large area and had an insanely strong power. Nine Heavy Waves wasn’t a quick attack, for him to avoid the hell wolf’s claws and reach its neck seemed like an impossible task.

They were trapped. If they tried to escape the hell wolf would catch them with ease, they could only stay and watch as they one by one were tortured to death. Lin Feng to everyone’s surprise took a step forward accidently while still in thought. The hell wolf’s ears pricked and it was now coldly glaring at the group, its razor sharp claws dripping blood….